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Baaghi 2

Total confusion with inspired overdose of action
Personally I feel that director should arrange a press conference and describes the why and how of incidents happened on screen in film. It is irritating collaboration of copied visuals because you do know that it is happening just for makers whims and fancies. For example, Police barricade to nab Hero. He comes as if he was damn sure of his escape, he gives throttle of his bike, screeching shots of bike tyre, then Police SUVs start colliding to each other, and after few fist fight, Hero lands with Inspector in a dense forest which was villain den!!! Villain must have decided to make his den in forest not for safety reason but for scenic beauty of film as Hero destroys it like anything. Epitome of convenience. It is not a love story because love remained in Director mind only. Posters and trailer were many fold better than movie. Army Captain (Hero) beats Police Inspector and constables in Police Station, like he is himself a goon and gets behind lockup finally. Army chief miraculously gets information about his arrest and arranges for his release but when Captain suddenly decides not to join the army even after order for the same, but go for finding someone, Army chief even didn't bother to know the reason behind his absence. Movie is full of illogical stuffs. Main plot is kidnapping of a kid. A person himself hates someone and wants to get rid of that but another person blackmails him for making hostage of that thing!! Performance wise Tiger Shorff has grown up but still not easy to hold high octane emotional and anger scenes. Manoj Bajpeyi, a fine actor but somehow looks reluctant to perform. Randeep Hooda is fine. Rest are just for sake of being there.


Script and characterizations are full of hiccups
Main female lead is born with a condition which forces her to hiccup or stammer or something between both. There is not any strong reason for her desperate desire to be a teacher while she is easily offered job in a bank. Her hiccups are plain annoying and clearly not fit for any profession where good speaking would be must. An upper class English medium school is not ready to accept slum kids, who are pushed over to them by Government, due to right to education act to study. Characterization of these kids are so cheesy, like they have shown in there very first scene, as drinking country liquor, smoking, gambling with playing card in school, because they belong to slum!? Then why they are not stopping to go to school is not clear, even how did they reach ninth standard when they were not a bit interested in study!? Why did school administration not rusticate them in beginning even being aware of their budding criminal like activities in school, when they could have do so as they decide to do in pre climax!? It seems that only a single teacher is taking class of all subjects of ninth standard!? If you are unable to understand science and math of ninth standard then you won't get the point of few scenes. Performance wise Rani Mukherjee is sincere, looks beautiful but fails to impress except in the scene where she breaks down. Harsh Mayer, who played student Atish, performed like a seasoned actor. Shivkumar Subramanium as Pricipal is very good. Neeraj Kabi as antagonist teacher is first rate. Title track music is so soothing and melodious.


A very average cat and mouse game but it offers some hope
Director Mr. Rajkumar Gupta work is good. Story, screenplay and dialogues by Ritesh Shah are good. He has induced humour in very subtle and realistic way. Characterization is shaky. Male protagonist is established in very beginning of film that he strictly follows rule even it is routine and civil but he breaks major raid rule deliberately by allowing main antagonist to leave the house while raid is going on. Perhaps, he does it just for interval shake and second half drama otherwise there wouldn't be any second half. Film claims that it is based on true incidents and tries to follow this line but when gold bars starts pouring from false ceiling after a gunshot looks to flimsy. Even Hero repeats it, who was established as smart enough to dig out black money from all raids but he overlooked so simple false ceiling to even check it. There is a smart scene which established Villain brutality in very subtle but effective way, when he forcefully tries to feed his mother, whom he was shown taking care off. This whole raid was based on a tip off so confrontation between antagonist and protagonist does not intrigues much as you are sure about finding of hidden black assets. There was tension just about to build up then the tip off again made is so simple and convenient. Performance wise Shaurabh Shukla as antagonist Rajeshwar Singh is mind blowing. Without any typical villain scene he makes you believe that he is brutal, cunning and merciless. Ajay Devgan as Amay Patnayek is first rate in his comfort zone. Ileana D'Cruz looks pretty and acts well too. Actor, who played IT officer Lalan is very good. Rest are ok.

Welcome to New York

It is a tight slap in the name of slapstick
Neither it is a comedy show nor a film. Story wise, an employee of award show, wants to take revenge with owner so she invited two suppose to be non-performers to ruin the show , but they emerge as winner and in between their journey, a double role of anchor as don and that all. There is not a single scene where you can laugh. All jokes fall damn flat. It is bizarre compilation of irritating gags in the name of screenplay with idiotic dialogues. Even lame dialogues were got repeated, making it unbearable. Lots of vow reactions stock footage shots have been used in climax which clearly do not go with boring performance going on stage in film. At least makers were intelligent enough to understand this film least potential so they had cut the promotion budget and saved some money. It is shocking that a director, who is known for directing emotionally sensible films, nods yes for act in this nonsense film, just for the sake of double role!! Performance wise it is a bad affair of all.


This issue must have been addressed so I appreciate it even being over dramatic, slow and preachy at places
I applaud director Mr. R. Balki for exploring and making aware the people about this huss huss talked subject, which is still a taboo in most peoples mind, ironically it should have been treated as a blessing. Shockingly, this snaitary pad issue has been much less talked than diapers. I am unable to understand that, this film is based on a real person Arunachal Muruganatham, based in Coimbtore then what was need to shift it in Madhay Pradesh, perhaps for subsidy! But it indirectly subsides the contribution of the genius and caring man behind this innovation. Film clearly lack it entertainment quotient which makes it slow. Most of time just information has been passed but in few scenes it has its hidden cute moments like when protagonist is looking for prospect to trail and attempts to convince different religion girls for it. First turning point comes with over drama when male lead tries it on himself but fails then he jumps into river which leads a social boycott. Similarly, when he designed its proper version then suddenly girls come to him asking for medical shop sounds too surreal. Pre climax speech is too preachy. After all this film should have been watched, talked to help in accepting the pad issue as essential part of life. Performance wise Akshay Kumar is first rate. Radhika Apte is pitch perfect as his wife. Sonam Kapoor is very cute and balanced.


Director vision is blurred
Director Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is magician when it comes to emotions but this time his magic is missing. Ironically he succeeds to evoke laughter in few scenes which are supposed to be dramatic or emotional. I am not aware of historical facts so I am putting my point as a fictional film as disclaimer states too. I am quite unable to understand which factor intrigued director to make a movie on this story. What I received from its screen version that it is not a story about sacrifice or valour but it is story about obsession of a barbarian savage. Story is typical simple. A king , his divinely beautiful second wife, whom he weds even without informing his first wife, then a treacherous Raj Purohit and an infernal tyrant, who is obsessed with queen even without getting a glimpse of her. Let me explain few things so why I got feeling of director confused mind state. Female lead is introduced while hunting a stag but mistakenly shot arrow just an inch above of heart of a king, which gravely hurt him too but due to above incident rather than being angry of even remain neutral, he falls for her!? I could not find a pinch of love in this scene. Director deliberately chose a war subject but when it comes to showcase war scene, he preferred to tone down it's violence by showing dust storm engulfing the fight,(Villain first war with Mangol), ok fine but then he show cased severed head being being showing off on the point of spear or served on plate in few scenes! First half of film is very slow. You just watch it like a documentary, getting information but not emotions. Second half offers something average but as expected pre climax comes with heavy dose of pathos. Dialogues are lengthy in most of the scene, like when Queen first time got introduced to Raj Purohit. Most of the songs are unnecessarily stuffed. They slow down the pace. When Villain is being bathe by his male companion, who starts singing abruptly, is irritating. Even there is subdued gay angle between both. Performance wise Ranveer Singh as Khilji is first rate. Aditi Rao Hydari as Mehrunissa, looks innocent and performed well in her brief role. Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor are fine. Rest are just ok.

Tiger Zinda Hai

Action sequences help vitally to survive the film
Director Mr. Ali Abbas Zafar, work is good. Without much support from story line he succeeds to keep audience engaged in most part of the film. Here again beaten story line but mission is more visible, emotional, humanity cause of releasing the abducted nurses. In screenplay most of the scenes and shots are conceived separately and then have been tried to connect them but effort is clearly evident throughout. Just to justify a dialogue, a bit long action sequence of Tiger entry has been designed. Same happens for Zoya's entry but somehow both entries offer something new. Zoya re entry is very apt and impressive. Beginning action sequence is of first rate because there is no pressure to over justify the super hero image. First half is good. A small hot discussion about something hidden in backpack by a fellow member but when it got revealed, you find it very cute, then it got overstretched but finally got good ending. Second half is hasty and sometimes boring, especially the pre climax long action sequence. You just have to remain seated to bear it without a bit of thrill because nothing is established, just everything keeps happening on screen and as an audience , you helplessly watch blast, gun shots and bear their loud sound effects with some boring emotional dialogues in between actions. Even so stale, repeated thrill angle of last bullet remaining thing is stuffed twice. Most of the deliberate comedy sequences fall flat and are somehow irritating. Performance wise Salman Khan is good with his unusual screen presence. Katrina Kaif is perfect with her balanced expressions and first rate in action sequences. Sajjad Delfrooz as Abu Usman is impressive. Kumud Mishra is very good. He finds scope to showcase his acting even without uttering a word, typical strength of a brilliant actor. Paresh Rawal is wasted here. Angad Bedi as Navin is good. Anupriya Goenka as Poorna is very good.

Fukrey Returns

Performances and dialogues, make it one time watch
Film is mainly saved by writer Vipul Vig's dialogues and actors. Main plot of collecting money from public and betting on lottery, run by Politician is very vaguely executed. If you are not aware of its first part then very difficult to understand what is going on and why? Politician turns the table to boys team, like cake walk then why was all that drama to hatch the plot. Bholey Panjaban is established, hand to mouth in jail suddenly she starts playing with lots of money even after her plan was failed!? She even finds new way of recovering money from her defaulters by trading their organs, just to make her realize that Choocha can still predict future!! And for sake of interval!? Film is in bits and pieces. You just enjoy few chunks of scenes then again get bored by next chunk. Pre climax is the dullest. Tigress, cub, the tunnel which turns proper lit on ceiling!!, and all that stuffs are simply meaning less. It was assumed that a Tigress living in Zoo, has find out or dug out, some tunnel which no one was aware and when all drama goes in premises, every time Zoo was closed for renovation but no workers or anyone were around. Yes, dialogues keep you entertained throughout, with topping of fine performances by most of the actors. They are so much into character that without saying a word they make you laugh. Varun Sharma as Choocha is hilarious and best. Second comes, Pankaj Tripathi as Panditji. Surprisingly, He always finds scope for showcasing his acting even if it doesn't remain on paper. Richa Chadda is fine. Manjyot Singh as Lali is good. An actor, who helps to save the boys after jumping in Jamuna is out standing in his brief role. His expressions are damn perfect. Rest actors are OK.

Tumhari Sulu

Nothing new and interesting
It is story of a lower middle class family, female having desire to do something, her taunting relatives just for giving a catapult impact. Typical and convenient. Husband having limited income. He works for rude and humiliating boss. House wife, 12th fail as mocked by her own twin sisters, who were invited by female lead just to humiliate her? Why does anyone invite frequently such type of person I am unable to understand but makers forces it to add some drama. Couple having a kid for the sake of adding sub plot. Female lead just want to do anything, even thinks to start Taxi business but takes nothing seriously then why does she stick with the wish of being a RJ is quite confusing. Even the way Radio Station boss hires her is so abrupt. Couple kid does something wrong in school which does not go well with that meek child but it had to because somehow couple had to realize that their working style is spoiling their son. First half has some very realistic smiling moments with much details but second half is rock still. Pre climax speech by female lead is sleep inducing boring and meaningless. Performance wise Vidya Balan is just OK but poor in all emotional scenes . Manav Kaul as her husband Ashok is very good. Neha Dhupia as Maria is impressing in her brief role. Vijay Mauraya as poet Pankaj is fine.

Qarib Qarib Singlle

Film could not achieve even 20 percent of it's trailer
Film's idea was fresh, even the casting but execution is unbearably slow. Film starts dipping after 15 minutes of beginning and finally sinks. Supposed to be a love story, has only one beautiful emotional scene which is, when male lead sleeps while conversing with female lead over intercom, leaving his night lamp on, which disturbs her sleep. She sneaks into male lead room to switch off light and notices that male lead is sleeping while holding hand set under his cheek. She tries to pull out hand set so he can sleep well which leads her palm stuck under his cheek. This is OK scene but witnessing film graph it was best one with tender moments. This scene is followed by most irritating scene of unnecessary quarrel between both for by mistake tripping by male lead into female lead room. A lady agrees to go with an almost stranger male to meet his ex-girlfriends, then male comes into her room unintentionally. He apologizes throughout the scene but she made it issue because it has to be interval point. Film travels to three cities but pace gradually comes to stand still. Two fantastic performers are wasted completely. Irrffan Khan is perfect. Parvathy as Jaya is first rate. She showcased her caliber in a pre climax scene, when she was left alone in a coffee shop and she emotes mixture of confusion, realization then tears roll down her cheek in a single mid shot.


Film travelled into mobile phone's time period but investigation remained in land line era
Crucial plot in this film is, finding the location of a person in a certain time duration. Investigating officer does everything rather than locating or even trying to find his mobile or its location. Now a days, every investigation starts with mobile call details and location. Even Police officer and other person use Smartphone. The way Police officer investigate that strongly reminds thriller of old times. Crime place is a posh apartment but no CCTC is there even investigation officer never mention to find any other CCTV located in near by places. There is no security system installed in flat even no any eye piece fitted, see how conveniently this thriller is remade. In pre climax, Police officer kept his mobile phone engaged in conversation with a person, whom he wanted to stop, boarding in flight. I was amused why he didn't try to call airport authority or any concerned senior officer for the same rather he preferred to chase by runing, here and there like he was going to stop a bus!! All Police team, main investigation officer, Inspector and even constable have a different type of humor like throwing tissue paper in toilet. It has been shown so filthy that finding tissue paper was not appropriate but scene has been conceived so it has to be executed anyhow. In a thriller such type of deliberate humor is unbearable. Flickering tube light in Police lock up and try to make fool of audience by showing that accused can attack with this to constable!!! with a tube light! Utterly rubbish. A lady called, Police officer, to giving some information, when Police team arrived there, she was fully dressed up with entire family and relatives, assuming some interview will be done of her. Again over the note crap comedy. As husband of that lady, (actor Bharat Jha) did well in his brief role. Performance wise Akshay Khanna as Investigating officer Dev, is first rate. Others are just OK.

Secret Superstar

Delicious slice of life
Mr. Advait Chandan has done very fine work as a writer and director. Every minute detail is taken care but it makes film slow sometimes, especially in first half. Without being violent, this film smarty and effectively tackles, sensitive issues like domestic violence and female feticide. Story was very clear but screenplay and dialogues induce life in it. Characterization is very intelligently conceived. Initially old grad mother seems filler but when she tells Insiya, about her mother's plight, you feel that no one could have been better than her to do it. Younger brother also looks just added to show a family but when his gift secret got reveled to her sister, it was very touching which clearly established family bonding. Due to clear cut vision of characterization and details, film became lively. Like teacher giving home tuition while peeling peas. Undertone love track starts with very abrupt note but till end you feel its cute, worthy and fresh. Insia couldn't able to sing in studio her first song, where lots of oomph was asked, which again balances her character because she was in restrict upbringing. Her point of view to music director showcases her character intelligence while realizing and accepting her point of view, established soft side of rude music director, it leads great bonding between them. In very first scene of mother and daughter, covered bruise mark on mother's eye, establishes, three main characters, mother, daughter and father, smartly. First half is good but slow at places, second half is very good with lots of emotional quotient. Performance wise Amir Khan is brilliant. He has been sculpting characters in the way that in future performance lovers will take inspiration and reference. This character was out of his comfort zone but he achieved it. Zaira Wasim as Insia is first rate. She is cute, fiery yet vulnerable. In climax or when parting away from friend, her lines and expression make your eyes moist. Meher Vij as his mother is impressive. Her chemistry is so good that you feel that she is real mother and wife. Raj Arjun as her father Farookh, is mind blowing. In his first scene, he puts eye drops and squeezes his nostril, like it happens in real life. He will terrorize you without a word. Kabir Sajid as Guddu and Tirth Sharma as Chintan's performances, are cute and endearing. 'Nachdi Phira' and 'O Re Manwa' tracks are melodious. Credit goes to music director Amit Trivedi and lyricist Kausar Munir.


You love a food, read it's recipe, cook it , taste it then realize that reading (watching) and (re) making are different things
I loved director's previous film "Airlift" very much that without being intrigued by trailer I had to watch it. It is official remake of Hollywood 'Chef' and everything is missing here. Original's basic ingredient was emotion and here not a single pinch of it, except in the scene where father cooks stuffed Paratha and takes it to his son, apologies for his short tempered and rude behavior, but still underlines that his words were correct but way was not. Makers have in digested original too much so they took the audience for granted. What translated on screen is, a short tempered chef, his ex wife, son and wife's male friend, I don't know why this character was kept? This male friend offers a typical junk double Decker bus to open restaurant to chef and he modified it up to modern level then you think it was better to purchase a new or at least second hand bus by chef then what was need to insert this old bus track, just to show unnecessary labor union interference and bus cleaning, modifying by chef and his son!? Or just to insert that dead rat throwing scene !? Performance wise every actor is OK but they don't gel with each other and create the chemistry of a family.


Thin thread but woven well with sheer realistic approach
If you like new age realistic cinema then it is for you otherwise request to under rate my POV. Director Mr. Amit Masurkar has done a very fine work. Writing credit he shares with Mayank Tevari and churned out piece of beautiful writing. Characterization is done very smarty. Like lead actor modifying his name Nutan to Newton, and its definition by another officer (Sanjay Mishra) gives hint of this geeky person. When this lead guy raises question of under age of girl, whom he has gone to visit with family to get married, takes his character a step ahead. Then he reacts silently in bus with his father and suddenly over reacts, in one scene his character is crystal clear and well justified in film according to graph of this scene. Makers and writers ,approach towards this presumed violent subject of Naxalism is very intelligent and subtle. Without taking side of anyone they easily explore a new or may be real aspect. In screenplay they have deliberately taken care of violence, like when a Naxal shoots a standing candidate there is no bloodshed or bullet wounds on person shown. Even while catching cock for cooking, only a feather shown flying down when he got killed, it is so beautifully shown and related with the ongoing background activities. First half of this film is unexpectedly full of real and situational humor. You are bound to laugh on their simplistic one liners in even tensed situations, like in the scene when Raghivir Yadav tells about English necessity in modern India even himself holding master degree in Hindi. His lines are sarcastic but don't lands in bitterness. Dialogues are very good at every aspect either its humor or touchy one, like Officer asks the girl "Aap Nirashawadi Ho', Girl – 'Nahi Main Aadiwasi Hun.' This line might sound ordinary on paper but extraordinary in film due to its execution. Makers glorify Indian democracy but also shown that how system is not so bothered to lead it to it's around the globe appreciated and acknowledged purpose. Seconds half takes a slump and becomes preachy at places. Adding character of a local girl (Anjali Patil)l initially seems filmy but eventually it gels and culminated well. Performance wise Rajkumar Rao as Newton is brilliant. Pankaj Tripathi as Commander Aatma Singh is first rate. He doesn't need lines, his expression and improvisation (calling Mogli to a local kid) are enough to spark a scene. Anjali Patil as local girl Malko is superb. Raghuvir Yadav has done fine job in his limited character but he holds tight the character within him even while walking in long shot. Sanjay Mishra is fine in his brief role.


Obsession to explore lead actress previous played characters spoiled the fun
When director didn't have resources he made sensible movie like 'Shahid' and now after having resources he dumped his reputation in dustbin called Simran. Yes here is also a religion biased presumption angle in a scene in the name of sensitivity. Screenplay of film industry people life. There is literally nothing in the name of novelty or creativity. Its very obvious that they just tried to mess with some cute memorable characters. Too much gamble scenes as everyone knows rule f gambling! Notable chunk of conversation are in English with typical accent. A boy, who is cheesy, gentle, sober, at the verge of stupid, silently falls for a not so good girl, (yes here she doesn't indulge in drink rather do more nasty things), whom he came to meet for marriage purpose. Hope you could have imagined and remembered the original one. His degraded version is here. Makers thought to explore aboard good location so story is based there, no she didn't go there to celebrate her single honeymoon. Main lead girl has some dysfunctional family, top of note bitter father because she had failed love marriage and divorcée now. Girl is smart and cunning, so she tries to manipulate her father for money but after losing money in gamble she takes money from some stranger, typical negative looking money without thinking of consequences, was she mad!? And this is key turning point of movie!! Watching bank robbing videos and doing that is shown and justified like it was like peeing in open on highway. The way she acts sick to fool flat selling agent is too much sick scene. Joke about good and not good girls boyfriend angle shown in trailer is lame. Every time consciously or subconsciously you feel shadow of her past characters. Shockingly there was lots of controversy for owning credit of this junk. Performance wise only Sohum Shah as Sameer is OK.

Poster Boys

Subject of 'Male sterilization is demeaning' is old and above it, treatment is ancient
There was a time when male sterilization was so demeaning but now a days, approach is changed. If they had handled this subject in light way then it could have been ticklish but they stuffed it with pretending unnecessarily high pitch drama and stupid comedy. In climax they tried to justify this subject in sensible way but that was too late and sudden. Film opens with all male actors back to camera, one journalist speaks about them and film goes to flash back with loud back ground and then opens with a dance sequence on which credits roll over. Nothing gels well, neither that back ground sound, nor that item song but character gets introduced in it. They tried to keep 'poster' issue as surprise for almost 25 minutes which was well exposed and revealed in trailer! They have tried to encash already established two male protagonist image by mocking their own hit dialogues. Master, played by Bobby Deol, has soldier song as ring tone. Government officer name is Balwant!! It is obvious that they could not find new gags so they tried to go on beaten path. Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), suddenly turns into his high voltage angry image by breaking lock, chair etc !! Drama seems lame and loud because of not so dramatic Poster issue but is has established as disaster by showing, Chaudhary's sister marriage gets cancelled. They think about ancient scene like Pagadhi putting on groom's father feet for not cancelling marriage !!? Master's wife, who has already two daughters, threatens him to divorce because she wants another male baby. Third, a recovery agent but behaving like goon is accepted by girl's family but gets rejected by girl's father due to that poster. There is nothing in the name of characterization. For example, teacher lives in Punjab, teaches Geography then speaks typical Hindi and sometimes Chemistry formulas, who is known for forgetting crux lines. A deaf photographer and his chubby female translator assistant!! Makers would have thought it as a laugh riot but it was lamest long scene. If male sterilization was so demeaning for that village than rather than going for medical checkup to prove that they had not done it they try every way like thrashing officers, going to court then announcing in press conference for nude protest but doing semi nude protest. First half is somehow bearable but second half is annoying. That long protest scene is too much. Everything happens in jiffy in climax. Even they preach after all stupid show off. Performance wise Bobby Deol as teacher is very impressive as a timid guy. Sunny Deol is good for whatever had tasked to him.


Poor approach towards it in the name of king size thriller
When a person starts narrating a thriller and whenever he gets stuck in a situation, takes help of some flash back to add thrill in his story. Sorry, you can go ahead but I am not interested to listen. Same thing happens throughout in the film. Surprises come as a flash back which strictly push away you to get involved in the film. You just helplessly watch the film after few minutes when they started hurling flash back on you in the name of thrill. First a body guard and Princess affair, momentarily established just by a melo dramatic scene of taking her to jump into a river to make her realize worth of life, which doesn't fit a bit after wards. Even there was a bonfire in secluded place!!? Princess drops her fur coat in front of body guard on the top of her fort like they are invisible!? Just for the beatification of scene!! In very first moment of film, Army searches and blasts a fort for treasure like they are searching for terrorist! Government officer gets slapped by Princess then a stupid flash back justifies it! Escape from Police lock up by ramming truck was so idiotic. In chase sequence Police Jeeps get blocked by heard of camel! In now a days age of stylized cinema, specialist in thriller genre who can think of such lame and stale scenes. Lock opening with any thing and very long lock opening sequence of the treasure when you don't feel a bit of happening on screen. Gold had to be melted when that can easily come inside the earthen pot meant to carry them, in there original form! Long climax of actors fighting and rolling in dust and sand is totally waste of money and actors patience. At the end you think like that why did Princess not accept so called Sanjeev offer? Because then there would be no story! There was no need to Portray Princess character like a real Princess of Rajasthan of that politician son's angle. They are deliberately dragged in this muddle without relevance. Gone are the days for such type of things. An non melodic item song is also stuffed just to show case most exposed girl's body!? Performance wise hats off to Sanjay Mishra, who can make you laugh by his expression or improvisation. Rest are just OK.

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

Every shot on dot in first half, shockingly didn't achieve a single target in second half
Director Mr Kushan Nandy's work in first half is worth clapping. Every details are taken care but in second half it seems that smart spider has entangled in his own wave, like stupid prey. Dialogues by Ghalib Asadbhopali, are just brilliant. Screenplay wise, first half is full of fresh quirkiness. Even its being a crime drama you can't help to laugh throughout which makes it fresh and entertaining. Opening scene of a shrewd person indirectly pushing a masseur to give massage to his wife while a sharp shooter (Babu) is killing a person on his instruction clearly portrays both character. Then montages with song with perfect lyrics do the rest. In montage, killer is shown living very common person life, like listening old song on radio, going for open defecation while brushing teeth and listening radio. Every detail is there but quirkiness comes when they show his typical collection of goggles, hanged on a cloth hanger. Just superb. His love affair begins with a cobbler girl in very quirky style too. He tries to break his sandal so he can go to her for repair. His effort for doing it is just hilarious. Girl charges extra for being stared so next day killer goes directly without any excuse and pays her fees only to stare. Why that girl became impressed with that killer is also established. Then another killer Banke joins the drama and adds the fun quotient while shooting and killing going on. Every character is established in very smart way but interval point gives hint that they are going to smash every character in second half. Yes they try to justify the out of the box interval, stuffed just for shock value. In second only half few details are handled in good way, like betel shop owner handling the Beedi without even looking at person. For enhancing drama they keep inducing illogical and deliberate twists and turns, which spoiled the character graph and quirkiness established in first half. The female politician neck deep buried in scorpion and ant infected land!! Long chasing sequence on road and roof's culmination, which could have been summed without it. Inspector ring tone creates laughter in first half drama but irritates in second half due to scene intensity. Pre climax brothel shooting and climax happenings are all clear cut example of crossing line. Performance wise Nawazudin Sidiqi as Babu is mind blowing. Jatin Goswami as Banke is first rate. Bidita Bag as Fulwa is impressing. Divya Datta is very good. Casting Director Sanjay Chouhan work is of first rate. This film is surprisingly lyrically (by Ghalib Asad Bhopali) and musically ( by Gaurav Dagoankar) rich.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

Confused character portrayal turns this supposedly pure sweet film into sheer bitterness
When you don't know the ingredients of a dessert but have fascinated with that name and try to cook that, ends comes like this only. Main lead character Chirag Dubey (Ayushman Khurana) was conceived as male lead but sketched with grey shade for surprise factor, which ends up with establishing him almost negative. This thing shifts sympathy to another character ( Pritam Vidrohi) in the drama who was supposed to be second lead. When sad song comes with point of view of Chirag, you feel as an audience that instead of this there should be love song with the point of Vidrohi. See how wrong portrayal of characters smashed the emotional impact. Story line is, a pseudo writer books, stops a girl escaping from house because she finds girl of that novel is just like her. She falls for writer and searches him with the help of that pseudo writer, who falls for her but never tells to her and rest things happens. Sounds so lame and stale na? Bariley name in title gives hint that movie would be grounded but it never touch it rather that deliberate diction of male and female lead to hold the accent. Characterization is so bad that suddenly a heart broken lover turns a writer then goon, then manipulator then coward. Even he says on serious note that "Maine Pados Ke Bachche Ko Aam Ke Ped Par Chada Diya Hai, Neeche Utra Toh Aam Khyenge Aur Gir Ke Mar Gaya Toh Terahavin Ka Bhoj Khayenge". This line was of supposed male lead lines but sounds like typical villain. A meek Pritam Vidrohi turns to be rebellious in a moment!? Pre climax is so long and boring. Who reads letter in his marriage ceremony!? In Barely or any small town, do any parents fix daughter marriage without even at least asking about groom's parent!? Dialogue wise every character speaks in rhyming way even narrator too!? Over dose of it irritates. Performance wise Raj Kumar Rao as Pritam Vidrohi is fantastic. There was literally any scope for him but he found so many layers in that. Pankaj Tripathi as girl's father and Seema Pahwa as mother are very good. Kriti Sanon is OK. Rohit Chaudaray as Munna is fine.

Toilet - Ek Prem Katha

Lame love scenes and unnecessary melodrama push you to land on excreta
Makers research work is clearly lacking in this film. According to their knowledge, religion is the biggest obstacle on the way of construction of toilet in villages. If they had visited, at least few remote villages of different religions, then must have come across the basic factors of open defecation, like poverty, lack of education and unawareness of health hazards of it. Assuming religion as main reason, they came with lots of high octane preachy scenes and dialogues, even some Shaloks from 'Manu Smriti', I couldn't understand it a bit but it was key scene for them. Their research work source would have been news paper cutting or some news clippings not at the real field. For sick or old persons, people used to constructing makeshift toilets. Rarely any person used to oppose this thing in the name of religion. Film is lengthy, due to stale scenes, like film opens with beaten Mangal Dosh excuse for being married with buffalo. Using train's toilet at station and showing its montages and all that. Makers are not aware that using train toilet at station is also like doing open defecation if there is no bio toilet attached and the train shown in this film doesn't seem of having bio one. Dramatic scenes are also unbearable, like male lead, slapping hard the reporter, action sequence when toilet is being demolished, even male lead breaks an iron rod by hitting at his thigh like it was of wooden one! At interval, female lead couldn't get down from train and male lead is chasing her. This sequence is shot as if train is going to meet an accident! After interval in a scene, female lead shouted hysterically, to her neighbors women, who were going for open defecation, like they are going first time for the same. That Latthamar Holi sequence is supposed to be very emotional one, actors emoted well too but that was not going smoothly with the story telling. Film starts with stale Mangal Dosh, then some very convenient love scenes, then toilet issue, then Panchayet, government, divorce, media, but offers nothing in the name of novelty. Characterization is shaky too. Female lead is highly educated but can't even pronounce toilet. After love track, there was not a bit use of her being educated rather than behaving high headed. Male lead father suddenly changes his heart like a water bubble while his character is established as stoned way. Same thing happens with village women. Actually film is in bits and pieces. Performance wise Akshay Kumar is good. Bhumi Pednekar is brilliant. Divyendu Sharma as younger brother is very good. Rajesh Sharma as government officer, in his brief role is fine. Sudhir Pandey as father is first rate.

Jab Harry Met Sejal

Beautiful screenplay(light scenes), brilliant performance (female lead), still sinks due to stale story and dull drama
Director Mr. Imtiyaz Ali, has some different sensibilities for light romantic scenes, which is clearly visible and enjoyable. Main story line of girl searching her lost engagement ring in foreign trip and Guide, first reluctantly then willingly helps her to find that. So convenient but chemistry between lead pair still holds it till first half. In second half, when they tries to induce drama, film starts dipping or going overboard. Actually whenever they feel that film is getting slow, some drama is required, they add it for the sake of that but fail. In first half, after little scuffle in pub, there is long chasing sequence, which finally irritates. Insertion of flashes in first half intrigues a bit but in climax when you come to know that it was future flashes, you think what is this! It had to be done due to desperation of doing something new. In second half, pre climax is very poor and climax is unbearable. In climax you remain seated and think that after a good start how could they got beaten this way! Female lead character, played by Anushka Sharma, belongs to Gujrat. She carries her cute accent and expression very aptly. Even after her perfect performance, director keeps her in out of focus, while keeping male lead in focus, in few scenes, where she speaks or her emotions matter! Whenever male lead, Shahrukh Khan, remains in character, he acts very good but sometimes suddenly he starts playing himself, which gives significant jerks. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Gas, is very good in his brief role.

Indu Sarkar

Film stammers and stumbles
Only one high point of film, which is Neil Nitin Mukesh acting as 'Chief', younger son of person behind implementation of emergency in India. His hold of expression, dialogue delivery and body language are brilliant. Perhaps this is first time I am damn impressed by his acting. Director was totally confused while making this film. The selection of title clearly reflects it. Film is against Emergency in India. Anybody who has little political awareness, knows the name of the person behind that. Title of film clearly sounds like her name but here film female protagonist maiden name is Indu and after marriage husband surname comes as Sarkar. What was the need of keeping this title name of female lead? She stammers which doesn't add anything than irritation. A person, who stammer doesn't know that on which word, he or she is going to stammer but here female lead visibly pretends to stammer, especially on the words which need to be given stress but surprisingly she doesn't stammer while shouting anti government slogan in meeting!? Film opening scene of impending sterilization is shown as if it was a kind of search operation for terrorist. Premise of 'Emergency' is new but approach of film is stale and repetitive, like forceful slum demolition for construction of posh Hotel. Kids get lost in that commotion. Female protagonist find them and try to protect. For which she stands against her government employee husband, then system who forced to demolish the slum, this finally leads her to stand against Emergency inflicting Government. Film's time period is 1975 although taking should have been up to date but in pre interval dramatic scene, ceiling fan revolves at a fix speed ,so film camera can capture that, this shot taking belongs to ancient era of film making. In another scene, after throwing pamphlets in foreign delegate meeting, female protagonist is running from Police then suddenly jump cut comes that Chief is listening Qauwaali, like item song being performed in front of villain. Irony of this is, the lyrics is clearly mocking on Hindi understanding 'Chief'. He is shown short tempered but here he bears it!? Pre climax long speech of stammering female lead tests patience.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

Simple emotions are presented in very complex way
Four female stories are told in this film. One is of a young girl Leela, who runs beauty parlor. She wants to marry her photographer boy friend, who is from different religion. This fact gets revealed later in very casual way. Girl's mother fixes her marries with another guy. Leela is rebellious but why does she not oppose or refuse this marriage is not clear. Surprisingly she wants to run away with that photographer, whom she watched flirting with another girls. While reading all this you can feel the complex presentation although there is lot more than this. Second is a college going teenager girl Rehana. She is from typical traditional family. She wants to be a singer in band but she has shown as habitual shop lifter! One side she tries to free herself from old society rules another side she is a herself a thief! What type of character she was? Third one is a married woman Shirin. She has four kids and a heartless horny husband. She is sales woman and wants to gets promotion as sales trainer but she doesn't reveal this to her typical husband. In movie her husband is shown having affair with another girl, which was unnecessary distraction in woman story. Even she sales quirky goods. Forth one is story of a mid fifty widow lady Usha. She is established very respected lady but having guts. In her intro scene, she brushes off some persons who wants to grab her land but she reads erotica and fantasizes about another males. She fools a swimming instructor by hot talking on telephone with him with another name. Her voice over of reading erotica comes as jumps cut over any scene. This subject could have been sensitive but the way her story is presented, this tracks mocks itself and evokes laughter in emotional scenes. Few scenes are very intelligently conceived and executed like the scene when Leela goes to her photographer boyfriend and says that she wants to hire his service for her wedding. Camera flashes comes over her face while subtle changes of her emotions is very good. Her conversation with middle age woman Shirin, while waxing her is also very good. The way all four females come together in climax, is very good but after that in last shot they start smoking in the name of freedom of expression!? Performance wise Konkana Sen Sharma as Shirn is fantastic. She proves her caliber when she eats cake after being abused by her husband. Aahana Kumra as Leela is impressive. Plabita Borthakur as Rehana is good. Ratna Pathak Shah as Usha is very good. Vikrant Messay as photographer and Leela love interest is first rate.

Jagga Jasoos

If this is movie then what is stupidity!?
Story and screenplay are by director himself. It seems that he has torn few fantasy and thrillers then randomly picked up few plots of them and miserably tried to compiled them. There is three so called murder mysteries, which get solved by main lead. All three stories are narrated with some irritating so called melodious way to kids by female lead. Sometimes desperation of thinking out of the box by director, results come like this. Thrill, comedy and melody!? What type of combination was this? Yes it was out of box but very regular pathetic presentation. Director hangover with 'Barfee' is still there. There was no need of making lead male actor stammerer. It doesn't add a bit in story telling rather than creating scope for some irritating Tuk-Bandi and laughter in emotional scenes. Main female lead still speaks Hindi with her prominent accent but she was chosen to sing typical Hindi childish rhymes. She was completely misfit for such type of character. Film starts with sensible but forgotten and untouched incident of weapon dropping in Purulia but gets concluded with such a long and brainless sequence. Initially you try to understand the movie then start praying to finish this headache.


It doesn't even flicker for a moment
It is difficult to believe that a Director with good track record can node yes to lead such a lame story and screenplay. It seems that someone else of his name has directed the film. Director must be aware of the lead actor strength because of his long association with him but in this movie he totally exposed actors weakness. In emotional scenes sometimes lead actor looks funny sometimes irritating. All characters and actors in film look visibly alone even being connected to each other. Film is so slow that you pray to its end in climax. First they punch you irritating assumed emotional pre climax then kick you with childish climax. That shoe exchange excuse is so stale and repeated. Kid looks cute but then his name was kept, thinking it is funny but repetition of his name sounds eventually filthy. Background gun shots sounds as cannon shot. I just cherished a moment when lead actor throws ash and second lead actor runs and then diffuses as ash. Performance wise all good actors are wasted. Especially lead actor doesn't fit this character.

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