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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

On the fence
I'm still deciding how much I like this (or not). I've watched all the episodes to date. Actually I'm currently watching an hour of it on Sunday afternoon.

Not awful by any means. Not fantastic either. I gave it a 6 of 10 for now.

I do like that we get to see more background on this gang. I almost forgot that they had parents. Duh.

So far, Episode 3: Secret of the Ghost Rig is my favorite. It's got a Stephen King sorta vibe to it. Overall, the series reminds me of Tim Burton.

I'll keep watching.


Well,it's now October.

Things I like about the series after an almost-full season: 1) Shaggy 2) Scooby

Thing I DON'T like about the series after an almost-full season: 1) Daphne being WAY too love-struck with practically NO good dialog. 2) Fred being an imbacile, obsessed not with traps but his own stupidity. 3) Velma being rude and crude to Shaggy and Scooby. *I* would take Scooby as best bud too. 4) No mystery about the real baddie. Easy to figure out by 'half-time'.

I've downgraded by rating from 6 to 3 because I feel generous today.

I like the plot line about the early "Mystery Inc." gang but the series needs to move that alone. I can handle Mr E. and the mystery surrounding him. It's the ONE thing this show does very well ('cept for Shaggy coughing up bits of paper in his candy).

Jake 2.0

I've seen 3 episodes (on SciFi - Jan 5 2007)
Not the greatest, far from the worst. Plausibility? 5 in 2007; 8 in 2012.

My fascination with nano-technology is absolute. This brings my fantasy of it to new heights, none which I ever considered.

Jake is, and will always be, a nerd. However, I would HATE to see him over-perfected. I like the little bit of innocence that he has. What can you expect from a wannabe agent who has been in training for 3 weeks? "Real" agents must go through much more intensive training. In episode three, Diane says it's about controlling the technology. However, I see Jake's innocent self being so enthusiastic. He wants to push himself to see where his limits are. Why walk when you can run.

The main characters are, in my opinion, likable. They can be a little uptight, but then again, they're government employees. Jake will toe the line only when he'll be forced to. Otherwise he's going to "do my job", like he did when he ignored Kyle's request for Jake to put his knife through Kyle's throat.

I started re-watching the first hour, and will do so for the 2nd and 3rd, just to pick up on the subtleties I missed the first time.

So far, it's in my top-5 shows to watch on SciFi. I would like to see this show run for a minimum of two seasons, though no more than four. After that, it could get old.

Mystery Woman: Mystery Woman
Episode 1, Season 1

Great series
I did not see the original Mystery Woman premier, but I have been watching the Hallmark Channel this week (third week of August, 2006) to see the episodes. I like the plot lines and characters.

Philby is my favorite character. He's soft-spoken but quite wise. (Go Clarence!!) 30+ years in TV has made him a comfortable presence in this series. It's nice to see a guy who 'knows people' ("Don't ask") and seems to be comfortable in front of a PC. Philby convincingly shows me that he knows how to use the resources at hand.

This is down-to-earth,logically progressing, and believable. I'll keep watching as long as they keep filming! Hallmark Channel has quickly become my favorite channel for evening entertainment.

Three Days of the Condor

Go to lunch early ...
... because it could save your butt and all your other body parts. Then call your employer (the CIA), id yourself as "Condor", and start running because everybody you know in the agency wants more than your sorry butt.

Why for crying out loud? Your division only reads books,looking for subversion, secret codes & plans, and find out who wants to overthrow our government. It's an easy thing to do .. NOT!

So, until you find out why everyone in your division was killed, you will need to kidnap Faye Dunnaway and hold her hostage in her own apartment.

The answers do come, little by little, with the assistance of your not-really-kidnapped only friend in the world.

Max von Sydow is perfect for this movie, as is the late John Houseman in a cameo appearance. These are not your typical friends. Neither is Cliff Robertson, so tell him to read the New York Times.

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