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Eliot Kid

a Boring Kids Show
When i Saw this Show I Never Liked it at All and it also Made Robotboy look like a Masterpiece

This Show has False Advertising: The advertisements make you believe that Eliot is a kid who goes on wild adventures when in the actual show he is an immature child with an overactive imagination. It Doesn't Make any Sense The show tries very hard to treat Eliot like a hero when he's just a disobedient troublemaker in reality.

Eliot (the Main Character of the Show) is an unlikable, immature and stupid protagonist and a blatant Gary-Stu who is loved by his friends that face 0 consequences for their unjustified actions and is a God-like saboteur. and the Rest of the Characters are Kinda Annoying.

Terrible animation with Awful character designs. Subpar (if not terrible) voice acting. Even The Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Had Better Animation&Character Designs&Voice Acting than this Trash

and The show's gimmick is that Eliot has an overactive imagination, but it comes across as a mental illness due to how convinced he is by these visions.

Do Not Watch this Show!

Kung Fu Dino Posse

It Makes Dinosaur King look like a Masterpiece.
It was Actually one of the Worst Shows Ever Made I Mean its a Rip-off of Ninja Turtles, But with Dinosaurs

Most The characters are incredibly Boring and Annoying. So here are the Main Characters: Kane is your typical overconfident leader character. Lucy is the basic "girl" character whose personality feels forced. Chow is your typical dumb big guy and eater of the group. Jet is a token jerk, He is also pretty much the worst of the group.

About the Villains? The main antagonists are incredibly generic and incompetent and it also made the Villains of Power Rangers Ninja Storm look Awesome. So here are the Main Villians: Skor is your typical posh and primadonna villain who ironically has NO idea what he's doing. Skrap is just the typical dumb assistant to the posh villain.

Speaking of Which, The villains ideas are just plain stupid.

The animation is Choppy the sounding of the theme song is Horrible; when the singer sings "posse" it sounds like the "p-word for a woman's private part."

and The plots are cliché and not interesting in the slightest.

if you're into Dinosaurs or Ninjas, then Don't see this Show.

Pet Alien

Worst, Cartoon, Ever!
This Show is Terrible and also my Number 1 most Hated Show of all Time

The Animation is Horrible, Fast-paced and awfully disgusting (at least The animation has improved in Season 2), The character designs are Creepy&Ugly, especially for the aliens, the Soundtrack is Dumb and the Voice Acting is Awful cause that wasted the talents of Charlie Schlatter, Charles Adler, Jess Harnell and Candi Milo.

and Some of the background characters have their models used for other characters.

The show is very mean-spirited as Tommy Caddle is constantly gets scapegoated, ostracised and abused by the townspeople for the aliens actions.

Cliched concept that has been done in many shows involving aliens and humans together.

And the Major plothole was pointless heres the plot: Where are Tommy's parents? Do they even know that their son has extraterrestrial creatures as his pets, and that he gets in trouble everywhere he goes because of them always having to mess up with him? In other words, WHO LETS A KID LIVE IN A LIGHTHOUSE!?

The choice of having an African American accent on a white person and a Mexican one on another white person is horrifyingly offensive. Many episodes have very boring plots that can make you yawn and just change to another channel.

It has a Very, VERY annoying theme song, Even The season 2 theme song is even worse.

That Show is Awful and it also made Modern Family Guy and the 4Kids Dub of One Piece look More Enjoyable

Avoid that Show at All Costs and Watch Better Shows like Game of Thrones or Avatar or the Simpsons or Pokemon or Power Rangers or Something

Der 7bte Zwerg

One of the Worst Animated Movies of All Time
The 7th Dwarf is a Rip-Off of Shrek

I Mean This Movie Makes Quest for Camelot, Hoodwinked, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, Mulan 2&Shrek the Third look like Masterpieces

The Characters Are Annoying, the Animation is Horrible, the Songs are Painfull to Listen and the Villainess of this Movie is so Boring and she looks like a Mix Between Poison Ivy&Elsa from Frozen

Don't See this Movie Because it's a Disgrace to all Animated Movies Right Next to The Wild Go Watch Shrek or Something

The Wild

Worst, Disney Movie, Ever!
The fact that it's a Disney film that I HATE is bad enough, because I've given so much praise to many forgotten Disney films, and the prospect of there being a Disney film that I consider to be my LEAST FAVOURITE FILM OF ALL TIME is pretty upsetting. Its a Terrible Combination of The Lion King, Finding Nemo&Madagascar

This is the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS of Disney films...

The Characters are Annoying, The Jokes Aren't Funny, The Dialogues are Terrible, Even the Ending Credits of that Movie was the Worst

And Worst of all This Film has Adult Humour How they got THAT into a U film.... I DO not know... The adult humor and innuendos? All that violence and scenes of fright? And that got a U?! I mean, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Black Cauldron, CARS, TOY STORY?! Those are given a PG but THIS is given a U?!

Don't See This Movie Go Rant Fantasia Instead

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Worst Ninja Turtles Show Ever
This is the worst of the Ninja Turtles series much worse than the Third Ninja Turtles Movie

The Fight Scenes are Stupid, the Scenarios are Boring, the Dialogues are Horrible and the Villains are Terrible The turtles act more like Power Rangers than actual Ninja Turtles.

even the Opening has spoilers for those who watched the First Episode for the Female Turtle

This is a Terrible Mix of the Super Sentai series and/or Power Rangers and Ninja Tutles and its cause the Downfall of the Original Ninja Turtles

this is One of the Worst 90s Shows of all time

As stated above, it's pretty much more of a rip-off of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers than an actual TMNT TV series.

Avoid this Show at all costs

Power Rangers Dino Charge

If you Thought Megaforce is Bad, Wait till you see This!
After four years of four Seasons what Nobody Likes we actually have something good for once.

All the problems those seasons have Has been Fixed.

The acting is really good, the dialogue actually sounds like it's coming from actual adults, the comedy is funny, we have an actual story that's well paced, we have more original footage than Sentai footage, the editing with said footage has improved, and the characters are actually likable and have actual personalities. And Even Sledge was Cool, in Fact hes Maybe one of the Coolest Villains Ever

and We Have a Good Intro/Theme Song with No Roll Call

The 1st Season (Dino Charge) was Kinda Good But it has a Few Awkward Moments It was Okay But its No Dino Thunder

But its Second Season (Dino Super Charge) was Weaker compare to Dino Charge its Kinda like the Digimon Season 2 of Power Rangers Tones of story thrown out the window for filler, The Dialogues are a Bit Corny at Times and it feels like a Disney Power Rangers Season But the Extra Rangers (Sir Ivan, Prince Phillip, Miss Morgan, James and Zenowing), Hekyl and Snide are Cool

Nothing much else to say but.....thank you Judd Lynn for saving PR.

Poketto monsutâ

A Great Video Game Adaptation
"Pokémon" is an Animé based on one of the most popular Nintendo Video game series of the same name and one of the most popular franchises ever.

it has Video Games, Cards, Books, Toys, The Cartoon series, Movies and Much More.

And "Pokémon" is by far one of the best video game franchises of all time, and it's up there with "Super Mario"; "The Legend of Zelda"; "Sonic the Hedgehog"; "Tekken"; "Street Fighter"; "Final Fantasy"; and "Soul Calibur" as one of the greatest video game series' ever!

Pokémon was easily my first and most-loved Animé ever, it's not the worst show ever it's an awesome show

Everyone loved the Pokémon games, so of course the show was gonna be a big hit as well

but I don't know why so many people doesn't like this show Personally I think Dinosaur King is worse

the haters are right the episodes are a bit repetitive and the voice acting was mediocre, but what English dub of an anime didn't have bad voice acting? Not too many. This show was definitely very close to the games, the plots were interesting and fun, and it was always great to see Ash catch a new Pokémon.

the 1st 9 Seasons were great so let's start with Season 1

The show stars Ash Ketchem, a 10 year old who starts his quest to become a Pokemon master. Along the way he gets Pikachu, Misty and Brock and fight against Jesse, James, and Meowth, AKA Team Rocket.

the Kanto saga/Season 1 was by far the best it has a great plot and nostalgic Pokémon battles

Pikachu was cute, Brock was cool, Misty was hot, Team Rocket was funny (but now became one of the worst and one of the most annoying villains ever during season 3 to season 13)

the 1st episode was the best Pokémon episode to date and thats where the Pokémon story begins but too bad team rocket was not in the 1st episode until the 2nd episode

the Pokémon theme song from season 1 was one of the most memorable theme songs ever

the 2nd Season was GreatThe Johto Saga was Good but Not Great as Season 1the Hoenn Saga and the Kanto Battle Frontier Saga are Decent&Okay but it has a Few Problems

but things went way Downhill as the Diamond and Pearl Series Started

and then it just got Boring, Repetitive. The same thing happened over and over and over again just with different Pokémon/characters.I guess they were running out of ideas? Honestly most of the great shows went downhill if they run for too long.

after the Diamond and Pearl series there was a new Pokémon series Called Pokemon Best Wishes/Pokemon Black and White but i never watched them because it won't be the same

oh well Pokémon is still a cute show and its not worse then dinosaur king

Pokemon is one of the Greatest Shows of All Time, but not Phineas and Ferb nor Littlest Pet Shop 2012

I'm a Pokémon fan I like this show, the video games, and toys and everything. way better than Littlest Pet Shop 2012, Way Better than Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures and Way Better than Phineas and Ferb

but this show is probably alright for kids age 5 to 12 or if you're born in the 90s but it can be hard to watch if you're older.

if you're new for Pokemon watch the very first Season of Pokemon or play The Pokemon games on Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS Instead

if you stopped watching Pokémon after season 2 or if you stopped watching Pokémon after season 5 try Digimon (Season 1&Season 2&Season 3) or Medabots or Yu-Gi-Oh! (the Original was Better) or Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, RPM, Samurai) instead

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition

One of The Best Power Rangers Games
Both Power Rangers and fighting games were at the height of their popularity in 1995, so a Power Rangers fighting game made sense.

For Fans and Players Want It was A Power Rangers Video Game Masterpiece

The Gaphics are Awesome, the Soundtrack is Great, The Modes are Fun But it has less than 9 Playable Characters such as 4 Megazords from Seasons 2&3 and 2 Monsters from Season 2 and Goldar and Zedd and Ivan Ooze from the 1st Power Rangers Movie

The characters are fairly unique, all of them have super moves (a fairly new feature in fighters at the time), a unique super bar I haven't seen before or since, and I believe it's the first fighting game to have a survival mode (called trial mode here).

This Game Right Over there is Everything a Power Rangers Fan Could Ask For

The Garfield Show

this show an extremely utterly horrible abomination since Back at the Barnyard
This Show is a Disgrace to the Garfield Franchise the First Garfield The Original Garfield Cartoon that first aired in the 80s was such a Classic

but this one is Bad The Characters Look Terrible in CGI The Soundtrack is Terrible the Episodes are awful and the Animation was Horrible talk about the characters, Garfield was not funny in this CGI Cartoon hes rude, loud and very annoying but hes seriously not funny Nermal Ruined the series because hes one of the most annoying characters ever and this show has no plot at all

this is one of the worst cartoons that first aired in the Late 2000s so Stay away from that cartoon

want to watch a cartoon with your young siblings try avatar the last airbender or my little pony friendship is magic

Power Rangers Megaforce: Last Laugh
Episode 12, Season 1

Worst. Episode. Ever.
This here would be the worst episode of the entire series. Well, this and the Harmony and Dizchord episode and the he ain't heavy metal he's my brother episode of super samurai.

Way worse than the For Cryin' Out Loud episode of Zeo

In general, I hated this episode and the He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother yup, those two are 2 of my least favorite Episodes of Power Rangers.

The Plot made no sense, it was like a Bad Episode of Robotboy (one of the worst cartoons ever made)

NoJoke was the most boring Monster in the series Next to Wizlizard from In Space

Noah suddenly doesn't understand Humour despite being shown to have a sense of humour just 2 Episodes Prior (making a joke at Gia's expense), and Troy suddenly changes from the no-nonsense leader in this episode to cracking up at a fart joke. An Awful Fart Joke!!!

This is by far the most horrible, moronic, despicably Not Funny and the most stupidest episode ever made in all history of Power Rangers. if you watch Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce and all the Previous Power Rangers Seasons Stay Far and Very Far Away From That Episode

very awful episode overall

Power Rangers Wild Force: Forever Red
Episode 34, Season 1

Best, Power Rangers Episode, Ever
this was such an incredible episode, being one of my favorite episodes of the series.

it was great to See Jason and Tommy and Wes and the other Red Rangers Appear in this Episode they team up with Cole to go to the moon to face Venjix (Shadow Borg); Gerrok (Green Hunter Borg); Tezzla (Lady Borg); Steelon (Dragon Borg); and Automon (Fire Borg's head on Lightning Borg's body) the Survivors of the Machine Empire.

Talking of The Villains of this Episode The suits from five random Beetleborgs from Saban's Big Bad Beetleborgs were used as the bodies for the remaining generals of the Machine Empire trying to reactivate Serpentera.

And it was Nice to See Bulk and Skull Back as a Cameo in this Episode

the Part of what anyone never liked in that episode was The final battle with serpentera

The last scene of this Episode was Fun

You can get this episode by buying The Ultimate Power Rangers DVD

This is truly a must-see episode for all the Power Rangers Fans and all the Red Ranger Fans that is worth watching.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Not That Bad, Still Better Than Samurai
I Still Don't Understand why Any Power Rangers Fans Hated that Season? I Thought it was a Decent but OK Season along with Season 2 of MMPR, Turbo, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury and Megaforce

The Zords are Pretty Good because it was the First Season that Features CGI Zords The Rangers are Cool The Villains of Wild Force are Better than the Villains of Ninja Storm the Theme song was Great and the icing on the cake is this season has the best team up episodes of the franchise such as forever red the Finale was pretty epic

the problems of that season, the Acting was not that good, the first four episodes are weak and Let's Not talk about the whole Kit/Animus arc cause it's a Bit Boring and that kid actor is beyond awful!

but a lot of fans called wild force "one of the worst seasons ever made" but i think it's not that bad, well wild force is still better than samurai and ninja storm

The Replacements

Worst.....Disney Cartoon.....Ever
This Show is Stupid and it's way worse than Back at the Barnyard and Hannah Montana The Theme song is Lame and not Catchy, The Characters Are Stupid,The Plot of Each episode are bad and it's like watching a bad Episode of Fosters Home For imaginary Friends or a Bad Episode of Spongbob and it's still made no sense This show teaches bad morals And it sucks! and it's cause the English versions of DBZ and DBGT and the Original Dragon Ball Gets Cancelled in The UK Avoid this Show at all costs

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Good Series and not bad as what anyone thinks
this series is so much better than ninja storm

The Rangers are Cool, The Zords are Not Half Bad, The Battlizer of this Series is Awesome and the Plot was not very Bad It's Like Harry Potter with Zords and Rangers

The Villains of this series are great, the main villain octomus the master is one strong villain

The Best Episodes of Mystic Force are Koragg's Trial, Dark Wish, Parts 1-3, Heir Apparent, Parts 1 and 2 and The Hunter

schizophrenic finale, "Mystic Fate", Parts 1 and 2. I'd say the only great moments were Nick's brief turn to the darkness as Koragg #2 and the final moment where all the rangers, Solaris Knight and Leanbow join forces. But there's nothing really special about it but still a Good Season Finale.

But it's a shame that there's no Mystic Force and SPD Team Up But Piggy Made a Cameo in the Ranger Down Episode

Not Bad as what any fans think But its Still Better than the American Dragon Jake Long Cartoon Series and The Original Ben 10

Power Rangers DinoThunder

A Special Treat for All the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans
if any Ranger Fan is looking for a Great Power Rangers Season like Time Force, In Space, RPM this is for all the MMPR Fans

Dino Thunder is Everything a Ranger Fan Could Ask For Much Better Than MMPR Season 3 and Lightspeed Rescue and Ninja Strom

the Theme Song was Epic, The Zords are Awesome, Tommy is Back on This Season and hes still the best ranger of all time

Dino Thunder has a great Selection Of Episodes like "the Passion of Conner" and "White Thunder" Parts 1 - 3

"Fighting Spirit" is another Tommy centered classic that features him fighting his previous ranger incarnations (sans Red Turbo).

Then of course, there's "Thunder Storm", Parts 1 and 2, the first crossover episode since Wild Force and it's definitely one of the best! Some great fights, both unmorphed and morphed as well as it's refreshing to see two ranger teams fight each other before the team up.

If the season had any weakness it would be Cassidy and Devin, the Bulk and Skull of the season (there a little bit annoying than Marah and Kapri), The Jokes are a Bit Corny.

the season finale, "Thunder Struck", Parts 1 and 2 is pretty Epic. There are some awesome moments throughout Part 1, especially Conner's fight with the Tyrannodrones on top of a truck but the final fight with Mesogog left so much to be desired, especially considering how strong of a villain he was but it's still an action packed episode and like all great shows it finished on a song.

Dino Thunder was a HUGE step up from Ninja Storm, with the writers giving us a dark yet fun year for the franchise. The writing was fresh and engaging, Tommy made for a great mentor, and the characters were really fleshed out nicely! Still couldn't get use to the CGI zords but the Dinozords had their moments. Overall, great season, definitely what the fans make it out to be!

Way Better than Lightspeed Rescue&Samurai/Super Samurai

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Still Not the Best Season, but still a Silly Season
I'm not sure why people likes this season?.

For me this season was silly and not good as wild force and time force

let's start with the good points:

the Rangers are awesome, The Megazords are not half bad, The Rock Musics during the fight scenes are great, Vexacus was the Best villain of ninja storm

Now for the Bad Points:

The CGI Guinea-Pig as a Sensei was one of the worst ideas ever, the worst villains of ninja Storm are Marah and Kapri and Choobo (there a lot worse than Vypra from Lightspeed Rescue),the CGI was awful, the comedy is forced most of the time (especially from the awful villains)

it was not bad but a bit sillier as the 1st Half of Turbo watching an episode of Ninja Strom it's almost like watching a bad episode of Rugrats

It's literally Power Rangers-lite! Disney's attempt to make a kid's show even more brighter just didn't work at all! Nice theme song though!

It's alright to watch Ninja Storm if you're a Kid but it can be a bit Hard to Watch if you're Older

The next Following seasons such as Dino Thunder,SPD,Mystic Force,Operation Overdrive,Jungle Fury,RPM,Samurai,Super Samurai,Megaforce and Super Megaforce are a lot better as the previous Seasons

Street Fighter EX

One of the best fighting games on PSX
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha is the first and true and superior 3D street fighter game ever And it was one of the best street fighter games ever created

The graphics are awesome

The soundtrack was great The game play was fun And a good selection of characters And it was one of the first street fighter games that features trail mode (known as expert mode)

Not bad as the street fighter the movie game and not one of worst street fighter titles but it was one of the best street fighter titles ever made If you never played the classic 2D street fighter games then street fighter ex plus alpha is all you need

Ben 10

Alright if you're a kid, but this show is stupid if you're older
Why do so many people love this show. But by the way the first time i saw show i think it was good but the problem is, I never liked that show

The main characters are annoying, The American cartoon sound effects are useless, the Comedy is not Funny, the Jokes aren't Funny, The story was not interesting And if i watch any bad episode of that show, i feel like watching a bad episode of Pokemon or watching a bad episode of Jackie Chan Adventures

But the animation and the Theme Song was alright

But its alright to watch that show during your childhood/if you're a Kid But now it's boring, lame, hard to watch, not funny and one of the cartoons thats cause the downfall of the English dubs of Dragon Ball Z

Want a good show that you could watch with your young siblings or kids? Go Watch Digimon or Pokemon or avatar the last airbender or Batman or Power Rangers or The Simpsons instead

Back at the Barnyard

This was one of the most poorly written cartoons of all time

The plot made no sense

The soundtrack from that cartoon was stupid

The Theme Song was Loud

The voice acting is Terrible

The episodes are lame (there almost like a bad episode of Family Guy or like a bad episode of space goofs)

The characters are dumb and annoying and stupid

And the most annoying character ever was Ottis's sidekick or Friend All Heros and Villains needs sidekicks There a bit useless but smart, cute, amusing and funny, But for pip hes not cute not funny not amusing, hes so stupid And annoying

Freddy and Peck is a lame Rip-Off of Timon&Pumba

Well All the Farm Animals from Back at the Barnyard are a Complete Disgrace to the Animal Kingdom

Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady is a rip-off of nelson from the Simpson's (i hate that boy,i hate his voice, i hate his laugh and i hate his hair) Hes Worse than Shelby the Turtle from Mickey Mouse Works&House of Mouse

The references from movies and TV shows are useless

This show was terrible,Disgusting, Boring, Not funny at all, and one of the of the worst shows of all time Even Lilo&Stitch the Series is a Better Animated Show based on a Movie than this

Want to see a good cartoon Go watch Pokemon or Digimon or my little pony: friendship is magic or littlest pet shop or avatar the last air-bender or dragon ball z Kai instead

And then stay far away from that cartoon

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

The Fans are Right, this season was the worst of the Franchise
who in the world thought This was passable for a kid's show??! Well considering the usual viewing audience for Power Rangers is between the ages of 5-10 I guess it doesn't matter but if you've been a long time fan since the franchise's inception, then well....this season is like the unfortunate abortion of the franchise!

Yes, this series was bad,not funny and not good as the other power rangers seasons

bad cast, weak acting, terrible villains, a good plot ruined by Poor writing, horrible characterizations and Awful Zords.

The best and only good episodes of operation overdrive are once a ranger parts 1&2 Features the return of Adam&Tori&Kira&Bridge&Xander And it also features Zedd and Rita's son named Thrax

The Theme song of this Season was a Bit catchy at first but it gets a bit annoying after a while

Operation Overdrive is one of the worst seasons of the franchise (way worse than Samurai), seriously...what did I just watch this back in 2007 and in 2008???

4 Words: Don't, Watch, This, Season


What Happened to the Good old Cartoons?
this show is a rip-off of Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh (which is great Japanese cartoons) and Shinzo and Power Stone and Bakugan and Gormiti

This show won't win any awards

The story is very boring,

the characters are dull,

talk about the characters

Mookee is not cute, not funny, not adorable hes very annoying

Princess Diara looks like a combination of Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Jessie from Pokemon and Mandy from Totally Spies I mean come on, having a princess as one of the minor villains of RedaKai? Shes the worst princess ever

Aprix, Gia and Balistar are stupid and not very funny and it ruined the 2nd season of the show

but all of the minor villains of RedaKai and boomer and Maya are pretty annoying

yes,even ash from Pokémon was stupid and dull and annoying now

the sound effects from American cartoons are useless,

the episode plots are uninspiring (it's like a bad episode of Phineas and Ferb or a bad episode of Family guy),

and worst of all they will do the same exact thing over and over again. Every episode has the same thing happening so heres the Plot:(a relic with Kairu is discovered. They go look for it. They battle the bad guys with the same transformation sequences again and again. They beat the bad guys. They get the Kairu from the relic.

This show is horribly written and doesn't have a single good thing going for it and it's way more repetitive as Phineas and Ferb

it's boring, dull, awful, not funny and not so original

if you want to see a good show go watch Digimon or Pokemon or the Original Yu-Gi-Oh or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Dragon Ball Z Kai or Power Rangers instead

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

The Best of the Budokai Trilogy
this game is the best Budokai Game ever and it's way better than the first 2 budokai games

For DBZ fans and Fighting Game Fans want it was a DBZ Video Game Masterpiece Right next to Tenkaichi 2 and Tenkaichi 3 and Legacy of Goku 2

the graphics are awesome

the game modes are fun

the musics are great

and one of the best parts about that game in the main story mode/Drgaon Universe you can fly around the Dragon ball world

in dragon universe mode and dragon arena mode you can level up your favorite characters and get stronger

great bonus features like voice player and the intro of budokai 2

but the bad part of budokai 3 is the endless dragon rush and hyper mode

this game is everything a DBZ fan could ask for

Dragon Ball Kai: Doragon bôru kai

The best version of DBZ
Years ago before dragon ball z Kai I watched a bit of Some Poorly dubbed Dragon ball and Dragon Ball GT and the laughable ocean dub version of DBZ (with Some of the worst Acting known to man)

I think dragon ball z Kai is the best of the series Much better than the 1999 Funimation dub because It is much more faithful to the manga.

Unlike the original Dragon Ball Z, there is very little filler. As a result, the pacing is much quicker and comparable to that of the original Dragon Ball anime.

The English dub by Funimation is really good. It's also more consistent with the manga and is somewhat more mature than the English dub of Dragon Ball Z.

Gohan's new Voice is cute but childish (a lot of funimation dub fans hate Gohan's new Voice but i like it)

Even Freiza's new Voice was epic and much better than his Funimation dub Voice

It has Great intros and outros, Memorable music, with theme songs for some characters like "Saiyan Blood", Vegeta's theme.

It has No filler arcs.

and the animation was superior to dragon ball z

But The remastered Majin Buu Saga episodes were done on a lower budget than the Saiyan Saga/Frieza Saga/Cell Saga episodes, and it shows.

this series is not as bad as what the Funimation 1999 Fans say

If you miss dragon ball z than dragon ball z Kai is all you need Because it was the best version of DBZ

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Great Ranger Series, Poor Ranger Game
This game is so boring.

This Game is nothing But Zord Riding

the Missions are Short and the last Missions are Hard

There 24 Missions in Adventure Mode it starts with Kira and Ethan been Captured By Mesogog I Never Remember That From the Show The First Zord In the Game was the Tyranno Zord the 1st world is where you can save Kira the 2nd world is where you can save Ethan

Don't You Remember seen Conner save Kira and Ethan from Mesogog from the Show well i did not in adventure mode there 6 Worlds and 6 Zords the Power Games are Unplayable

As a Power Ranger You Should Be Fighting Bad Guys not Riding On Zords to Hurt Innocent Pepole and rampaging the streets and Going to do Terrible Missions in Video Game history

no 2 Player Mode no Cheats no Action Replay Codes for the PAL Version of this Game and no Fun

the Musics are Boring, Why Don't You hear the Power Rangers Dino Thunder Theme Song Anywhere In the Game? but instead of the cool rock music we have orchestral music, power rangers Games should never use Orchestral Music

the Zords Looked Horrible in this game and there is 2 Megazord Battles in the Whole Game, Did the Megazord has the Same Health Bar as the Tricera Zord Did the Megazord has the Same Controls as the Zord you've Picked, but why not the Punches and Kicks and the Pterarang

there is the problem about power games mode is the bonus games

Did the LionZord has the Same Bonus Game as the TyrannoZord? Did the HawkZord has the Same Bonus Game as the PteraZord? Did the Navy Beetlezord has the Same Bonus Game as the TriceraZord? Did the DolphinZord has the Same Bonus Game as the DimetroZord? Did the Crismon Insectizord has the Same Bonus Game as the CephalaZord? Did the Samurai Star Megazord has the Same Bonus Game as the ParasaurZord? the Zords from Ninja Strom and Wild Force are Hard to Unlock and the Dino Gems and the Dino Eggs are Hard to Obtain and the Morphers are Hard to Find

the Enemies From the Game are ugly

talking about Enemies whats with the Selection of Enemies in this Game Anyway? Razor Worms , Lobbers , Freeze Worms , Taggers , Mine Droppers? Don't You Remember These Enemies From The Show?

well i Don't Think Not

the only Villain in the Game was Zeltrax instead of Mesogog

Either doing the Missions in Adventure Mode or else Im gonna miss the episode of power rangers in space.

did it Need To have More Characters From Power Rangers Dino Thunder ? : There's one ranger missing in this game was Trent the White Ranger ,

There are 6 Zords in Adventure Mode But There are 4 Missing Zords in the Game Where is the DragoZord Where is the StegaZord Where is the Mezodon Rover Where is the AnkyloZord

The Thundersaurus Megazord was the only Megazord in the Whole Game

But Did it Need to have More Megazords Where is the Dino Stegazord, Where is the Mezodon Megazord, Where is Triceramax Megazord, Where is Valkasaurus Megazord if These Megazords are So Powerful Shouldn't be in This Game ?

Did it Need Monsters from Power Rangers Dino Thunder as Bosses like in the Other Power Rangers Games ? But Zeltrax is the Only Boss in the Whole Game

Where is the Tyrannodrones?

but instead of Tyrannodrones make way for the Razor Worms and the Lobbers and the Mine Droppers and the Taggers and the Freeze Worms

What About Zeltrax's Zord (Zelzord) from Thunder Struck Part 2

What About Mesogog's Monster Form from Thunder Struck Part 2

What About Super Dino mode

What About the Battlized Triassic ranger

the Only Final Boss in the Game was Zeltrax Again after you beat Zeltrax one last time hes running away again the last Megazord battle is like the 1st Megazord Battle

This is the Worst Power Rangers Game in Power Rangers History

i have to really say but I do enjoy Power Rangers, its my favorite TV Series next to the Simpsons and next to Pokemon and next to Yu-Gi-Oh! And some of the Cartoon Network Cartoon in the 90s as a Kid

Power Rangers Dino Thunder on the PS2 was a Complete Disgrace to the Power Rangers Franchise Its even be considered truly is a horrible game . There's so many negative points in this game

but watching clips from episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Dino Thunder are the only positive points in the whole Game

thats about it

If you're a power rangers Fan as i am do not add this game to your collection.

And if you have it Give it to some elementary kid who likes dinosaurs and power rangers or Trade that game for a better game at the Video Game Shop or Better yet Sell it at the Carboot Sale then save your money to buy a good game to do Better Next Time if you don't Buy Any Bad Power Rangers Games like Power Rangers Dino Thunder on the PS2.

If you Want a Power Rangers Game Play or Buy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie for Sega Mega Drive and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Fighting Edition for SNES cause they are the Best Power Rangers Games Ever Made.

note : 1/10

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