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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Not even worth fast forwarding through
The cast give their line readings a good go, but the material they're working with is beneath their collective talent. WW: Bloodlines resembles a mediocre anime in not just character design, but an emphasis on action, explosions, and Wonder Woman's 'backside'.


I have to concur with other reviewers: this is pretty awful. After three episodes I started skipping forward, then I just read the summaries before skipping to season 2, which wasn't an improvement. Instead of casting handsome pop stars they ought to have invested in effects (and real actors, writers, and camera men). Everyone seems out of place amidst the slums. Even a line like "what are you?" gets mangled with the stress being placed on the wrong word.

Devilman: Crybaby

For something so well reviewed in mainstream press, Devilman Crybaby was completely underwhelming. Compared to the sort of anime I've enjoyed - GiTS, Erased, Monster, Moribito, Steins;gate, Terror in Resonance, Blood+, Serial Experiments: Lain, Cowboy Bebop, etc - this is like watching Sharknado. I'd rather eat broken glass.

It's kind of depressing that there's such an avid audience for anime tropes and adolescent fanservice.

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

A great example of everything that's not so great about comics and anime
I'll cop to having read a few issues of The Punisher back in the 90s, when I was barely a teenager. I believe it was actually the only Marvel title I ever read until the introduction of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

The Punisher isn't just a dinosaur, he's a relic designed to appeal to the worst kind of 13-year old male power(- less) fantasies. The impetus for the film's action is basically one pathetically insecure guy who doesn't think he's 'man enough' to receive the Black Widow's affections.. so he betrays SHIELD and reinvents himself as a super- powered villain. Classic example of the self-entitled 'Nice Guy' stereotype.

Black Widow, of course, is here merely as fanservice.

Terrible plot, banal dialog - at one point, there's a line about how many men Fury brought to subdue The Punisher, and even a mediocre hack would've known to riff on the fact that one woman was all it took. The art quality is decent, and I can only wish more Anime had English-language casts this good, but there is nothing else to this production's credit.

I'd think fans of The Punisher or Black Widow would especially hate this - not only are they poorly characterized, but they're done so in canon-breaking manner. I men, according to Wikipedia Frank Castle is "in complete control of his mind" and immune to psychological assault, but here he gets brainwashed.. by an iPhone.

Nuit noire

Sure, it's like Lynch..
.. Jennifer Lynch ("Boxing Helena"). As others have noted, there are beautiful sequences here, and they're strong enough that the film can exert a kind of hypnosis for the first half of its runtime. It never gels or gains any sort of focus, however, and I can't image anyone without an extreme appetite for sensuous imagery (detached from any semblance of a plot worth following) will take much away from this that they couldn't get from Microcosmos. It's a terribly small film that might have made a great short, but as a feature I spent much of its runtime wondering when it would get better, or if anything was ever going to happen. No to both those questions.

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