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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The second episode of this long awaited series of Doctor Who was not exactly original in its storyline which was obviously taken from the late great Douglas Adams' (Himself a former script editor and writer of Doctor Who in the Seventies) Hitchhiker story "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe", with a smattering of nods to Terry Gilliams "Brazil" (The troubleshooting plumber and the woman who OD's on plastic surgery ?). However it was salvaged by some great effects (excepting the B&Q purchased vent that the Spiders crawl through - perhaps in homage to the original Who's ?) and some great acting from Billie Piper who is no doubt destined for even greater things than treading gingerly past monsters in corridors.

    Of lesser note is the abilities of Christopher Ecclestone who to be honest is starting to get a bit irritating already. Perhaps my view is tainted by his treacherous abandonment of the role after only one series (Can't see the fans at conventions welcoming him now he's placed the come back at risk) but quite honestly he's being outshone 10 fold by Miss Piper.

    Final concerns is the interesting turns being taken in the Who universe (aside from another wasted regeneration). The TARDIS now seems to be powered by a bicycle pump and Gallifrey's been destroyed ?. We were already denied the customary regeneration scene in episode 1 and now more limits are being placed on future stories.

    BBC beware - You may own the rights but you don't own the fans be careful with our Who. Oh and the guy from Casanova as a replacement ? Bad Idea - Needs someone like Rowan Atkinson (again I know !) or even better Alan Davies... or anyone prepared to go the distance at least !!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having been fascinated with the life or Peter Sellers since the late seventies I had been on the look out for this film appearing on TV without luck.Recently I have been lucky enough to obtain a copy of the 1984 USA release video which whilst rather old held out long enough to appreciate that this is one very underrated film. The cast is full of familiar faces but Sellers performance is nothing short of brilliance and you really begin to feel the depth of dispair that the characters (and the actors apparently) must have felt in this true life story.

    Imagine spending the last six years of your life underground - Now consider spending four years of those years in total, complete darkness.

    Had this film been released now in the 21st Century it would have surely have received the appreciation it truly deserved.