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Squadra antimafia - Palermo oggi

i adore this TV series
i really like this TV series.I cannot wait to watch it . I think that this is the one of the best TV series i have been watched.beside the fact that i love European movies and series - about this one i can tell a lot. I like acting, theme , the way that they filmed it ...everything...the theme is- nothing new, maybe someone can tell that they have inspiration in " Godfather" or similar movies, but i like the way that they done. all characters have their own,unique story. All characters have emotions ,like in real life-not just black or white...we can see their strength , power , sadness, weakness ,their faith ,love ,pain , humor ,smiles , tears. the script is very well done. it keeps your attention all the time. actors are also so good and mostly i recommend this TV seria

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