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Bachelor Party

Tom Hanks introducing himself who afterwards becomes a true hitmaker !!!
Revisiting this early work of the still young Tom Hanks, with a keen eye we can see a promising star which he became later, reading some comments here, I've picked one that portrays the movie well, those rough jokes don't stands of test of times properly, a bit dated, also politically incorrect to nowadays's standards in many scenes, mainly using a harmful donkey at party that ends up dying for drugs overdose, too much roughhouse in exchange of a scratchy humor highly questionable taste, a true off-color that sounds so weird on current years, Tom Hanks pranksters friends is another low point, too much foolish.

However the picture has countless remarkable moments, as when Rick Gassko (Hanks) mocking an old nun with lewd talking, also in tennis play when he hits all balls at a neighbor backyard, letting the owner pissing off, another re-letter moment is a supposedly a betrayal sequence when the head of that gorgeous girl became in old nun inquiring Rick's previous vows of chastity and his own fiancée Debbie (Tawny Kitaen), without forget his mate Gary (Gary Grossman) falling in love for drag queen that pee standing up, just unforgettable, further the plot exploits the nudity over the edge, therefore such thing took the movie be labeled as "R", today it should be smoothly a kid's movie in face a new wave of teenager comedies as American Pie's franchise.

Blatantly Bachelor Party aged, remains his undeniable legacy of Tom Hanks's debut (Splash and the previous ones don't hold water) in this he really takes off to became a smashing hitmaker whatever he did or touched it becomes in gold at box-office.

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First watch: 1988 / How many: 5 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 7.5.

Analyze That

No one Robert De Niro's picture deserves less that 7 out 10!!!
As strange it may sound I supposed that I watched it before, according my files it hadn't wrote it down, the first Analyse That my grade was 7.5, Analyse This somewhat is a slightly lower, just for the bad screenplay developed by Harold and Co. Aside De Niro and Cristal the remainder is out of tune, the plot despite be a bit contrived, the chemistry of the leading roles is absolutely stunning, they are conflicting characters, in opposites sides of the society, the catchy is the clash of standpoints, De Niro as tough mobster Paul Vitti bursts with the nerves of Ben Sobel (Cristal), this turn getting shelter at own Ben's home, after he got the custody enforced by FBI.

Paul brings the louder Sheila for a sex-night to relief of 850 days at jail, after fourteen times Ben intervenes for a break saying that a teenager at his house, which Paul replays, "I can share with him", Lisa Krudow is pissing off with the outrageous plight, asking for a settlement at once, Jelly (Joe Viterelli) goes back with fleeting humor, often complain of those womanish behavior of Paul & Ben, which the both weasel out of it usually constrained, mournfully I had to say that all remaining it falls short, sets all will be time-waster, nonetheless the power trio Paul, Ben and Jelly are priceless!!!

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First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.

Fourteen Hours

Paul Douglas at his finest hour, in a neuralgic matter of suicide approached in this valuable picture!!!
After "A Letter Of Three Wives" and "Clash By Night" it certainly the best Paul Douglas picture, he stays at spotlight all the time, wherein on others he splits the movie with greatest names or even wasn't the top billing, he is a humble traffic cop Charlie he got the reliance of Robert Cosick (Richard Basehart) who is willing to jump from the fifteenth floor on New York's hotel room, as far I've remember it's the first experience on a building, mostly were on the bridges, having the classy Henry Hathaway as director we ought expect something fresh, that's he brings several matters on surface to discuss, firstly he was born as single child in a dysfunctional family, his loudmouth mother Christine Cosick (Agnes Moorehead) was a former dancing girl with glittering future, due the unwanted marriage and shortly thereafter a unexpected pregnancy of Robert she blames his husband Paul Cosick (Robert Keith) that also splattering on the boy's ears.

All press were there, surround by cops, fire brigade and hundred onlookers on streets, due the stuck heavy traffic, taxi drivers start gambling what's hour he will jump, many sub-plots pop up, the girl Ruth (Debra Page) on the pushing and shoving finds out his so awaited soul mate Danny (Jeffrey Hunter) also the gorgeous Grace Kelly's debut, strangely Howard Da Silva who used to play gangster this turn is the tough Police Chief Moskar, sadly Barbara Bel Geddes just appears 10 or 15 minutes only, the best should be the shrink Dr. Strauss (Martin Gabel) as adviser of the friendly Charlie, the writer explores this matter full-blown addressing and how it triggers on the human being leading to them commit suicide, worthwhile for touch in this issue and for Paul Douglas.

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First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.

The Lost Son

A deeply matter to stand, it shakes my faith in God, I'm devasted !!
Daniel Auteuil is nowadays one the prolific French actor, that with a powerful casting made a boldest picture directed by Chris Menges spelling out in an unequivocal manner how works at our society the worst crime against the defenseless children from poorest countries where they were left behind by their parents at hands of true monsters of whom are among us pretending be a human beings, behind these masks conceal the scum of the mankind.

Auteuil plays Lombard, a bleak former French policeman with a hidden past, who now living in London as private detective working for jealous husbands to investigate their alleged unfaithful wives, quite often playing in both sides for highest bidding, he is invited by an old acquaintance from French police Carlos (Ciarán Hinds) who freshly got married with gold mine of high places Deborah (Nastassja Kinski) who nominate him to find his missing brother-in-law Leon (McFarnon) that disappeared without a trace letting his old parents distraught, briefly the veteran former cop finds a clue about Leon's girlfriend that keeps a foreigner kid at her home, he soon realize that it's stinks, feasible and aware that Leon gonna die, after he got a VHS copy containing pedophilia.

Through an old friend call-girl Emily also from France (Katrin Cartlidge) due her sphere of action is the London's underworld, even reluctant in double-jeopardy she gets a hint how he getting in touch with the middleman to enter in this closest circle, he be warned to get as they call the "Puppies" of all color for the trifle of ten thousand pounds for 24 hours of pristine lewdness, Lombard gets rid of the strong bodyguard and runway with the little boy and a hostage of the hotel, getting the info about the whereabouts of the boss at Nogales on Mexico, he headed towards there.

I'd to confess this movie took me apart unmercifully, my old brother gave it unwittingly prospecting on second hand's DVDs, he even watched, reading the synopsis I'd set aside to turn back later, however one month later I have a nerve to watch just by Auteuil only, being ready for upcoming regret, fortunately it calls my attention to be a loud crying from those miserable children, it shakes my faith in God I suppose quite sure, I've spent my remainder night praying quiet at my bed and wondering, how could it still happens nowadays, what' they did? Who are willing these men to pay to do such madness, where are the authorities, yes this question requires an answer, who, this picture is a warning for us, to care ours children, the wolves are disguised as lambs stealthily they reach at ours backs, every attention are still little in face of these monsters.

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Resume: First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.

Zapped Again!

Silly, hilarious and cheese, although a good entertainment!!!
The original Zapped already wasn't a big deal, Zapped Again is slight inferior only, few degree below, although I've never expected more than this, following the same concept of its forerunner, an outcast Kevin (Todd Eric Andrews) reach in new town awaiting be welcome at school and finds trouble at very first day with the domineering schoolboy Wayne (Reed Rudy) just because tries out hit on his girlfriend Amanda (Maria McCann), rebuffed he enters in an empty club of Science stuffed of nerds, there he finds a bunch of grapes juice's bottles, a sort of magic filter hidden inside the wall, henceforth drinking this awful juice he is empowered by telekinesis mind power.

Somewhat the best comes of the peripheral characters, as the stupid and slow the honky Larry (Brent Hinkley) that guy who work at burger place, making a house with sausage, the small appearance of still hot Karen Black as substitute teacher in a peppery and hot lines, the odd couple the flaming lady Miss Rose and the bulky Coach Kirby (Lyle Alzado that sadly gonna die two years ahead), finally the weird hairy owner of the burger place as well and of course all those gorgeous girls scattered in the movie displaying some mild nudity, but just in a twinkling of an eye, without forget Linda Blair in a hot scene only, a teenager comedy with sexual exploitation oriented, harmful by the way, silly and funny entertainment!!

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First watch: 1995 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 5.25.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker: The Knightly Murders
Episode 18, Season 1

The revenge of the Black Knight!!
Carl Kolchak never disappoints me anytime, even with freak stories on every single episode, that's the secret of the success, although the subject was on draining process, this turn the odd case comes from the Europe, those brave knights that stay behind to keep their countries safe when the Crusades went to holy land to take back Jerusalem held by the Muslims, afterwards of this period, many of these props spreading worldwide, in Chicago has a thematic Museum of the medieval era, where countless accoutrements are gathered there, the first dead body appears when the local lobbist, a real state agency and famous interior designer together with the Museum's rich owner that are willing change the museum into a disco place, thereafter many corpses were found dead with strange weapons from the mid-ages.

The cynical and often clumsy Carl Kolchak tries finds a clue that could link the weird events, each victim that was somewhat engaged in this upcoming odd project, they gonna die tragically by the black knight wearing an iron armour wherein has an equal on the museum, the main guests stars among them John Dehner as the Captain Vernon Rausch, he plays an obsolete inspector, he just spelling words apparently meaningless, pissing off Kolchak, maybe the answer should be one medieval blazon displayed at museum, Kolchak wants find a hint in a coat of army shop, not so fast he needs buy his own heritage blazon to get a proper requirement, the owner is the iconic actor a regular guesting star on those several shows Robert Emhardt,

As strange as it may seems, his often rampaging Boss Tony (Oakland) this time is stilled in face of so foolish story allowing Kolchak a rest at own coach, or a few days off as well, promptly refused by the stubborn news hound, but aside some oddities a Kolchak's standard episode, have fun as I did.

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First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5.

I... comme Icare

Concerning J.F.K. assassination, a must to see!!!
The infamous Dallas's events when the most popular American president was killed, somehow this picture is a blatant about J. F. K. Case, even takes place in a fictitious country which nobody spelled its name, the producers and director Henry Verneuil leaves clues all around on purpose, as the country's flag with a glaring sameness, the modern buildings mean America, the hired killer on the tower, the motorcade at street with a convertible car carryng the grass-roots president, where everything points out for this analogous and unsolved case, as tons of reports and a weak conclusion.

In the expected moment to put a stone in the grave, a bold prosecutor Henry Volney (Montand) refuses sign the final completion due he has a foreboding that the report was handle by the authorities bound in the odd case, also he has a card of the sleeve, a bluff by the way, by this all proceeding has to re-start again with Volney in charge of the investigation, he leads a task force to revamp all steeps on the fatal day crime scene, they find many inconsistencies and contradictions concerning the real facts, reaching near of the truth.

The name Icarus gave to movie was choose from Greek Mythology as a simple metaphor to explain when a man is near the truth is like Icarus with wings clued with was melting near of the sun, also displayed an experience at first time in Yale University where a man makes everything when was captained by peeking order, engaging picture notwithstanding be so long, we almost don't realize the time passing.

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First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.5.

Mississippi Burning

Alan Parker's legacy won't be forgotten!!
The south of United States has a long time a segregationist regime, it's widely known, since the civil war, the such acclaimed Anglo-Saxon's white supremacy that ruled in that area where the black people came as slaves centuries ago, it somehow happened on entire United States, however with a slight distinction, in the north had a peaceful coexistence, otherwise it weren't allowed in the south, they don't mix the same place with the so-called colored people as bars, schools, restaurants, churches, and mainly marriages between the ethnicities.

Alan Parker makes this picture based on the notorious case entitled Freedom Summer Murders, that took place at Neshoba County, Mississippi, nonetheless it was a free adaptation for dramatic purposes only, somewhat isn't accurate as should be, although had a smashing success worldwide to bring into the light those dreadful happenings about the killing of two activist of the human rights and also a black men, which simply disappears without a trace, then the F. B. I. Enters in the case to solve the mystery, led by the uptight Ward (Willem Dafoe) in charge of the investigation and a badass and southerner cop Anderson (Gene Hackman), further Parker displays the story with strong colors of racial hatred, expounding the lynch mob that were working under orders of the infamous Knight of the Ku Klux Klan.

The legacy of the movie is unprecedented until nowadays, when the America was in a slow movement of civil rights as black people be entitled to vote and equal rights, by abolishing the seclusion on the bus, public restrooms and also others places assigned just for white people, is required to say that such little attainment didn't fixed the matter, solely has dampened!!

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First watch: 1991 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 9.

Taken: John
Episode 9, Season 1

Mary Crawford stays on the spolight by her undeniable shrewdness!!
Steven Spielberg is really a true genius, surround by researches and experts on ufology and science, implied an advanced discovery how the Aliens handle the reality through their mighty minds, suggesting to the still lagging earthlings a virtual reality at ours weak minds, further it's already of knowledge by the US secret agency such abilities, parallel universes and how they got run through thousand light years in a matter of few seconds, across the well-known byways worm holes or simply dematerialize at origin point to materialize in at desire extent as the quantum science already proved be possible.

The clever Steven previously warned by your countless advisers deploys it on the episode with the mastery, when the spacecraft dropped in the ground hit by strong US gunnery, allowing Mary Crawford and the US soldiers enter in the dish, there instead meet the aliens they find their own themselves through the suggestive minds, meanwhile the little Allie Keys struck at cabin empowered the whole happenings on that uncanny night, the shrewd Mary Crawford was whom get figure out the entire picture likes a jigsaw puzzle shortly afterwards, although is too late, they got runaway, also Mary Crawford realizes that such efforts envisioned by Allie certainly drained her power for a while and another chase is put on practice.

We quite often though that science fiction is an output of tricksters, lunatics and dreamers, the quantum science is there to prove otherwise, in this episode the cunning Mary Crawford steals the show staying in the spotlight all the time manipulative and fiendish.

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.fiendish.

Il dolce corpo di Deborah

Carroll Baker got the protagonism which she never had in America!!
The eye candy Carroll Baker was up and coming in Hollywood when decides change scenery to Europe on late sixties, perhaps seeking for the protagonism which she rarely had at America, your trip gave what she wants, however on a highest price, at the expense of much nudity scenes, her main attribute, it's a psycho-giallo, sets in fancy landscape as Geneva at frosty Switzerland and the seashore Nice on France and outskirts, whilst a slow pace on first section takes off from middle to forward, with right to an unexpected turnaround at the end.

The plot is weak at first glance, commonly in this genre, Marcel (Jean Sorel) a Swiss citizen is back at his hometown Geneva to spend his honeymoon with wealthy American girl Deborah (Carroll Baker), nonetheless such city brings bad recollections of a not distant past whereby Marcel was blamed for a death by misadventure on car accident of his former girlfriend Suzanne Boileau (Evelyn Stewart), mainly by his closest friend Philip (Luigi Pistilli) still distrauted, thus they decides depart there for breezy air of Nice and shortly thereafter Deborah rents an expensive country-house looking for a peace, but a snooper neighbor Robert (George Hilton) enters in the scene, meanwhile strange things happen concerning Suzanne's death, the ghost strikes back.

Stays clear all that glitters is not gold, the director handles the audience with rare mastery, fine outcome for a lousy story, Also Romolo Guerriere exploited the Carroll Baker's sexual appealing to the utmost of the boundary beyond reasonable, for a relief of lucky viewers!!

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2020 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.

Jungle 2 Jungle

For a Disney's pattern family-comic feature, let it see easy!!
Silly fantasy movie as usually Disney's pattern family soft comedy, in a nutshell an average presentation, unpretentious clash of cultures, a teenager boy Mimi Siku (Huntington) raised in a jungle by his mother Dr. Patricia (JoBeth Williams) who works in a small native community at Venezuela, when he knows almost accidentally his unknown father Michael (Tim Allen) a workaholic commodities seller at Wall Street, who flying there just trying get the pappers of the divorce from his mother, the boy wants to know the big apple for stay a while, that is about marry again with the fancy snobbish model Charlotte (Lolita Davidovich) that stays baffled to know his fiancé already had a grow up son.

What supposedly an easy matter to overcame becomes a true nightmare with the wildest boy raising hell with Michael's bride and friends, likes as poisoned spider, darts, arrow and others oddities, also Michael has a partner with the crazy Richard (Martin Short) which both are involved in a risky bet with tons of coffee beans, which the price is in freefall after they had lost the opportunity to sell for fair price, under pressure Richard finds a buyer, Michael realizes that such man is Russian's mobster, he wants wash the money paying in cash for the commodities, Michael advises against the sale, however is too late.

Michael even knowing about his unknown son whom his former wife hides the truth, slowing he will getting attached with the naïve boy, also Tim Allen has enough gift to make comic pictures, this one has some moments as in the hut bachelor when at night excess of gas are easy flowing, harmful and easy to watch, with breathtaking landscape at Amazon's Tepuis at plateau borderline between Venezuela and Brazil on opening scenes, let it see!!

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 1998 / How many: 2 / Source: Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 6.5.

The Ballad of Lefty Brown

The final redemption of Bill Pullman, perhaps his best performance!!
Apart "Independence Day" which I don't not consider a picture whatsoever, just an American cheap and cheesy propaganda, Bill Pullman commonly used to make countless bitter guys, crooks and so on, in the Ballad of Lefty Brown he got one most meaningful performance of his entire career, the lame old Lefty has been worked for near forty years with his closest friend Edward Johnson (Peter Fonda) at his ranch on Montana, backing in time when they are young both and more two members formerly dreaded lawmen quartet lead by the tough Edward Johnson (Peter Fonda), followed by the untamed Sheriff Tom Harrah (Tommy Flanagam) the young Jimmy Bierce (Jim Caviezel) and the slow sidekick Lefty Brown.

Now forty years later in 1889, Jimmy is the governor of the state, Edward Johnson is running for a chair on US Senate, Tom Harrad a former drunkard man still hold the tin star at his chest, while aid the governor Jimmy Briece and Lefty has been measure to take place for manager of the ranch, when arrives the news about three horses stolen by a gang nearby, Edward and Lefty are going ascertain, Lefty is hit by a sudden shot and Edward receives a bullet at your head dying in a flash, meanwhile Lefty supposedly dead still got identify the killer as a blonde guy, back on the farm with Edward's body dead his wife Laura (Kathy Baker) blames Lefty to lose his husband, in response Lefty starts back-trace the killer-robber.

Soon appears on the ranch Jimmy Bierce and Sheriff Harrah, thus the governor demands that the US Calvary takes over the case and chase for the assassins, empowering Sheriff Harrat brings back Lefty at once, in few hours he reach at Lefty whereabouts with teenager in trouble, then Harrah tells to Lefty what's the governor's decision whose Lefty disagrees saying that is a matter of honor revenge his best friend's death, after a little while Lefty convinces Harrat joints him in the manhunt, what they will find stinks and stinks strong.

Bill Pullman plays a character analogous of the legendary Walter Brennan on those customary mannerism of lane walking, complaining all the time and pretending be smart, which he isn't, when invites to read a small book he says that no longer cannot see, in fact he is illiterate guy, so amusing as simpleton, although as his boss Edward often said, Lefty wasn't a clever man but no one is most faithful than him, a small budge picture, surround by old actors almost burnt beyond recognition, whereof catch the viewers by so amazing story, at last Bill Pullman got his final redenption!!

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.

The Woman in Red

The flirting of a married guy their setbacks and the inexorable reckoning at home!!!
Kelly LeBrock in her movie debut made a huge success mimicking the famous scene of Marilyn Monroe's air vent with white clothing, Kelly appears in hot red, she is really a gorgeous girl, though just an average actress, surviving with their fabulous physical attributes, her beauty make until dead men rise to the grave, for that Kelly was schedule to upside down the behaved husband Teddy (Gene Wilder) afterwards he gonna crazy to meets her, after many misunderstandings show up with the clumsy Teddy, up to the day the kindly Charlotte ( LeBrock) accepts a diner and perhaps something more, just maybe.

Actually Teddy make part of a closest circle of odd friends mainly focused in the womanizer and cocky Joey (Joseph Bologna) that has been fooled his wife all the time, follow up by Buddy (Charles Grodin) a prouder single man touted as skirt chaser as well and the sidekick Mickey (Michael Huddleston), just Teddy never had any affair, preserving his happy marriage, so far, after having many mishaps he finally got an evening alone at Charlotte's fancy apartment for so awaited lovermaking, not so fast, her husband appears on the building without warning.

Gene Wilder also directed this funny picture and his real wife Gilda Radner as usually was there as the expectant unrequited mistress, becoming raging and vindictive, Charles Grodin was catched as queer guy, ashamed at first moment, however later well-accepted by his buddies, a soft-comedy of errors, fleeting unfaithfulness as anybody else and their setbacks, relied in an amusing way, although the reckoning will comes when Teddy reachs at home, all this with love songs of the Stevie Wonder which took the Academy Awards as the best original song "I Just Called To Say I Love You" a smashing hit of the 80' indeed!

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 1988 / How many: 4 / Source: TV-Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 7.5.

The Outer Limits: The Invisibles
Episode 19, Season 1

The stigmatized Don Gordon at his unusual role shines, the Invisibles would be the firing pin of the classic "The Invaders"???
Sounds weird to see Don Gordon as hero, he was so stigmatized actor as often playing thug characters, as strange it may seems he proved be at once that deserves more best roles on his low profile career, Gordon is a prolific actor, sadly his menacing semblance led him to another steering, in the invisibles we got weirdo characters for a change, the odd hunchback Walter Burke is one of them, also the classy crook George Macready (Gilda), playing the leader of the Invisibles, the weak point we shall say that was the little freak alien monster.

The storyline lays out the same premise of the forthcoming classic series "The Invaders", which high positions on US government will be slowly occupied by the invisibles to take over the America an later the world, the screenplay seems at first glance a bit complex to simple insight, the inoculations fall down into freakish concept, letting the viewers a slight let down, worst when Don Gordon faces Neil Hamilton at oddity scene on phone call, Dee Hartford improves a bit as sexy female presence on the show, although it wasn't enough, the outcome leaves much to be desired, far below of the high pattern of the Outer Limits's trademark. Should be better.

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5.

El vampiro

Mainstream Mexican Vampire bringing new fresh elements !!!
A brand new Box-Set of Mexico's Vampire pictures just came out in Brazil, "El Vampiro" was the first one on Mexican marketplace that gained a sequel in the next year, we couldn't say that such productions were the forerunner at all of Hammer's movies, actually all foreigner features were based on the Universal's Dracula starred by Bella Lugosi, it was the beginning of whole thing, here we can see many elements borrowed from the original, however it displayed some fresh stuffs, the vampires employed telepathy, indeed in early scenes they are able to appears from out of nowhere, rarely seen before, plus mostly of their victims died at first bite, too unusual.

The story takes place at Mexico countryside where the young pretty girl Marta Gonzales (Ariadna Welter) was invited by her aunt & uncle that ought coming faster to the farm, she arrives there on a delayed train, thus nobody is there to pick her, she meets a traveling salesman Enrique (Abel Salazar) in the same plight, due an odd curse has been occurred on this place the small village is almost empty, they luckily get a ride at Count Duval's wagon that was there to bring a strange box from Hungary, soon they arrives at the decaying Hacienda, which the Count intents to acquire by all means, sadly Marta receives the bad news over the untimely decease of her beloved aunt Maria Teresa, also stayed baffled by meets her another auntie Eloisa (Carmen Montejo) still so young.

Actually Henrique is a doctor and was requested there by Emilio (Jiménez) to certify the mental health of his sister Maria Teresa (Alice Montoya), that night the Vampire strikes again at Marta's neck, nonetheless a sudden twist will changes everything, the picture has a gothic atmosphere, the mist is perennial, apart the underground sets is poorly made, the storyline is enough auspicious to erase some possible flaws, the Vampire played masterly by Germán Robles is mainstream, across the border a worthy effort from Mexico, worthywhile a look.

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5.

Another Stakeout

Withdrawing some key elements they got screw a promising sequel!!!
If the original Stakeout already was no big deal this sequel sinks painful, the idea of buddy cops is really great, both are in the same level, the matter were the lame screenplay withdrawing Madeleine Stowe and did not put together anyone with the same figure, breaking the sexy appeal utter absence on movie, also the miscasting of Cathy O'Donnell in a nonsensical performance, even the premise be the same of its forerunner about the another stakeout on seashore place at British Columbia.

John Badham starts out with a flaming pyrothechnics at highest scale beyond what is expected given the false vibe at least to measure up with the previous one, the plot is far-fetched and the guest actors didn't help to save the picture, aside the endless muddles of the duo comic Dreyfuss-Estevez all remaining leaves much to be desired, no laughing matter, just a ridiculous dog pursuing a cat or rabbit, there no chemistry among them, Cathy Moriarty is quite average, out of her early standard sexy roles, just Miguel Ferrer lives up the cold bloody hired gun.

In a nutshell much ado about nothing, the tiny appearance of the sexy Stowe is outrageous, even she officially was uncredited, as an old saying "Between dead and wounded saved all" it should be better if the producers retained the same elements whereof were allocated on the original, they got wreck a promising and rewarding sequel.

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 1997 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 6.5.

Poruno jidaigeki: Bôhachi bushidô

The evil Clan of eight forgotten virtues, colorful and essential !!!
Staggering soft-porn samurai picture that impresses by stunning visual, utterly choreographed on those numberless mist night fights, almost shot at sound stage which is easily noticed on the projector focuses the light on the Ronin during one fight scenes, a clever insight of the director of photography, also a well-conceived story about a lonely Ronin Shinô Ashita (Tetsurô Tanba) on his fabulous dexterity on the use of sword against a crowd, he is invites to enter in a mighty Borachi's clan, led by an old wicked Shirobei Daimon (Tatsuo Endo) and their evil lackeys, the appealing is about the rules to became one of them, the applicant ought swear outright leave all eight virtues which he got, regret, lowliness, magnanimity, charity, meekness, temperance, continence and finally forgiveness, the Clan exploits a high profile w.h.o.r.e.d.o.m.

He is accepts on the Borachi's clan even had failed on a phony test, nonetheless the thoughtful boss has a bold plan to stand out of the opposite Yoshihara's Clan that shares the same dirty business on nearby on the town with cheapest prostitutes, also the gorgeous women are used as skillful bodyguards, thus the forthcoming and relentless clash took effects, ends up in the bloodshed, the emperor's forces spring into action at Magistrate's behest, the strife has to be end, although it has a price, a fair agreement which both sides must yeld, the sneaky Boss also shall deliver the expendable Shino's head.

Based in a grass-roots comic book the cunning and dared director Teruo Ishii made a masterful feature, even being labeled as pornographic, whereby it is today an eligible soft one only, where the most hard-nose puritans wouldn't give a s.h.i.t for it, actually a bashful eroticism deployed gave a faint hope for those that were seeking something a little harder, a fine piece of sexploitation mixing with epic samurai tale, colorful and essential, I've agree with a reviewer who wrote that stuff sounds like Russ Meyer did in America and was thereafter worshipped by countless fanatic cinephiles including myself !!

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.

Vikings: Yol
Episode 4, Season 4

Will be a next Viking's king??
Studying the legendary Vikings actually a Germanic people we learn that the whole Scandinavia, Norway and Sweden until on the south at Denmark were a Viking's territory, the story of the King Ragnar is a bit controversy indeed, he'd ruled around 800 A. D. until 900 A. D. thus the suppose meeting with the King Harald Finehair who ruled at Sweden between 872-930 is purely speculative, posted in the series for dramatic purposes only.

In this episode has a hiatus, focusing in peace time everywhere has a little of small events, the title Yol is a sort of winter feast of Viking's folklore for the new year, Ragnar is recovering process and has an affair with a Chinese slave Yudu that supposedly had a high position at his country, upon the contrived agreement of Queen Aslaug, who demand Floki teaching her cripple son the Viking's faith, meanwhile at Paris Rollo astonishes us for speaking French near perfect as such keep his marriage with Princess Gisla alive, which was almost revoked.

At Mercia has a King's meeting concerning about their neighboring kingdoms, an alliance is placed on the table, although King Aelle is uneasy about Ragnar that swear kill someday and his bastard's son with Queen Kwenthrith, also very upset about his unfaithful daughter that has been a forbidden and shameful affair with King Ecbert actually his father-in-law.

After a praiseworthy seclusion at wilderness Bjorn faces the skillful old warrior Berserker at forest, the strife is fair equitable, somewhat Bjorn is ensures by physical and mental makeready, his opponent dies mute, however he got a ring which Bjorn needs finding the owner, going back to see his mother and taking away the pretty Torvi, even his husband has a nerve to oppose the threatening Spartan warrior, at Kattegat the king of a small territory comes arguing that will be the next Viking King, his name Harald Finehair and wants to know the notorious traveller King Ragnar Lothbrok, the time comes soon.

Thanks for reading.


First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: Blu-Ray / Rating: 8.

Blast from the Past

The power Quintet at one most resourceful comedy of the ninities !!
Thereafter a promising starting on late nineties & early 2000's Brendan Fraser entered in decaying process with lousy movies and was consigned on the series lately, in Blast of the Past the main casting shinning-through on entire picture, the storyline is surprisingly well-though-out, mainly Sissy Spacek as typical tiny mind housewife from the sixties that becomes hard drink after so many years cloistered at underground shelter, Christopher Walken a genius guy, methodic and highly creative, Brendan Fraser created and educated by his own father is polite, gentle and a slightly naïve, Alicia Silverstone is a gorgeous girl tired of flopped love affairs, his "Happy" closest friend David Foley steals the picture with stunning acting.

The plot is about the odd couple Calvin (Walken) and his pregnancy wife Helen (Sissy Spacek) in the early sixties at peak of cold war during Cuba missile crisis in 1962, the mastermind Calvin had secretly developed a huge underground shelter with supplies for 35 years to avoid the nuclear fallout after upcoming blast the WWIII, when a broken down aircraft falls down exactly at his house and afterwards explodes, he realizes that the nuclear war has just began, his children was born there, the boy was raised and dully lettered by his own odd and skillful father.

After 35 years his son Adam (Brendan Frazer) is a mature man, steady to know the Earth which he never knew, a heavy door that has a special releasing device is finally unlocked, then the afraid Calvin ups to surface to take a look if the environment is safe, there at a raining night Calvin meets with a cross-dresser that offers to him whatever he wants on a sex night, Calvin becoming panic-stricken of such outrage offer, also seeing homeless looking for food at trash can he is stayed horrified, further he enters in a bookshop that also sells erotic pictures, he goes back soon as can, re-telling for his wife and son that on Earth surface the mankind becomes sexual mutants and has starvation due he saw people eating garbage to survive.

After a nervous breakdown Adam must undertake the task looking around for new batteries, foods and supplies for another decade on the shelter, also Adam asking for an allowance of his parents to bring a wife to share his bed when he returns, for first time he saw the sky, he is astonished to see a black woman at street, also a supermarket, he meets accidentally Eve (Silverstone) and asking for her help him to buy tons of supplies, later he knows the happy Eve's friend Troy (David Foley) in remarkable acting as web designer, it certainly was one the most resourceful comedy of the nineties, priceless, cutting-edge and fresh!!

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First watch: 2001 / How many: 4 / Source: Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 8.

Casanova '70

One the most underrated Italian sex comedy of all time!!
Regarded as the best Italian actor for all times, Mastroianni, usually saw their contenders thru his rear-mirror in the dust, although has been a multi-faceted actor, he works out better on soft-sex comedies like this, the brilliant director Mario Monicelli co-wrote the story and screenplay as well, the outcome is fresh and beautiful designed, about the amorous adventures of OTAN's Major Andrea Rossi (Mastroianni) as mid-age unmarried man supposedly sexually impotent under normal conditions, just on extremely jeopardy he got an erection, thus he fails steadly with easy girls, fulfilled by gorgeous women this odd Casanova re-telling their affairs with countless woman with a famous psychoanalyst, who analyze him and states as sexual deviant.

However the Psychoanalyst gave to him an weird advice, he must thinking in those black silk stocking and black lingerie, then Andrea replays that he likes it on the women, which the Psychoanalyst corrects him saying that "You must wearing it like I do", suggesting Andrea forget the women and joint himself in the opposite team, the startled Andrea leaves the doctor's office soon as can, one thing is be impotent, but queer is out of question whatsoever, the grieved Andrea thereafter has many dangerous cases, making sex on the Napoleon's bed at Versailles castle meanwhile has been a touring on there, later posing as doctor to certify a girl's maidenhead, betraying his own superior on OTAN with his gorgeous wife sending previously a telegram like it was sent by herself, well in fact the troublemaker Andrea in dire straits all the time.

Magnificent Italian sex comedy without be appealing at all, utterly lustful, the stellar casting of breathtaking pretty girls, as Virna Lisi, Michèle Mercier, Marisa Mell, Liana Orfei, Beba Loncar, Moira Orfei, Margareth Lee and others hot girls, we must recognized that Marcello Mastroianni should not be paid for this job, nonetheless besides to get all those monuments girls as free he got the a lot of money, what lucky guy on hell, I didn't stop laughing on entire picture, please don't miss it for nothing!!

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Resume: First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 9.

The Lawless

Joseph Losey pays the price on blacklist for this bold picture!!
Today is so easy touch in this neuralgic matter at southwest American territory when it were fulfilled by Mexican's family workers who crossed the border to living into self-called American dream of life, on post war on fifties all America were in economic boom, needing those hard workers on the crops due strong demand, they living segregated on peripheral low profile neighborhoods, as shows at Sleepy Hollow community, even they were born on the American soil weren't recognized as such.

Joseph Losey has a never to put it on a picture, aside it doesn't has a great cinematography, the story overcame it on plenty, exposes on hard way a sad story about a teenager Paul Rodriguez (Lalo Rios) a son of Mexican immigrants that was born at America, after a small car's accident at street with his friend coming from an exhaustive working day picking tomatoes on the fields, the victims are two white fancy boys, followed a little quarrel stopped at once for the Police, later it's triggers a tragic events, these white boys going to at Sleepy Hollow's dancing party looking for trouble, soon starts a scuffle between them, the localo police intervenes quickly, on the thuggery Paul punchs accidentally a police officer, seeing the mistake the scared boy sneaks there, the policeman follows him, the boy stolen two cars on the run and hiding in a quarry.

Meanwhile appears there a newspaper's editor Larry Wilder (MacDonald Carey) who witnessed the scuffle, in same time a strong police squad arrives, Larry figures out the boy certainly will killed by those angry men, he finds the boy cornered at mainstay of river's bridge, under massive gunshots, under police's hands another arguing in the police car results in a crash, under the fire once more the boy escapes and try hidden in farm where a little girl hits her head at timber beam, later she misinform struck by the boy, at last the boy is caught.

Larry Wilder aided by a Mexican newspaper Sunny Garcia (Gail Russell) looking around and testifying the massacre of the news, television, radio broadcasting already blaming the boy without any fair judgment, he employs a fundraising campaign through his newspaper in order to pay the best defense attorney allowed on Santa Martha, it's unleash a riot on his newspaper tearing up the place and also at police precinct to get the boy to make justice for their own hands.

Apart the small budge presentation the movie rocks, in a period of time utterly impossible to talk about in this issue, it's an independent movie implied by the bold Losey with fortitude, thus he enters in the blacklist soon, pay attention on Martha Hyer on smallest role, almost in a twinkling of one eye, the upcoming Goddess of the cinema.

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Resume: First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5.

The Invaders: Counter-Attack
Episode 18, Season 2

The earthlings now have a powerful self defence device, however the cost will be David betrayal???
The earthlings lead by David Vincent and Edgar Scoville are getting strongest against the advanced Invaders, through the mastermind Prof. Eliot Kramer they developed a secret signal jammer in order to after assemble in at highest tower station get damages on airborne system of the flying saucers of the menacing aliens, sadly they are spotted by two invaders, on the altercation the Prof. Eliot gonna die, afterwards of the leak of security and the tragic event that ends up on the death of his best closest Scorville's friend, hence David is charged by the police for Eliot's death, Scorville is upset and don't make anything to help him, an unknown paid the bail, free David is back to his job, nonetheless was fired due the press impact over a murder indictment.

Later David is kidnapped by the Invaders, on the hideout the leader exposes to bruised that all them dropped out your own luck, David stays clear that ain't a traitor, they offer power after the Invaders got the Earth, David states that isn't interest in power anyhow, maybe peace, that means mere two millions dollars to live a peaceful life, unfortunately David are together with the faithful Joan Surrat, who almost begging for David's final decision to hand over all plans of the secret device and where it was implanted.

Aside the highest rated displayed on this episode is wistfully predicable at least, through worse it may seem, such predicament shouldn't take it so seriously.

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First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5.

Rio Grande

Without "The Quiet Man" would no longer exist "Rio Grande"!!!
As strange as it may seem Rio Grande just was made on account of John Ford, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara inquire Republic's boss Herbert J. Yates to afford "The Quiet Man" then Yates imposed a condition, they should make first a black & white western to conclude a famous Calvary 's trilogy, a small toll to pay to got long-awaited endeavor, however John Ford didn't want to do a mere B-movie, thus he brings all gang together to accomplish the movie.

This picture is based in a short story from a newspaper, about the legendary Calvary of the Blue Coates, Wayne plays the Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke in charge of small outpost nearby the frontier of Mexico by Rio Grande, the large southwest territory actually belonged to Apaches tribes, Chiricahuas, Mescaleros among others, the US's Calvary was often in clash with them, meanwhile Lt. Col. Kirby received the news that his son Jeff Yorke (Claude Jarman Jr.) who fails at West Point and quick enlisted in the Army reaching there with eighteen soldiers, also his segregreted wife Kathleen (Maureen O'Hara) appears there to convince Jeff and Kirky for the boy leaves the Army at all costs.

Rio Grande has a heavy humor oriented on the priceless weirdo character Sgt. Major Quincannon (Victor McLaglen) who steals the picture with those funny grimacing when he stared at the aggrieved Mrs. Kathleen, due in the past time during the civil war he was charged to burn the crops her at the behest of own Kirby, now she calls Quincannon as reluctant incendiary, he spits at his hands what he often cuss to did it, also on the sequence of Jeff and Henzie's fight he appears wondering why they having fighting for, one of Trooper says "he called you chucked-headed Mick sergeant, and Quincannon replays did you said that?, Henzie answers that he did, what a amusing scenes provides by master Ford.

Another intriguing reporting that quite often countless sources assure, that Rio Grande was shot at famous Monument Valley, whom John Ford's favorite spot, ain't that right it was shot almost entirely at Moab, Utah and the river's movie title displayed as Rio Grande actually was the Colorado river.

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First watch: 2016 / How many: 2 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.5.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Among true stars as Taylor & Newman who shine is Burl Ives, could he got two Academy Awards in same year???
What's the time does, in my teenager years I watched this picture and rated it 5 out 10, today as mature man, wiser I could envisage the message behind of this heavy existential crisis which the wealthy Pollitt's family are crumbling down by several matters concerning their past bonds of family, the father Big Daddy (Burl Ives) has terminal decease that the doctor tries conceals of him, his young son Brick (Paul Newman) a dipsomaniac former football player that is clashing with his wife Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor) since their marriage when a Brick's best friend suicide, Big Moma (Judith Anderson) wasn't properly respected by her husband Big Daddy, the older son Gooper (Jack Carson) is worry about who will take over the Pollitt's enterprise due the looming Big Daddy's death is near, it is struck out by his greedy wife Mae (Madeleine Sherwood).

This typical southern richest family's reunion takes place to praise a hid Big Daddy's health, what was meant to be a joyful meeting becomes a hell, the drunker Brick is the Big Daddy's favorite son who hate Maggie for an alleged extramarital affair with his closest mate in recent past, their relationship no make sense anymore, Big Daddy intervenes on the couple's matter in order to find out what are the real reasons of so much angry, the spoiled Brick initially doesn't want touch in this open wound, his reluctant father demands the truth, the discussion is amplified in general way on the family as a whole, then comes to surface, lies, mendacity, loveless and even his fatal illness is revealed on the harsh arguing, upon hearing the dreadful prognosis the older man retreats at seller, Brick rueful goes there to put all things on the table with his old father, marvelous moment.

This famous play was successful on Broadway and retrofitted to large screen, Elizabeth Taylor at his pick of his beauty is the Cat, Newman proves at once be a movie star, although Burl Ives deserves a double Academy Awards for best supporting actor in another stunning acting in the same year, he won for High Country, after this second watch I lift my grade to 9/10!!

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First watch: 1985 / How many: 2 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 9.

Game of Thrones: Second Sons
Episode 8, Season 3

The duties of the marriage, Mercenary Army and the White Walker!!
Among many smallest segments, the highlights boil down in three meaningful happenings, the first the wedding day of Tyron and Sansa where the groom is extremely upset from father's order and makes a point to display his distaste on excess of wine, staying in the grip of the nasty humor of the spoiled and overbearing Joffrey, in return of such outrage Tyron replays pointing Joffrey's weak point, his dubious manhood, abased Joffrey reacts screaming louder, so Tywin intervenes appeasing the tempers, at wedding night behind the door is blatant the nuisance of both, Sansa is about undressing, however Tyron in clear proof of dignity is waiting for Sansa's consent, even if it takes forevermore.

Meanwhile Daenerys shall assess the arrival of the mercenary army led by three commanders self-called Second Sons to strengthen Yunkay's defense, the wise girl demands an appointment at her tent in order to overturn their previous decision, in a nasty parlance what appears to be the command-in-chef spoke first and asking straight, how much she would offer to them changing the side, Daenerys has to swallow many obscene propositions and also a high power to convince those crude warriors, later they allotting between them who'll kill Daenerys.

Perhaps the best is the remainder segment where Sam and Gilly carrying the baby towards to Castle Black at spooky forest they looking for a shelter due a looming stormy weather is coming, luckily the couple finds a rustic woodshed, meanwhile a heat discussion the name of the baby, surround by noisy crows sudden appears the ghost White Walker to get the liitle one and under a heavy snowfall, Sam has his finest hour, what a great and haunted finale!!

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Resume: First watch: 2021 / How many: 1 / Source: Blu-Ray / Rating: 8.5.

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