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21 Jump Street

Great Comedy, worth a watch
The movie was really awesome. Both the actors have done a great job. There is full on comedy and action. IF YOU ARE A FAN OF COMEDY OR ACTION YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. The story is nice and in good pace. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is brilliant. The jokes are really clever and great, they made me laugh a lot. This was the best comedy i have seen in 2012 so far. I would recommend that its worth a watch by everyone. Its a great movie with impressive comedy.The jokes keeps coming in from every corner making you laugh althroughout. It has clever, outrageous comedy and some great acting. Go see it, you will not regret it!

Welcome to the Rileys

Different and a good movie
I think the movie was great. All three actors acted really well. The story of the movie is not at all predictable. This is the reason why it grasps your attention. You want to see more of it when it ends. Kristen Stewart has done a real good job portraying a 16year old runaway and stripper. She was awesome in her character. This movie actually shows how a 16year old girl is independent and does not need support. The character is very strong. I really liked it. I would recommend that everyone should see this because this movie is different. It is a very interesting movie and people will enjoy it. I was glad that the story does not end how we hope. Some times a change makes you feel good.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Average Movie, could have been better
I think overall the movie was good. But not that great. The acting of all the characters was impressive but the story line could have been better. Some parts were good while some were rushed. Charlize Theron was a perfect choice for the evil queen. She did a great job. Literally, her parts gave me goosebumps.On the other hand, Kristen Stewart did a good part on snow white. People say that she can't act, but her feelings were well portrayed in the film. Chris as the huntsman was great. I will say that if people like these kinds of movies or they are a huge fan of any of the actors, then they should go for it.I am sure they will love it. As for others i say that he movie is worth a one time watch. Its an average movie.

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