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The Evil Down the Street

A Slow Burn, but Congrats!
I found it very interesting that the film was based on a true story. Knowing that kept me intrigued. The budget was obviously low, but there were some nice shots and good production value thrown in. I was hoping for a little more gore, suspense, and for the characters to be in more danger, as that's what I personally look for in films like this, but I always root for filmmakers who manage to even get their films shot, finished and distributed, as I know how hard that is. So congrats for sure!

Cat Dexx: Inkosi

Wonderfully done!
It's rare to see so much heart, soul and production value in a short film! The Cat Dexx team rocked it! I predict this film will be a big festival favorite. Congratulations!

A Wish for Giants

Cute little film
I thought the heart and soul of this little indie film was amazing. It was touching and a great story/lesson. It should be mandatory viewing in schools.

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