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Sluga naroda

Not often do I come across something which without being vulgar or merely trying to shock you with indecency, manages to portray the (perceived?) reality of politics in such a raw fashion. The last time I was stuck to my screen with such interest was when watching Dr. Strangelove. I'm not proud to say that (even?) as a Western European, the political incompetence and blatant corruption are very familiar, so the plot works no matter where you live.

The casting is great, the satire is splendid, the plot is amusing. I'm sold.

Diagnosis Murder

One of the greatest series ever made.
Take all police-crime series you've ever seen, and pick one out in which you were able to laugh and be baffled at the same time. You will only find one, and it is Diagnosis Murder.

The difference between Diagnosis Murder and CSI or NCIS, is that every case is solved in a fun and friendly sphere. The tight friendships between Mark, Amanda and Jack (Or Jesse) or absolutely heart-warming. Every episode also contains a personal touch of one of the characters, as well as a different murder case every time.

Although usually I'm quite good at guessing who did it, in Diagnosis Murder it just isn't always possible.

Now you either love or hate Dick van Dyke, but personally I think every role he has ever played is highly entertaining and iconic.

My final statement is that Diagnosis Murder, unlike many other series is one of the last few family friendly- innocent TV series left.

Diagnosis Murder: The Bela Lugosi Blues
Episode 13, Season 2

Sci-Fi madness.
So i'm going to start with saying I absolutely love Diagnosis Murder. It has been my favorite TV-series for years. But yesterday evening I watched episode 13 of Season 2, The Bela Lugosi Blues and I was shocked.

The whole vampire-idea was quite ridiculous and when Mark got thrown around by that woman, I thought he would wake up from some weird dream or find out he was drugged/ hypnotized. But that didn't happen and the episode ended with the secret being held between Jack and Mark.

If I remember well, they did this once again in Season 6, Episode 6 titled Alienated. In which some unrealistic things happen to Jesse but he finds out he had indeed been drugged.

So I officially state that this episode of DM is the worst ever made, somehow the writer or the director used a little too much fantasy.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Off Their Rockers
I am going to make this a very short and direct review,

Making a 5th Die Hard is like trying to blow some life into your old black and white television. Whatever you do, the quality will be bad and never as good as it used to be.

The main problem with this movie is the lack of story in it, the excessive use of action (and crappy special effects) and the ridiculous attitude John still has, but no longer fits him.

The fist Die Hards are classics, but no quality movies, Die Hard 5 was a mistake, comparable to Police Academy 7.

And with this I end this review,

A. Meert

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon, The most iconicle police movie of the 80's.
Now to start with, i am not going to write a long boring review about how good the acting is or stuff like that. I am just going to make a short strong review of how great and iconicle this movie is.

This movie, unlike 'Die Hard' has a real solid background-story. It's not some random tough-ass cop who breaks the law to make sure other's respect it. This is different. There's story of a cop who has lost an important person in his life and who has suicidal tendencies. The whole story is so well directed that the movie itself is a masterpiece. Not only because most 80's action movies are cheesy and have tons of unrealistic actionscenes. But because the humour, the sincerity and the action are all well balanced into a slightly touchy buddy-cop movie. An all-time well respected classic in its kind.

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