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Waste of time.
Well I love everything literary, but I certainly didn't love this movie. As soon as I saw Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang fame I decided to watch it. I'm also a fan of Chis Klein but he fails to impress in this movie. Kaley appeared exactly the same as her ditzy character in Big Bang, I sincerely hope this is not her true personality and she is just being type cast which is a real shame. All the characters were overblown and farcical, I presume this was intentional. I found nothing funny about it, didn't laugh once and dare I say it, didn't even smile. What another waste of time and effort. How do they get the money to make these movies? Very disappointed yet again. The premise was interesting, but the heavy handed script writing ruined any chance of an enjoyable movie. Why do they insist on treating us the paying viewers as if we are dumb? Shame, shame, shame.

Autumn Blood

Don't bother
I watched the first 10 minutes, don't know why I bothered. Fast forwarded with the occasional stop till the last 15 minutes. Watched the last part of he movie. All I can say is it was excruciating, no dialog to speak of and no dialog worth listening too. Beautiful images of mountain scenery but no context to make you feel any emotion about it all. Tragic story but no connection made to the characters so why bother. Had no clue who anybody was or what was going on till I looked up the character/actor description in IMDb. After reading all the reviews on IMDb it's pretty obvious that people associated with the movie make most of the positive comments. No normal person in there right mind would write such positive reviews for such rubbish. Very disappointed.

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