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Little House on the Prairie: I Remember, I Remember
Episode 16, Season 4

Charles Ingalls: A Truly Devout "Little Rascal" (& in color film)!
This episode is among my all-time favorites, among all shows! I think of "Spanky" 'George McFarland (I)' (qv), when Charles tied up short tempered teacher, Harold Watson, in the outhouse, for being too strict to him Charles' Ingalls, as a first or second grade student!

Caroline spoke of four or five events to their daughters. To me it is all extremely humorous! Which is why I nickname Charles Ingalls a "Little Rascal", that was filmed in color. Earlier & often, Michael Landon was teased by brother, Hoss Cartwright, acted by Dan Blocker, (on Bonanza, in the 1960 & 1970 decades."Little Joe Cartwright", was often picked on by bigger & stronger brother, "Hoss Cartwright". Each time Sorrell Booke, aka "Mr. Watson" had Charles Ingalls in trouble, Charles was always ready for vengeance or revenge, for what ever occurred to him, by extremely strict school-teacher, Harold Watson!

Forensic Files: Without a Prayer
Episode 10, Season 7

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair and 2 others murdered - by David Roland Waters
_"The Forensic Files" (1995) {Without a Prayer (#7.10)}_ (qv), was especially titled for the most hateful and extremely short-tempered atheist, across the USA, 'Madalyn Murray-O'Hair' (qv). It is of the mysterious disappearance and deaths of three people. Madalyn O'Hair, her second son, Jon Garth Murray and a granddaughter, Robin Murray (Robin Murray O'Hair, was a daughter of William J. Murray & niece of Jon Garth Murray). All three were killed by another atheist, David Roland Waters. David Roland Waters was a member that she fired, after he tried to steal money, from the atheist headquarters. As soon as the missing money was with David Roland Waters, he returned all of it. After returning "every red cent", of the money that he tried to steal from the atheists headquarters. Madalyn O'Hair demanded that David Waters should be jailed! But the police let David Waters go free, because he returned 100% of what he tried to steal. This act by the Police, deeply infuriated the short tempered atheist! After feeling "ignored by the Police", Madalyn composed a false story, of Waters, in a pornographic magazine, of "Hustler". After being fired, Waters planned a very diabolical scheme of revenge on Madalyn O'Hair, for deeply embarrassing him in an issue of the pornographic magazine, "Hustler" with a fraud story (claiming that he had sexual affairs with animals, in wildlife). Madalyn's story was her way of "revenge" after filing a theft charge and the attempted thief returned all of what he confiscated. The deeply embarrassing story led David Roland Waters to seek revenge on Madalyn O'Hair (and anyone else that might be with her). After the murders, he and the co-murderer, an African-American, David Karr, diced up the three dead carcasses, plus a one time mate, David Fry, with a bow-saw & quickly ridding Madalyn (and anyone that was with her), into small pieces, and quickly buried the trio into a small southern Texas field, in Camp Wood, Texas. Their disappearances and deaths were unknown for approximately five and a half years. First son of Madalyn O'Hair, is William J. Murray. He is the father of Robin, that died with brother, Jon and atheist mother, Madalyn. William J. Murray converted to becoming a devout Christian, on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 11th, 1980. He personally spoke of being a former atheist and when he became a devout Christian. Hearing this, Madalyn O'Hair immediately "disowned him", from that day on. Also, William J. Murray regretted being part of taking prayer out of public schools nationwide, on Monday, June 17th, 1963. John F. Kennedy was assassinated 159 days later, in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, November 22nd, 1963, by Marxist, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Mighty Lak a Goat

Who was the "adult rascal", that splashed the mud on them?!
As I typed in the title's Subject/Summary, I strongly wonder who the "adult rascal" was, that drove by them and splashed the mud on Spanky, Froggy, Buckwheat & Mickey, as they were about to go to school. Also, Froggy was practicing Patrick Henry's personal quote, (in the early 1770's decade, before Thursday, July 4th, 1776), and his personal quote, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" I strongly believe it was a crew member, as if he or she was about to go look for a breakfast meal. To me, "Mighty Lak a Goat" would have been much five to ten more popular, if Spanky MacFarland did not act in the next short, that was his final short, at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, "Unexpected Riches" was the very last "Our Gang" short of Spanky.


The 1999 movie of "Esther" is Most Honest & Accurate!
The two earlier movies, "Esther and the King" & "One Night with the King" are not more than ten % to twenty-five % honest & accurate! This one is by far, the best of all! Actress, Ginger Rogers portrayed Esther in one of those two earlier movies, I typed (up above & on to line of paragraph). I strongly want to own a DVD of Esther (1999)! PS: An additional fact to another IMDb member & commenter: Esther is not the only Biblical book that "God" is not listed/written in it! Very few know that Song of Solomon does not have "God" written/listed in it, either, (while so many know "God" is not written Esther, if not every body). In Sincerest Honesty. Additional facts of Mordecai, he is also in Ezra, as a new temple was to be built (after the Jews' 70 years of captivity, was ended by King Cyrus).

Chips Off the Old Block

Funny Feline & His Numerous Follies With Four Look-Alike Kittens
Butch, while napping, is awakened by two knocks on the door. Butch really hit his chin, with a paw to wake him up completely. And after opening the door, he sees a basket, with a cloth cover. When he lifts the cloth, he sees four look alike kittens. They all purr at Butch. Butch realizes they all look like him "in his earlier days". Atfirst, he faints in shock, then the four look-alike little feline rascals wake him up, licking his furry face. Butch deeply fears the lady that owns him, will send him away and keep the four kittens! After being awakened, he tries to bury them alive. After the quick bury, he heavily sighs, so do the four kittens sigh, (following their paw's steps). Fortunately, the basket had a weak base and the four kittens were not buried alive, Butch then tries to be a Pied Piper cat, but does not succeed, because he stopped piping too soon, to pursue the one kitten, that walked inside his emergency door entrance and into the house! After the first kitten goes inside, (while Butch was being a feline Pied Piper) he successfully led three out the fence door, but stopped piping too soon, to chase the first kitten. While inside the house, to chase the first kitten already inside, the three others come inside (still hearing the Pied Piper's charm). Butch captures the first kitten, after his owner thinks he is going back to his second kitten-hood. The second kitten causes "trouble" by grabbing onto her knitting thread (and completely undoing her labor, of her knitting) and gets Butch to grab onto the thread, also! Then, she immediately starts chasing Butch, with the big glass vase. As she starts chasing Butch. Butch captures the third and fourth kittens. Butch then quickly takes the vase out through the front door. The vase breaks and then Butch's owner sees the four "extra furry fuzzball rascals". There, she sees Butch, just outside, she sees what Butch was worried about. She accepts them and keeps Butch, also. The animation humor would have been much more stronger if Disney's Clarence Nash was the voice of Butch and his fearful remarks of thinking the owner was going to keep the four kittens and send Butch away from the four kittens!

The Andy Griffith Show: The Guitar Player
Episode 3, Season 1

Mayberry's Jailhouse Rock!
Sheriff, Andy Griffith's remark of "a man screaming at his dog", in reality was referring to Elvis Presley, shortly after his release of Hound Dog and its extremely quick rise to popularity, in 1956 and 1957. Andy Griffith and Elvis Presley were on Steve Allen's Show, back on Sunday, July 1st, 1956. After with the arrest of Bobby Fleet and his Band with a Beat, then adding Jim Lindsey's arrest, just to introduce them to each other (secretly). Andy's psychology worked out correctly. After the continuous insults, by Bobby Fleet, Jim Lindsey started playing to stop the insults, after thirty seconds, Bobby Fleet's trombone player and trumpet added to Jim Lindsey's musical rhythm and Bobby Fleet listened to their playing together, leading Bobby Fleet to hire Jim Lindsey, there and then immediately. Jim Lindsey left the band later in season one and returned to Mayberry, near the conclusion of season one. Which lead Andy Griffith to call Bobby Fleet back and give Jim Lindsey a second chance.

Old Glory

Best historic animation dialog
I wish there were additional animated characters, like Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd having to learn the Pledge of Allegiance, and with different historic events for each one. Then, additional history facts would be taught, along with each character. Such as Nathan Hale being caught and hanged by the British, in August of 1776, as one fact. It was in January of 1959 that Alaska became the 49th United State and in August of 1959, Hawaii became the 50th United State. Then the current United States of America Flag of 50 stars would be shown. There also should be previous Flag designs, before Betsy Ross' ideal flag creation.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company 'B'

If Walter Lantz offered or hired The Andrews Sisters, I am sure it would have won1941's first place animation award!
If Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willie creator, 'Walter Lantz' (qv) offered 'The Andrews Sisters' (qv) popular trio for their current hit, of same title, "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy" (of Company B), and the trio accepted, I am strongly sure it would have won the best animation short award of 1941, along with the fact it was nominated, despite the fact of different human races and a majority of people are racial. If Laverne, Maxene and Patty Andrews were the musical vocalists, along with their newest or current hit song, Walter Lantz surely would have earned one more award, among those that he had already won, and would win later, in his career.

Dog Tales

I like this "canine comedies" as a silly documentary! (almost)
This animation short, reminds me of M-G-M's Symphony In Slang, in each there were quite a few clichés & phrases, from beginning to end. I like the scenes of the Saint Bernard that did its rescue, the "Elvis-Dog", Sargeant Balko, the Bassett Hound that almost makes me think that it had the idea thinking that she might be Lassie, (but in a different breed)! PS: Do not forget "Charlie" the 50% of every breed he thought there may be, especially the idea of "Retrieving a Labrador", trying to calling it self more than 50% of a Labrador Retriever, just before being jerked out out of the short. Also, the dogs, of every breed chased the cat, "the bad boy" dropped in, from above the roof!

Rabbit Rampage

There Should have been a third short! & "A 3-ring CIRCUS" times 2!
Warner Brothers' animation should have created an additional short! Where Daffy creates problems on Elmer Fudd! If there was one. It would have been a "three-ring circus", among Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck & third, Elmer Fudd. Duck Amuck, first of all, (as almost everyone knows), is of Bugs Bunny's animation fun with Daffy Duck. Second was Rabbit Rampage, as Elmer Fudd created numerous problems, to Bugs Bunny. If there was one created, of Daffy as a one-time animator, creating problems, to Elmer Fudd. If this had occurred, then the "revenge factor" would have been evened out as a 3-way tie! Among all three Warner brothers' animation characters, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd & Daffy Duck! Plus there should have been a short on Yosemite Sam as an animator and was the victim, of a secret animation group, Tweetie & Grannie creating numerous problems, onto Yosemite Sam. And then, later on Yosemite Sam is the secret animator creating problems onto Sylvester, the Cat. Then next, there should have been a short of Sylvester, as secret animator, creating problems, with Granny & Tweetie!

The Brady Bunch: A Fistful of Reasons
Episode 8, Season 2

Additional Fact of Russell Schulman & Susan Olsen. They were in different Westerns, before this "meeting"!
Both of them, as they appear as "bitter rivals" in this episode, as it starts. Earlier, in their careers, each of them was as a guest-star in a current western, but a different show and program. 'Russell Schulman' (qv) earlier appearance was in 'Lorne Greene' (qv)'s show, once in 'Bonanza' (qv). Early 1960's, 'Susan Olsen (I)' (qv) was a guest-star in an episode of 'James Arness' (I) (qv)'s program, of "Gunsmoke" (qv). The character, she played, in her first appearance, was bit by a diamandback rattlesnake, I believe her character role, "Marieanne", nearly died, from the rattlesnake's venomous bite, which is titled "Abelia". Its address at IMDb is http://www.IMDb.com/title/tt0593978/ Or the appearance and number is _"Gunsmoke" (1955) {Abelia (#14.8)}_, which originally aired on Monday, November 18th, 1968. She was also in Gunsmoke's, _"Gunsmoke"(1955) {A Man Called 'Smith' {#15.6})_, her role, in it was "Marieanne", also. Its IMDb immediate address link is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0593971/ which its original air date was 49 weeks later, on Monday, October 27th, 1969. 'Russell Schulman' (qv)'s only western appearance, as of now, was in _"Bonanza" (1959) {Abner Willoughby's Return (#11.13)}_ (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0529493) and it originally aired on Tuesday, December 21st, 1969. His character role name was "Charlie Sprague" and it is currently not high-lit.

Dennis the Menace: Dennis' Garden
Episode 6, Season 1

Dennis' Garden is my all-time favorite episode of its series!
The main reason why I "adore" the humor, in this one episode, is Dennis returned the dahlia bulbs, back to George Wilson's garden, after being told that they were not "sweet potatoes" as they appeared to be, to him! After being told and sent to his room, without supper, as punishment, Dennis then quietly snuck out his bedroom window and put the dahlia bulbs back, in Mr. Wilson's garden. The most humorous part, to me, was when Henry Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell's dad goes to return Mister Wilson's dahlia bulbs, but he did not know that Dennis had just re-planted them himself, shortly after Dennis had just planted them back and redeemed himself! Therefore it was Henry Mitchell, not Dennis, that really planted the sweet potatoes, in Mister Wilson's garden. Henry, while planting, was heard by Mister Wilson, was drenched, by a bucket of water as Mister Wilson still thought a cat was in his garden. Mister Wilson heard Dennis earlier, while Dennis still was in progress of re-planting the dahlia bulbs, back where they belonged, then, Dennis said "meow" as if he was trying to sound like a cat. This is why Mister Wilson thought Henry Mitchell was the 'cat', he heard earlier that same evening. After being drenched, the planting was finally completed. But it was Henry, not Dennis that planted the real sweet potatoes, in Mister Wilson's garden. After Dennis told his parents, and was told that what he took out were dahlia bulbs, not sweet potatoes, as he originally thought, Dennis secretly returned and planted them back where they belonged. As this episode concludes, both Dennis Mitchell and George Wilson, each, won a blue ribbon award, apiece, for their gardens! About their blue ribbon awards, one additional and honest fact: George Wilson's blue ribbon is unique, for was the first and one of a new kind, as it was created for originality!


1-2-3 Go is among my top 4 favorite M-G-M Shorts, after 'Carl Switzer' ("Alfalfa") was Replaced By 'William McLaughlin' ("Froggy")
"1-2-3 Go"'s humor to some, maybe weak, but it is very informative on being aware how where you walk or run, as a pedestrian. In the closing scene, after Mickey was asked to speak, he suggested "Froggy" was better at making short speeches, on the lesson they learned, after two or three microphones, busted because of his "Popeye, the Sailor" voice, he made the speech in his regular voice. Then he immediately said "Fooled you!", in his "Popeye, the Sailor" voice then that microphone exploded, also, in humor. There was another short that "Froggy" did not talk like his "Popeye, the Sailor" voice, all the time, it's title is 1942's "Surprised Parties". In this one, he spoke and dressed as if he was a girl! Learning that Spanky & the gang of Rascals were creating a surprise party, and temporarily removed him from "The Gang", (just to keep it secret, to him). When he heard of this, he messed up everything, on purpose, thinking it was for someone else and he decided to dress and try to look and act like a girl, to watch his schemes and tricks "Backfire", on everyone else! Then, when he finally realized it was for him, he let all the "ACCIDENTS", that he created, happen to him, on purpose!

It's Showtime

All the numerous clips & Cameos are a delight of Humor to me!
I am sure that everyone else would do a "Thumb Down" as if he and she were "Arthur Fonzarelli" of "Happy Days", in the 1970's. I like to watch the clips & try to figure out which movies, they originally come from. I like the scenes of "Lassie, Come Home", Flipper", "Daisy" ("Blondie & Dagwood Bumstead's dog). The top leading actor & top leading actress were Arthur Lake had character role of "Dagwood Bumstead" & Penny Singleton had character role of "Blondie Bumstead" in the numerous & humorous (to me) movies. Two old scenes, I would like to find out are; when the chimpanzee dropped a coconut onto an elephant & the elephant got its revenge, by getting a trunk of water & spraying it back to the troublesome chimpanzee! & the scene of when a dog was brought to a house, it saw the "husband's wife" with a "terribly dirty" or very angry or irate look, on her face, immediately & frightening it away,as if it thought it's life was being threatened, almost, it then sped off in a hurry​! There are too many to title & try to remembering the scenes.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: IF it is available, (like at TCM), I would like to purchase it on a prerecorded digital video disc, AKA a DVD! 63x927is58401.

I Love Lucy: Tennessee Ernie Visits
Episode 28, Season 3

My title, for this show's 2-part program "The Naive Native", Part 1 of 2.
I will also leave a comment in the "Tennessee Ernie Hangs On" episode. (Part 2 to me) This comedy & slang put together is truly humorous, from beginning to end! The show needed something to boost it back up to its "normal" rating of number one! When Tennessee Ernie Ford was picked & he accepted to do the numerous slang terms, "in my dictionary" I phrase them as "Numerous AND Humorous"! In "Tennesssee Ernie Visits", my favorite scenes & quotes are: Scene 1, "Ernie" walking and looking around the doors, then finally whispers in Ricky's ear, as if he was looking for an outhouse, and Ricky told him 'it's by the bedroom'. Ernie pretended to be shocked. That scene got me to create the term, for restroom "The Outhouse, In The House!". I call it by that term quite a bit, when company is here, or I am at someone else's house. The most humorous quotes, to me were, "Ernie" calling Long Island "a Lond Island" & William Frawley aka "Fred Mertz" nicknamed "Cousin Ernie" as "Li'l Abner", referring to Al Capp's comic strip. I like Ford's singing, through out all three episodes, especially when he, "Fred Mertz", "Ethel Mertz", "Ricky Ricardo" and "Lucy Ricardo" sang together as a 5-part quintet, and in the concluding song is trivia to me, that "Lucy" did not sing "off-key", as in all (or almost all other songs she sang!). In Sincerest Honesty. 63x927is58401.

I Love Lucy: Tennessee Ernie Hangs On
Episode 29, Season 3

My title, for this show's 2-part program is "The Naive Native", Part 2 of 2.
As I promised, (in Tennessee Ernie Visits & Part 1 of 2) I will leave a comment here, on its conclusion & second half. My favorite parts of "Tennessee Hangs On", are when Ricky Ricardo bought a bus ticket to Bent Fork, Tennessee, and Lucy got Ernie to find it, Ernie then apparently gave it to a total stranger, in which caused "Ricky Ricardo" to weep, about his attempted trick, and it BACKFIRED! more than any other is the concluding song, when Tennessee Ernie Ford, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, Vivian Vance & Lucille Ball sang together as a 5-part quintet and all five were very musical. This is the only time, that I know of that "Lucy Ricardo" was NOT OFF KEY! In Sincerest Honesty. 63x927is58401.

Police Academy

"Larvell Jones" & His Sound Effects Attract Me!
Michael Winslow & Bubba Smith's roles were the most humorous throughout the films.(especially since the 1984 'debut')! I'm glad Michael Winslow is staying with the movie contract! (As quite a few others have left). Favorite scenes. A: I like the scene of Carey Mahoney teaching Moses Hightower, to drive approximately 2:45 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. B: Larvell Jones' two gun imitating, first, in handcuffs next to Mahoney, he exasperated the patrol, it is so hilarious, almost causing the telephone call, to be disconnected! And in Commandant Lassard's police car, during the riot! I also like the scene of Jones' trick of imitating a electric megaphone to get Mahoney out of class & also "calls Lieutenant Harris, to the Firing Squad"! C: Leslie Barbera got his 'revenge' on those that threw him & the Kodak camera street-room over the bridge, at the early opening & during the riot, he sees them again, but jumped to a wrong conclusion, seeing them take items out of a house. Leslie Barbera used jui-jitsu & overcomes all of them, just to learn what they had was theirs, all the time. 63x927is58401.

Symphony in Slang

Tex Avery's Symphony In Slang Is my All-Time Favorite. It is An Animation Masterpiece
Tex Avery is my all-time animation writer & director. Symphony In Slang is my all-time favorite cartoon. If I could , I would rate it one-hundred stars. Cartoon writer, Rich Hogan done the best work in Symphony In Slang, putting together at least sixty slang clichés & the animation that shows as the voice, John Brown, perfectly said numerous slang terms, throughout this all-time classic cartoon. Tex Avery's mind of continuous & numerous creations throughout his career, at any studio, is definitely that of an animation genius. Tex Avery's works & animation creations are extremely unique, especially during his fourteen plus years at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In my dictionary, Symphony In Slang is Extremely & Hysterically Humorous, from beginning to end!

Cat's Meow

Cinemascope Re-Make of Tex Avery's 1950 Ventriloquist Cat
Cat's Meow was slightly re-designed of Tex Avery's original Ventriloquist Cat (1950) cartoon.

The only differences among 1950's Ventriloquist Cat and 1957's Cat's Meow are the cat & film design.

Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera both directed & produced the Cat's Meow cartoon. The cat in Ventriloquist Cat, its fur is black. The cat, in Cat's Meow, its fur is orange. The only other difference is Cat's Meow was filmed in cinema scope.

The cat in Cat's Meow looks a lot like Mr. Jinks, the orange cat in the cartooned TV series, Pixie & Dixie, except Mr Jinks wore an ascot tie and the orange cat of Cat's Meow had no tie.

The lines, in both cartoons, are exactly the same.

Busy Buddies

Tom and Jerry are friends, & team together, from beginning to end.
I like 1956's Busy Buddies cartoon twice as much than the Tot Watchers cartoon, for Tom and Jerry are not enemies at all, in this cartoon. The baby boy was rescued numerous times by Tom and Jerry, as they remained a team of friends, while Genie, the so-called babysitter was on the telephone and chattering continuously. And the baby was in his crib, winking an eye, as this cartoon concludes.

In 1958's Tot Watchers cartoon, Tom and Jerry are friends, not enemies and rescue the baby a few more times, once again, as in the Busy Buddies cartoon. But the conclusion is different. The baby is walking down the street, as Tot Watchers concludes. Tot Watchers would have been funnier had Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera had the writer have the words, The End, on the baby's diaper as Tot Watchers concludes.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Lennie Weinrib was in just three episodes. All three titles are in chronological order, first, second and third. Plus their original dates. Lennie Weinrib's first appearance was in the first season episode, entitled "Buddy, Can You Spare A Job?" this episode originally aired on Tuesday, December 26th, 1961.

In this episode, Lennie Weinrib perfectly played the role of "Jackie Brewster"! "Buddy" (Morey Amsterdam) accepted the same offer, that "Rob Petrie" refused, to be the Head Writer of the Dan Howard Show! "Mel Cooley" made a 'poisinous note', allowing "Buddy" to leave. After Dan Howard read the 'poisinous note' of "Buddy". "Buddy" did not get the job after all! Now Rob and Sally scheme together to get "Mel" to re-hire "Buddy", back to his 'vacancy'. Rob and Sally know that Buddy continuously insulted Mel. So they ask "Jackie Brewster", a nightclub comedian and ask him to continuously insult Mel stronger, which he did gladly, than Buddy used to insult Mel, until the insults are too quick and strong on Mel, that Mel shouts "Get Buddy"! Lennie Weinrib's second appearance, was in second season episode, "The Sam Pomerantz Scandals". This episode originally aired on Wednesday, March 6th, 1963. Lennie Weinrib's character role, in this episode, is "Danny Brewster". He was in only five minutes, because Rob claimed to accidentally hit him, as they played tennis. But in that short five minutes, Lennie Weinrib shows that he could impersonate numerous celebrities!

Lennie Weinrib's third and final appearance was is the fourth season episode, "The Impractical Joke!". This episode originally aired on Wednesday, January 13th, 1965. His character role in this episode was "Phil Franklin". This episode is extremely humorous, from beginning to end! This episode started at Sally's apartment, with Buddy and Phil wiretapping and making prank telephone calls! First, Buddy calls a restaurant ans sent an insult to it. After Buddy insults Mel, Buddy said "I have a treat, for everyone. Well, for the uninformed, Phil is by day, my accountant and at night the greatest practical joker around"! Buddy then gets Phil to call Rob and pretend to be a telephone repairman. Phil calls and Rob answers. Then Phil asks Rob about his telephone, if he used in the last two hours. Rob answers no, then the humor starts. First, Phil tells Rob that people have called the telephone company that they could not successfully call his phone number. While Phil is talking, he begins to tap Sally's telephone and get Rob to think the echoing tap, is that his telephone! Rob calls it static. Phil got Rob to do five things, 'to repair his undamaged telephone'. First, shake it vigorously over his head. Second, blow hard on the bottom part of the phone. Third, unscrew the telephone handle apart mouthpiece and earpiece and look at it, unassembled. Fourth, Phil pretends that he can not hear Rob, which causes Rob to raise his voice and shout on the telephone. After this, Phil said a hysterical line and asked Rob if would take the phone outside and 'scream like a chicken!' Phil then asked Rob if he would do it and Rob answered back, Of course not! Phil then quickly said "I thought a jerk like you, would do anything!" Then Phil hands the phone to Buddy, and Buddy admits that he is the cause of this practical joke.

The next day, Buddy refuses to believe Rob about 'not getting even' that Rob also tried to warn Buddy "not to sit on the coffee", that Buddy sat on Sally's 'lunch-to-be' and the studio audience quickly erupted,in laughter! Later, in the day, an IRS agent named "William Handlebuck" played by Alvy Moore, comes to the office, to check on Buddy's Income Tax paperwork. Rob was just called out of the office, causing Buddy think that Rob is trying to retaliate! First, Buddy calls William Hanldebuck, "Mr. Handlebar", William Handlebuck then says "William Handlebuck, Miss. Rogers". Buddy then calls him "Buck Rogers!" Rob then comes back in as Buddy claims that he lied about the figures, on the Income Tax Form, thinking that it is not his! After William Handlebuck shows Buddy a card with his name in it. Buddy, quickly tears it apart, threw it in the air and said "Happy New Year"! Less than five seconds later, Buddy grabbed his Income Tax Form and tore it apart! William Handlebuck then quickly said "Mr. Sorrell, you're in a lot of trouble!" and left the office quickly and angrily! Rob then convinces Buddy that he did not send William Handlebuck, by picking up the torn Income Tax Form then finding Buddy's signature and showing it to Buddy! The next day, William Handlebuck returns to the office and tells Buddy all he has to do is copy out the torn Income Tax Form exactly. Buddy quickly agrees that he will do it. William Handlebuck then said, "Put both forms in a paper bag, swing it over your head and scream like a chicken". Phil Franklin came in the office and shook hands with William Handlebuck, calling it a great job. Buddy now wants to get revenge with Phil Franklin. After Buddy gets Sally to type out 'sworn statement' for him, Buddy, wants to sign it, as he looks for an ink pen, Phil offers one and Buddy quickly said "Not one of them trick pens of yours"! Buddy then picks a pen off of Rob's coat and as he starts to sign the page, the pen quickly 'explodes', shooting ink back onto Buddy's face, making Buddy look like he was hit in his lips, like an uppercut! Immediately after the pen exploded, Phil then quickly said "I put it in there!"

Lennie Weinrib's third and final appearance is the best, without a doubt!

Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers episode, The 'King' And I is my All-Time Favorite Episode of all Shows!
Immediate address link is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0672992. The four leading roles & characters were: 'Bronson Pinchot' (qv)'s double role, as "Balky Bartakokomous" & as 'Elvis Presley' (qv) (when a bell rings), 'Mark-Linn Baker' (qv), as "Larry Appleton", 'Ron Perkins (I)' (qv) portrayed Income Tax agent, Mister Yates & 'Terrence E. Mcnally' (qv) Lamont Cassidy, their friend & hypnotist. This episode originally televised on ABC, on Friday, February 24th, 1989. It is hypnotically & hysterically humorous, from beginning to end! What occurred in this episode, is Balki, was accidentally hypnotized while watching from the kitchen, as he was going to get a glass of water. Shortly after & while Balki is still in the kitchen, a friend of Larry, that was a hypnotist tried to hypnotize Larry. But Larry decided to act as if he were 'Marlin Brando' (qv), instead of 'Elvis Presley' (qv). 'Bronson Pinchot' (qv)'s first line, was immediate, just after the hypnotist and his date left, the telephone rang. He impersonated 'Elvis Presley' (qv), answering with, "How did you get this number, lady?" While Balki was coincidentally and accidentally watching, the hypnosis come onto him! And later in the week, Larry and Balki were to go to their Income Tax agent, named "Mister Yates". And Larry tore a telephone up, to keep a bell from going and hypnotize Balki, while they were in the agent's office! But a clock, with an hourly chime went off and the remainder of this episode was twice as funny, at least! In the last five minutes, Balki was wearing a white suit, looking exactly like if he was 'Elvis Presley' (qv)! I have nicknamed this one episode, "Hypnotically & Hysterically Humorous, From Beginning To End"!

At the Circus

Extremely Humorous & Very Musical!
Most of the other users comments this movie as worthless. But to me, I like its musical songs and Harpo's musical with his harp! The first half hour is the most humorous. Especially when Harpo shoots the three cannonballs to Goliath, the Strongman, played by Nat Pendleton, Goliath successfully caught the first two of the three cannonballs, but the second cannon's fuse shot late and the cannonball hit Goliath in the rear-end! Goliath was turned around accepting praise and clapping from the people at the circus, when the third cannonball shot late and unexpectedly! Harpo did not hear the third cannon shoot late either, for he had ear plugs in his ears, to keep the loud cannon blasts from injuring his ears. The musical scores are instrumental as Chico plays the piano, before Groucho appears. Shortly after Groucho finally appears, he sang Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. I like Harpo's two musical clips most! First, after an African-American man screams and runs away, after hearing a lion roar, Harpo is there also and quickly quiets the lions by playing Brahm's Lullaby with a horn, probably a bugle or piccolo, then there are four children (probably of the man that the lions scared) said slang terms, after Harpo got the lions completely quiet. The man returns with his song calling Harpo, Swingali correctly spelled, Svingali. The song is sang and played by an African-American band. Immediately after the song ends, Harpo plays Blue Moon, on his harp, as only he could!

Duck Amuck

Too bad Daffy Duck could not be the secret animator & make troubles to Elmer Fudd!
Sometimes I wonder why Chuck Jones and Eddie Selzer did not allow Daffy Duck have fun as the secret artist and put Elmer Fudd in hysterically humorous and numerous shots changes as the cartoon in is in progress of being seen. Bugs Bunny was married in 1942's Hold the Lion, Please cartoon and Daffy Duck was married in 1962's Quackodile Tears cartoon. If Daffy could matchmake Elmer Fudd and Granny or the Rich Widow, that was shortly married to Yosemite Sam in 1962's Honey's Money.

If Jones and Selzer did create a cartoon with Daffy as the artist and Elmer Fudd the recipient of numerous changes in a cartoon, all three characters, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd would be one and one. All three would be a victor as animator and victim as a character!

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