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Absolutely Beautiful
Firstly a thank you to the director and producers of Steins Gate.

This Anime is now set fast at number 1 on my list.

I love the idea around the time travel in this series, the story starts off very playful and foolish almost idiotic, but as it develops is almost as if evolution itself is happen in front of your eyes it turns into something masterfully absolutely beautiful.

The idea of moving between time lines(almost like string theory describes (multiverse)) mental rather than physically is brilliant. The characters are amazing, the story itself leaves no holes. It really gripped my attention all the way through, i found myself tearful and laughing out loud.

I will forever now recommend this be viewed by anyone and everyone. This truly is an Absolutely Beautiful Master Piece どうもありがとう。 Hiroshi Hamasaki & Takuya Sato (bows)

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