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My Family Treasure

A great film for the whole family!
This is a great story about a family brought together by a lost egg.

Also has a great performance by Dee Wallace Stone the mom from E.T.! She has a wacky side to her in this one that I've never see before from her.

The other preformaces are strong and you'll love the comedy side of the story then the drama side comes out in full force.

Just wish this gem would be released on DVD at some point. Would like to know why so many "Child's Play" references where added to the film. Nothing scary or anything... but Chucky is in the film many-a-time.

If you happen to run across this one at your local video store, rent it!


Avoid this movie at all costs!
This movie was so bad! Went to a screening of this flick last week and I've gotta tell you... it should have never been made! The writing was so full of holes I could have driven a semi-truck through it. Don't even get me started on this one! How can you have a large town with no people in it? I mean come on, there's four bikers walking down Main Street, each holding guns and no one see this? PLEASE! The make-up reminded me a lot of the 1940's "Wolfman" make-up. Some parts you could even see the appliances on the actors faces.

The acting was just as bad as the story... no life to it. You didn't care if someone lived or died.

The end was the best part of the film... the credits.

But I do think sense this was directed by the same guy the did "Jason X" they should rename it "The Howling X!"

Silent Hill

Silent Hill should have stayed silent!
All I can say is that "Showgirl's" made more since! This movie made NO sinse at all! Why was it ever made but just to squeeze a few more dollars out of the hands of pimple faced teens with no thrilles and chills of it's own. I'd say rent Children of the Corn or The Omen if you wanted a religius overtone movie. After the film was over I stud up in a packed theatre andyelled "What the hell was that?" and everyone around me yelled yeah!Half of us wanted are money back for this bore fest. The only good about the film was the FX.

Where was the STORY? Where was the ACTING? And has to own the record for the most crane shots done in 2 1/2 minutes!

If we could give anything a "0" on films this would be at the top of my list. I mean I would tell anyone save your money! It'll be played to death on the USA Network along with Jaws: The Revenge.

Just stick with the video game.

Malachi's Cove

Malachi's Cove is sailing with the tide.
Just watched this one just a few days ago. It's a sad coming of age tale about a young girl growing up in the late 1890's. Mally an orphan who lives with her grandfather Malachi (Donald Pleasence) try's to deal with her parents death on the beach in front of their home. Molly blames the town and her neighbors for their death, but the town blames it on her because of her lie's and other things she's done in the past.

The only way the two make any money is by selling Sea Weed thats washed up on the share. But the neighbors son trys the steel the weed from the family and make some profit on his own.

WHen Molly get's tied of this and goes to the town lawyer to stop him. But is shot down by legal mombo jumbo.

The next day a heavy storm comes in Molly is on the share pulling weed of the rocks when the boy arrives. She warns him not to get to close to the water but it was too late. He falls hits his head on the rocks and falls into the water. She races and pulls him to safety. Fearing him to be dead she races to her grandfather then the the boy's parents home. The boy's mother blames her for killing the boys and with a rage lashes out at the girl. The boy's father and Molly then go to the shore to find Malachi holding the boy and crying "He's still alive."

As the boy recovers at home his first word's are "Where's Molly?" His mother scream "Why do you want to see the girl who tried to kill you?" He reply's "No mother, she saved me."

The two end up on the beach at the end pulling weed out of the ocean. Now, not as enemies but lovers.

Once Upon a Mouse

Wow, what a time down memory lane!
Came across this great little film that highlights Disney at his best! Filled with ton's of footage of Mickey Mouse, Donald and almost every animated feature film up to 1981.

The real kick was half way in... that's when all of the classic villains are showen in all of their glory! Also when the place Walt Disney on the grid from the "Black Hole" trailer.

The film need's a little more narration to fill in some of the blanks in the telling of the story. At times felt as if they just added footage in... just to add it in.

Just wish Disney would re-run on TV or even place this gem on video.

Don't Panic

Best movie ever!
Best movie ever! That's what I'd say if I'd never seen a horror film. My God "The Dark, Crocodile, The Lamp (AKA: The Outing)" and hell even "Blue Monkey" did a better job trying to get a good scare! This one well, anyone who made this movie should take to the wood shied and put to rest! And I hope that the Director of Photography didn't get paid much. Look's like he lite it with two Mag lights in some parts and work lights in others. And now lets talk about unibrow girl... shave it! During the sex sceen you just want to tie her down and shave it off! And isn't a montage usually place toward the end... not in the first 20 min? Now for the story, there is none! Looks like they sat down one weekend and said "Hey, I have a 35mm camera for the weekend. Lets make a movie by Monday." I'm not kidding! The sound was not recorded at all for the set... ALL ADR! The only good thing is the make-up effects and death scenes. They are stylish and fun to watch. Just wish they could have been in a better movie.

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