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Tin shui wai dik ye yu mo

Domestic violence is not a joke
Let me start off by saying Simon Yam brings a lot to the table in this movie as the violent husband.. the wife also indeed put on a great show acting wise it was near perfection... both of them should win an award for their respective roles....

But the story line time line is way to confusing bring it back and forth and back and forth.. until I was so confuse whether the story line was in the past or present... the reason I rated it higher was because only of the performances by all the actor & actress plus the gruesome action and violent scene.

The Sand Pebbles

Sadly you don't make this type of movie anymore
This is one great epic and should be watch by everyone All the cast and production were top notch... even the acting and storyline was properly written accordingly

I am not sure about the history accuracy but one thing I can write about this is... not one full moment that I felt watching this... you just anxious to know what will happened to Jake..did he make it or not although you kind of guess the ending but you still root for him to make it ... a lot of brothel scene which amazes me the language they spoke will surely be censored by todays standard

Richard Attenborough on the other hand gives a wonderful performance as Frenchy although was meet with demise... it was very hard breaking

Although the movie run time is 3 hours long... each and every scene was so thoughtfully filmed.

After 56 years this movie still stood the test of time and remains an epic.


Hanks and Butler should have an Oscar's
The movie was amazing... the portrayal was uncanny... the live performances was mesmerising Austin Butler indeed is the King.. Tom Hanks as the colonel deserves every praise he could get the character was so hateful and manipulative... Tom Hanks manage to pull it through and thrive in it too

Towards the last 30 minutes the movie kinda of slow down but manage to pull it again for the finale

Everyone should watch this epic by Baz the director of one of my favourite musical moulin rouge.


Still among the best
The remake is awful... I came to rewatched this and it was a joy and delight with awesome soundtrack and voice by Eddie Murphy and etc.

Amazing soundtrack by Christina Aguilera still a classic.

Wayne's World 2

Better than the first
In my honest opinion definitely better than the first with a lot of cameo appearance a lot of homages to rock and appearance by Aerosmith and Charleston Heston scene was a legend on its own.

Wayne's World

Funny but not as good as the sequel
This is a few movie dated that the sequel is much more better than the first one... terminator 2 is another example... although the movie is 30 years old but still better than a lot of movies releases recently...

Alice Cooper performance of Feed My Frankenstein was just great you can't film this kind of movies now a days.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Bowie in da house
I personally watched this movie for one any only reason under pressure was in it

But after watching it... I felt there is more to this than a song... the movie vibe, charisma, acting , messages were all so real and contemporary... the whole movie was shot in the hospital.., but the message the ending monologue were totally relatable... even the Egyptian song played were all so touching

A great movie indeed... Hollywood should make this type of movie more instead of superheroes movie.

Tung gan sang

Mediocre Action movie
The only thing worth watching is the villain played by Shum Wei and also the actor Lam Wei as Andy Lau broth. Quite mediocre story line although the movie is packed with action is all quite predictable.

Hong tian huang jia jiang

B grade movie with A grade Action + Acting
To start this off although it was 30 years movie but still the action scene were all properly choreographed the action remains not only watchable but enjoyable

The story line is cheesy but it was so surreal where the heroin was forced to take drugs and the gambling addiction by the cop... everything the story line does was fine to earth.....

Secondly the acting was top notch by Kenneth Tsang, Shum wei even all the small supporting gave a great performance

It really worth the watch.. the paving of the movie might be slow but the action pack will keep you entertain.

World's Greatest Dad

Under Pressure
This movie is just so funny to began with and of course timeless Robin William is great in it.. a very powerful yet dramatic role for him.. he can pulls off a serious scene too... everyone was great in it too... the selection of songs for the movie is brilliant

Go watch it is a timeless movie.

Mo deng shen tan

Pink Panther and Columbo gone wrong
The plot is silly and outdated the jokes is not funny... luckily the actor manage to slightly pulls it off

For this type of plot and action is very suitable if it was filmed in the 70's not the 80's where action/ police films roars

The films try to portrays both of them in a mix of pink panther and Columbo but just... could not pull it off

But luckily 4 of the actors manage to slightly pulls it off but still not enough to save the movie

The one who stands out is the actress portraying Lo Lieh's God Daughther.

Shao Lin san shi liu fang

36th Chamber of Shaolin
A classic in martial art movies... this is quite a long movie comparative to other shaw movies which clocks at 1 hour 51 minutes where else most shaw movies overall have a duration of 1 hour 30 plus minutes

But the director did not waste any of his time in the movie all training scene were so real even to today standard.. this movie really shows the training undergoes by shaolin monk in a very detail way each chamber was perfectly portrayed

Every scene where Gordon Liu fights was a scene stealer you can't look away from the screen...

The only down point is the ending scene which just too short the fight scene of General Tien Ta and the monk Sam de was to brief and should be longer and more brutal.

Boli shaonu

Lo Lieh final work
This is a very subtle but powerful movie although the budget might be low and the location might looks shady but over all this there is a powerful message to be shown on todays society.. although this movie was 20 odd years ago the director manage to show the trouble within the 3 generations...

firstly we see Ah Chu the teenage daughter who went missing and her friend P Zai and his boyfriend who wanders the street with drugs because of the mistreatment from their family... which also the result in todays society.

Secondly we can see the working class aka the parents which in a city where everything is expensive and not affordable the parents work practically everyday by making them neglects the surrounding even the elders and the children...

Thirdly we see our old and forgotten hero which after the retirement from government police aka Gong Aun rather live as a security in a deserted island of a funfair..

This movie came out before the use of smartphone.. the director is trying to portrays that within 3 generations when there is no communication... it will be the end of society

Everyone chasing after their own interest even neglects the surrounding around them

Good movie indeed.

Ging chaat goo si III: Chiu kup ging chaat

A great comeback after a mediocre second instalment
The title says it all might be the instalment needed a new direction Jackie Chan police story needed a new director Stanley Tong with him going undercover against the drug lord Chai Bat played by Kenneth Tsang.. might be I have watched it a couple of dozen times still never stop amazed me... Michelle Yeoh is great in it too with all the stunts... the Drug lord meeting in the Army camp scene is one of the highlights of the movie... Lo Lieh, Shum Wai, Hon Yi Sheng still no doubt pulls out a memorable yet stunning performance

In Malaysia the helicopter scene and car chasing scene is another classic of Jackie career even after the movie is about 30 years is still a talk about topic.

Ging chaat goo si juk jaap

Mediocre sequel with a lot of disappointment
The first police story is a classic and still watchable and enjoyable till today but not this sequel... after the success of the first one this sequel was given no doubt a much bigger budget but it was a let down no less

A lot of stunt was great but not a wow factor for me it was mediocre the story line was a drag first half of the movie has nothing to do with the second half

A lot of product placement in the movie such as Mitsubishi and Lee Kum Kee which is noticeable... the explosive is no less very impressive but the story line for this one and the villain no doubt is forgettable except for the mute guy... all the jokes was not that funny.. I guess this is one of the most overrated movie of Jackie.

Chung tin siu ji

The ending sucks big
I heard this movie recently because it was inspired by Top Gun about men in uniform... I was reluctant to watch at first but found out that my favourite actor lo lieh was also in it... might as well have a look

To be fair it started out like Ivan reitman movie more than top gun like meatballs bill Murray played by Adam Cheng sloppy but still very much efficient.. the fight scene between Melvin Wong was believable of course and few campy romances scene... the training squad was very much copy the movie stripes which by Ivan Reitman too which releases in 1981

Ok further along the line it was believable until the effkimg ending where the bandits was coming out of the docks during day time is totally and pure rubbish.. every one knows the scene should be shot at night..

And final credits did not even mention the actors appearing what a shame for this movie.

Di yi jian

Billing cheater
The movie is about season ma who became a scape goat for his boyfriend for drugs related matters.. soon she was sentence to jail for half a year in a woman prison.. drama and action ensued

What I really do not understand is the top billing of Andy Lau which only appears on screen time than 1/3 of the movie.. it was a cheat to the audience. Carol Ng was great in it.

Diary of a Madman

Silly plot but Vincent price and Nancy Kovack nails it
....the vulture has eaten the pigeon; the wolf has eaten the lamb; the lion has devoured the sharp-tongued buffalo; man has killed the lion with an arrow , with gun-powder ; but the "Horla" will make of man what man has made of the horse and of the ox; His chattel, His slave, His food, by the mere power of His will. Wow to us!'' ...Guy de Maupassant.

The Attorney

Stellar All star cast and performances
A should watch Hong Kong movies... it was release in 2021... took me almost a year to watch it.. it was great and enjoyable from start till the end.. the plot revolves around a daughter of a tycoon getting murdered and the murderer is the son of the president of a political party.. an innocent one night stand guy was framed and put to the stand.. Alex Fong who played the Attorney fight for the innocent.. With hidden plot all over can justice prevails...

The acting by the late Liu Kai Chi and Kenneth Tsang was brilliant.. at one scene which happened in the yatch was just breath taking... it's been a long time since a good Hong Kong movie take the silver screen

Old, middle and even the new blood actors were all great in this movie... definitely a must watch.

Bin yun haang ze

Too much politics involved
Now a days most of Hong Kong movies are all British hating or making British the villain... which is quite sad.. the Hong Kong movies era triumph in the 80s till millennium in the era of British ruling .. it is just plain sad seeing Hong Kong movie theme succumbed to glorified certain countries and despised certain country

Secondly Hong Kong movies need a throughly blood infusion of younger talents... I have stop going to cineplex watching Hong Kong movies years ago

The reason I watched it is because of Kenneth Tsang who recently passed away was in it.. paying my last respect to him the legend

Sammo Hung cameo appearance was great too other than that it is really a forgettable movie to begin with.

Xi yan

Brokeback mountain prequel
Started off by saying this Ang Lee earliest work is a must watch for movie fans... as for the locality a an Asian community I believe Ang Lee is the most pioneer movie maker who make a movie with the taboo subject

First off Ang Lee coverage is quite broad you can't just look at it as a gay film.. it's about family, tradition, love and immigrant living , coping and also pleasing to add on from the plot wei wei who in a pursue of a green card as to earning more money to send back to her parents living in mainland China how far would she go and wei Tung and Simon relationship is another hurdle which how much further will they push the limits in hiding it from their conventional parents..

This movie is a gem is very funny and in a way so realistic.. the only thing or scene that I find it too much is wei tung friends who went up to the bridal suite to continue on disturbing.. it's quite annoying and I believe it's a scene which is unnecessary although building up to the story for wei tung and wei wei to have a relation is too much.

Other than that scene... everything plays out perfectly.. definitely worth watching.

Tui shou

Pushing hands
This is supposedly directorial debut of Ang Lee the Oscar winning director

Although dated and the conversation were a bit slow and boring but we understand the moral and responsibility that the director trying to project in the movie.. it was sad that the father does not feel belonged and became a liability to his son Alex.. it is totally relatable in our Asian community that is commonly happening even in this ages or even worse

The movie have a simple plot yet the meaning is so deep and resonate among us.. I especially like the way it ends that the father found a way that can be mutually beneficial to his son and to him..

The movie touches not only the relationship within the family yet also about newly immigrant to USA and how the father cope and in denial and later acceptance towards the end flourishes.

Lang Hsiong deserves the best golden horse actor award for his portrayal of the father.

Yin shi nan nu

28 years later still captivating
Thanks to Ang Lee I can able to enjoy a movie which is so down to earth and relatable... after 28 years the movie still able to make me laugh and you could not guess how it would ever ends

The movie is about Mr. Chu and his three daughters. The opening dinner sequence was just a masterpiece it portrays the dedication and love Mr. Chu puts in for his daughters by preparing a traditional Chinese cuisine in the most realistic way a filmmaker ever portrays in a movie.. that sequence itself deserves a one star rating on its own..

All of the actors portrayal were so relatable that you can name any of your relatives that are similarly in that environment.. growing up..

As an Asian myself i truly understand and appreciate this family drama comedy and mouth watering movie that can still stand the test of time.. kudos Ang Lee.

Hon zin

To be number one
Let's start off by saying this is the battle between the Hong Kong police officer in order... one to maintain his power as the new commissioner the other would be to snatch it no matter what's the consequences is

It may have age a bit but still watchable Tony Leung deserves the best award although his scene was not that much comparative to Aaron Kwok

The plot towards the middle I had already guess who is the mastermind somehow predictable.

Sit ting fung wan 3

Weakest among the trilogy
Although it was the weakest among the trilogy... does not make it a bad movie. The story line changed from share market to Real estate

All the stars returned for the finale of the saga adding a few new ones into the mixed.. all the villager portrayal by Sean Lau, Gordon Lam, Dominic Lam and also Alex Fong we're tip top although the story line is a bit weaker comparing to its predecessor by looking at the portrayal of each star it's worth your time plus the main song sang by the four deserves a credit too.. cool song and actor performances deserves a watch .

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