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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love a good comedy, a good romantic, a good suspense, and most things. I even like some a good B class movie even without any A list stars. This movie just stunk, the best actor was MAtthew McConaughey in this pitiful movie. Jennifer Garner, whom I usually like was just annoying, she acted very put on, and reading from a script, I think the problem with this movie, is that people overacted or in Jen's case over then under acted, she never could quite figure it out, maybe they had no direction, no interest, but I can only hope they weren't paid their ridiculous salaries for this drivel because noone really tried. if that is not it, I guess the issue is their acting skills are poor and would like to know how they got to their position? Now lets talk about the storyline, these girls have no brains, because Matthew McConaghey is in the room, he seems to be able to tell any woman lets go to my room, and they are all like "okay". Oh you want to break up with 4 girls on a conference call with another bimbo in the room, and she is thinking Oh, you wouldn't do that to me, giggle, giggle! I mean please! No originality or sense of reality. this movie has to be written by a guy to think all girls are bimbos. These types of scripts are always the same. Emma Stoné character, she is just annoying. It just doesn't get any better. I really wish I hadn't bothered with this rubbish.
  • I'm an Aussie girl and saw this movie on Netflix. I was very excited watching the preview with our Aussie accents on display and this movie didn't disappoint. Those people that are Aussies but give it a bad review are most likely those that only love a good action or drama. My hubby wouldn't be interested in this movie for that very reason, but he is away so I get the tv to myself tonight so this movie piqued my interest. It is light hearted, I really like the chemistry Of the couple and It's just an enjoyable watch. Thank you also for displaying some of our cultural differences and choosing actors that are actually Australian. I could see myself watching this movie again for something easy and light hearted.
  • Just watching 2nd season and not sure who is more irritating Lizzy or that Tom is still alive, and finding out he is here to stay for plenty more seasons. The FBI agents have no integrity or honor to their job and speaking the truth to their superiors. They have own agenda, and all they care about is that, especially Lizzy. So infuriating. She was kinda likeable but annoying in first season, especially since within first few episodes of show, she is behaving like she runs the department. No character development at all with a new job or having any previous experience. But rubbishy actually.

    Reddington best character of lot of the useless lot. I like him and will continue to watch him, until he infuriates me too. Please kill off Tom from the show, his time is done.
  • A thing I really dislike about this movie is the major focus of the love triangle love story. So wrong. These were real events, how dare they cheapen it. Who knows what's real and not from this movie, because besides the day being correct, most feels fake. Watching this movie again now on tv, now remember why I struggle to watch it, because this movie could have been great but failed so amazingly, and none of it felt real, and Afleck playing the same type of character he always does.
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    From watching a few episodes from BBC online, I was totally hooked. I then bought 9 seasons of Spooks and watching one to two episodes a day. What I love about it, is that it doesn't try and glorify the roles of Mi5 agents, it feels so realistic, and well it touches on topics that you feel wow, what our governments are probably doing to protect our country and keep us safe that we will most likely never know about.

    It brings up the political agenda as well and how that that conflict can arise with bringing to justice criminals as it affects a politician's own personal agenda.

    Some of the scenes are scary and the suspense just keeps going, its not predictable but keeps you on the edge of you seat, and my mouth has been left hanging open for quite a few of the scenes. What you also get is you never know which main character will die or be asked to leave the service, so never ever think that even the main characters are safe.

    So if you like things blowing up, spies, the James Bond, etc. You will love this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this movie was good, until I starting reading people's comments and found that it wasn't true what they said about the British and New Zealanders or the Canadians. Why make it that Americans to be the heroes when they actually did very little? I really hate when Americans come in and give the whole I or Americans are the only ones saving the day. and what was with the car chasing the plane at the end? Surely, they would've used their guns if that had been true and not just let the plane go. Out of curiosity, how fast does a 747 have to speed up to to take off? As those cars were beating the plane,without even trying.

    So I did originally give it a good score, but the lies you gave, made it just another wrong portrayal of history so Americans will congratulate themselves for a job well done when you hear they actually did little.I didn't know about what happened but I was relying on the movie to give me an accurate, if not close to accurate portrayal of real actual events, not giving their own spin on it, to their own advantage. .The the true heroes were the Canadians. To know Argo won Best Picture now is insulting to the true heroes and Ben Affleck should give a public apology for the misleading film and advise that his movie is only partial fact, but mostly fictional. That just made me angry!! It reminds me of Independence Day. Another, I'm an American so I will save the world. Whatever.
  • I am absolutely gutted that Mistresses TV show is no longer airing. I am in Australia and they are airing season 2 now. Unfortunately, if we didn't pay for pay TV, we miss out on a lot of British TV, however with more free channels coming, they put "Mistresses" on and I absolutely love it after watching one episode. I loved it so much that I have purchased the entire series of 3 Seasons (which is only 16 episodes) by the way. What! How can BBC ditch the show?? Shame! Shame! So so sad. Please bring it back. :-( I finally find a good show to watch that is not another cops and robbers or some silly, comedy show where the story lines are all the same but just different actors. "Mistresses" rocks!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is sooo bad! Actually working in the office environment(an accountant), and being privy to many office meetings and know how directors think and how in general people act at work, this movie is so bad and I'm not sure I think I heard one financial word used in the movie "Hedging",where they said this is the hedging department. Wow! That is a big word for them. I wonder if they know what hedges are or is that beyond the brainscope? To have Tom, (Michael McMillan) say that he can save the coy by introducing a program for recycled paper! What the.......??? And the Directors love it!!!! Umm, huh? Gee, if I knew that, I would've suggested in my company. hahaha!! What a joke.

    Why they had Lane (Hilary Duff) putting some sort of tangled bead curtain up around her desk and everyone still respects her and thinks she is smart and not a ditzy looney, I have serious doubts. I love to dress well, look smart but Hilary Duff's character is a shame to any person looking to enter the finance world. She is an embarrassment.

    Another thing, I totally dislike about this movie is the fact that Lane wants to meet Mr Right but she is a shame to the female sex in the way that she treats men. She can't believe a man would try and be somebody else to impress a woman (so dumps Liam as he is a waiter and not a high professional star as he told her) and goes for businessman Tom (whom we can tell the relationship will last one month if that), however she has also been dating all the men in the office for a story, and date she does! She doesn't really give any of them the time of day or really show any interest in them. However, they all seem to line up to date her as she is beautiful. However, she is doing it for a story as she feels what it would be like to date an office guy as they would be committed. she is a hypocrite, user, deceitful, a fake. I'm sorry, don't expect us to respect Lane. She is a shame to all women.
  • I have always relied on IMD B before I go and see a movie. I mean who wants to waste their precious hard earned money as well as time to sit in front of a boring and poor movie. IMDb is where I have always turned, but you guys have let me down here. Having got through ¾ of Nicholas Sparks book "The Last Song" I couldn't wait to see the movie. It looked to be so good. However, from your recommendations and ratings from all the users, I was expecting a hopeless movie with only the title to recommend itself as being a Nicholas Sparks novel. The amazing author who brought us The Notebook and Dear John as well as many others. I was ready for a disappointment in Miley Cyrus acting. How wrong all of you were. Not being a massive Miley Cyrus fan of Hanna Montana, I was expecting the worst. However, the girl came through. What are all of you talking about? Are you expecting an actress with academy award written all over it, or what? I think that's what all us critics expect these days. We are the critics too. We complain about everything. Are you jealous or what? If the story is not for you, then I suggest you find out what it is about first of all, before you pay for the ticket. And those of you expecting to see a Hanna Montana type movie in the cinema, umm, should also find out about the story. I learnt from this movie too not to stereotype people. I think the story was great. Miley did well. I am just so disappointed in where they changed the story line. Don't like when they change the story. It is the directors and writers fault. When I go to watch a movie on a book. I don't expect for those in the movie world to put there own spin on it. What is so wrong with copying the book. Why change the story? It just makes people upset anyway and the original is usually better. Maybe it keeps the writers in a job, if they feel they can change something of the movie. No, don't do it I tell you! Think all of you how many good books have been ruined by some silly writer changing the story line for the movie. I admit that sometimes it is need to fit into a 2hr block, but please make minimal adjustments.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't seen Season 6 so this was the first episode I watched since Lauren left and it is so bad. Kristin is one mean girl. Her and Brody deserve each other. McKaela sounds so lovely and sweet and Brody is just a jerk!! Kristin didn't care at all that McKaela was having problems with Brody and was wanting to sort things out. She was all over him. Lauren would never have done that. I used to like Brody when I first saw him with Lauren when he first came on the scene but now, his true colours are coming out. He is not as sweet or charming as we once thought. He is a girl chaser opportunist. Obviously as Kristin and Lauren are regulars on the show, it would wise to stay close to them. Interesting, I wonder how often he sees Lauren now or is she just a distant memory because she is no longer connected to the show. I am struggling on who now to like on the show. Always liked Audrina so will stick with her. Never been a fan of Lo, and Speidi. At least with Spencer, he is outright and shows his true colors, but Brody is sly.
  • I can't believe how underrated this film is and how critical some have been about this film. When I first watched it. I was hooked on every scene. I showed this movie to so many of my friends and family that love dance movies and just a feel good film, they all said how good this movie was. The dancing is spectacular by the main character Kate. She is absolutely gorgeous, sexy and really knows how to dance.

    The acting ability was flawed in a couple of instances but we are talking about people who more than likely have dancing as their first love and profession and acting as an add on so please! ease up all you massively criticizing people out there. WE are only talking about a few instances here anyway not the whole film.

    I like this film more than the first, I've gotta say. There will be people that will disagree but if you are looking for a light hearted feel good film to watch with plenty of dancing, give this one a go.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really enjoyed the other girl's comment and thought she was spot to the way I feel about this episode and really the whole 3rd season. I absolutely loved for the 1st and 2nd season and was desperately hanging out for season 3 to start. The whole season has not been crash hot and this episode another disappointment. I remember in season 2 where Chuck said to Nate that Blair was changing, and she truly was. She was my favorite character but now it seems her desperation to be accepted every story line is getting a little old and boring and she is not in school anymore. I don't know about you, but I don't know any queen bees at college and I doubt many would care if there were.

    Jenny has changed so much from the sweet and innocent girl she started the show with. Her look and hair is cheap now. Bring back the other Jenny! She was a lot more likable and attractive. I now wish she would be axed from the show. Another character I have begun to dislike is VAnessa. Before I blame everything about this season and characters, whom I once used to adore, I blame it all down to the script writing. They must have different writers this year as Season 1 and 2 were awesome. This year, seems there is no character development. Nate definitely needs some good story lines, and the whole Tripp and Serena thing. Sorry, must of missed the chemistry there. It didn't take her long to get over Carter. That was a much better story line. Gee, if Carter comes back, she will have 3 men tailing after her! LOL! Now there is an interesting story line. IT is not the actors fault, as we are reminded they are just reading their lines, but after the last few episodes, I think we are learning that bringing star guests onto the show and going a little bit raunchy (which turned me off rather - a threesome??)is not a way to keep your audience captivated, that just shows looks of desperation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was very skeptical of The Vampire Diaries at first but the last two episodes are the beginning of an exciting series. As they are giving away "HEy you have discovered what we are" quite early in the series, it will be interesting to see how it pans out. I am so glad they ignored the whole "Superman" series how Lois Lane never finds out who Superman is and it will always was will they or won't they get together. Will she finally find out, yah di yah! That is fine for a while but how many series did they go with the same. I had to stop watching. How absolutely annoying! Didn't like the characters at first but they are now really interesting, and a story is starting to coming together.
  • I watched episode 1 and wasn't really a fan. It was like models galore in a high school. Where are the normal everyday school kids. Every Buffy fan would know that they had a few attractive people in it but not the whole high school. If you are a young teenager, you might like it. I found it very silly actually, not suspenseful, intriguing, haven't drawn to any of the characters, you know in Buffy how characters had there quirks, they were funny yet very likable, It is like 90210 and Melrose Place meet two gorgeous looking vampires. One good, one bad. Oh and yes, haven't found one of the actors with much acting talent either. Don't expect this show to last long. Great concept in wake of the Twilight series but poorly carried out.
  • I used to love this show but ever since Roselyn Sanchez joined, have not really watched it. Why is that TV producers think they need to bring on some very sexy actress to boost ratings to their show? Were they hoping for a more male crowd? Well, if she could carry off her self as a professional, it would be believable, but now every time I see the show I am reminded that this is acting and ALL THE ACTORS ARE THERE for a meal ticket, and not a story which the actors' characters are bringing to life. I am not saying that all actors need to look ugly on the show, I think most of the actors are attractive, but I am sorry Roselyn Sanchez just looks way out of place for something serious like this.
  • I loved this show. I wish it would come back. It is not everyone's cup of tea. Yes, it dives into the life of cosmetic surgery and it will always be a awkward subject. To the people who are blessed with good looks or even those who ooze confidence in themselves, they probably don't understand this show. It takes these ugly ducklings who have zero confidence in themselves because of the way they look and transforms them into beautiful and confident swans. They don't feel embarrassed about the way they look anymore. Remember that these ladies/men have probably been hurting this way for decades. This isn't just something that they thought one day. "I am ugly today, I need help". I agree with other comments that this isn't a perfect world. I think every girl wants to feel beautiful! It is not sad. It is reality.
  • What were Toni Collette and John Corbett thinking signing on for this? I read Toni Collette is signed on for 7 years. Well, hopefully the show won't last any more than the 12 already assigned. I struggled through one episode. It is one bizarre show. Toni Collette's character has four personalities and from the episode I watched, it went from bizarre, to weird to whatever. Agree with everyone else, no plot. It is just Toni Collette and the rest of the family trying to deal with her 4 personalities when they come out and no one really being thrilled about it when they do. The kids have got their own interesting lives. Certainly not the typical family as we know it. The show is such a shame as Toni Collett and John Corbett are such great actors. They have had such winners in their careers. I just hope this does not pull there careers down.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This sequel was dismal to say the least. The new Paige definitely can't act and I can't believe she is now in a Prince & Me 3 and 4. Huh? With such poor ratings in this one, why? It is the same old story, nothing new brought to the screen. One big fairytale. How does a normal girl fit into a world full of royals and the responsibilities that go along with it. She will make some big mistakes, yet in the end, the Prince will see all past that and say that he loves her, and live happily ever after. Oh yeah, in the beginning, they will be all fairytale and lovey dovey and then of course, not to bore us out of our wits with boredom of their lovey dovey, everything is grand kind of thing, there will be somebody who wants the crown and tries to spoil it for the happy couple only weeks before the wedding. Big shocker there! This time it is a girl in the name of Kirsten. She acts all sweet to Paige and Edvard but secretly trying to spoil things for Paige so she has some major stuffups. But Kirsten didn't need to try as Paige could make stuffups without help. Yes, the same thing happened in Princess Diaries, but at least you got to warm to Princess Mia. In this one, it seems to be all about revenge, that in this movie by the end, you don't care if Paige marries Edvard or not. He could've married Kirsten and I still would be happy.

    In the end of course, Kirsten is humiliated, ( a lot of copying from other movies) and Edvard and Paige are married. Okay, some rehashing of old stories can sometimes be good, but that is where the actors really need to shine and make you fall in love with them like I did in The Princess Diaries. This story however, is not much different to the Princess Diaries, and "What a girl wants" movies put together. In Prince & Me 2, I couldn't warm to Kam?? Maybe it was the whole cast's poor acting abilities, except for Kirsten. (She would be my reason for giving this movie a 2 instead of 1) She was the best person of the movie, she at least had a bit of personality. Maybe not the best, but at least she had something. Definitely a B grade movie.
  • Okay, I was expecting it to be Another Cinderella Story spin off like the first one, and usually when they redo it, it is bad! Not this one, I liked it. Okay, it did have the same story line as the first one, but we are talking about A Cinderella Story here. That is why it is called "Cinderella", and yes she will have a mean stepmother and two silly stepsisters so you can't really change on that. The dancing was great. It was fun, light entertainment and definitely better than I expected. It might not be a show stopper movie and it is made with young teenagers in mind but if you liked the first one as well as movies like the Princess Diaries, etc, give this one a go too.
  • Okay, I have read some pretty nasty comments but I don't understand why you are saying these things. Okay, you might be a die hard fan of the comic book and it might be a little different story but for me who hasn't read it, and don't really care about following every line of the comic book and just go because it is entertainment, I really enjoyed it! I am sure there will be people to slam me down here and I guess that is the price you pay for writing a comment, but overall people if you are looking for a bit of action entertainment and you enjoyed the first two Xmen, this movie is just as good - it is different as most characters are new, but for me I didn't care. The average rating on IMDb proves that the movie is worthwhile seeing and then make up your own mind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, I have read a lot of the comments, and can't get over how a lot of people really hated the film. IT is no Oscar winning performance but it was a light hearted film and yeah, maybe the girls are going over and over the same thing again but isn't' that what we girls do? We love to repeat ourselves and dwell on a situation.It maybe a little cliché, but with all the movies out at the moment, it will be hard to find a movie without a little cliché. And I was happy to know that she def end up with the musician. I would've been extremely upset if she ended up with workaholic Architect. Diane Keaton though maybe a little high strung reminds me so much of my mum. She can be very irritating and is always concerned that I will find the right man, blah blah, blah and thinks I manage to find all the wrong guys, which is mostly true, but no matter what I love her. I could imagine her doing something like that. I am no Diane Keaton fan, I still remember that horrible movie The FAmily Stone, where I felt sorry more for Sarah Jessica PArker and felt the family were ganging up on her, but this movie was not even close. So what if the photo Diane Keaton was holding was the same as in the Family Stone, who cares. It is a prop. The only reason why I didn't give this movie a 10 was because of the 2 old ladies kissing at the end, unfortunately that was a bit out of place and not necessary. So I am going to be brave and say give this movie a go. And yes, I can see why Johnny would fall for Mandy Moore's character.
  • Okay. Am a bit biased on this movie as like Marcus Gilbert. First saw him in Hazard of Hearts and liked him so much and the movie wasn't bad either that bought the book. Really surprising Marcus Gilbert has not been in more movies. The ones he has been in have been horror ones, so bit disappointed in that. In fact this movie has four characters from Hazard of Hearts. (Christopher Plummer, Marcus Gilbert!, Fiona Fullerton and Gareth Hunt) so I think they were just recycling the actors. Okay. This movie could of been a little better. I didn't like Lysette Anthony playing the main girl character Mistral or Madam Phantom. I think she was wrongly picked. She didn't have any quality that I could see every man attracted and drawing to her. Not only did she look plain and ordinary, as well as having flaws, there was nothing appealing about her including her character in the story. Lord Stanford, on the other hand. (Marcus Gilbert) was superb in my books. His voice and looks (woah!) He is up there with Colin Firth in my books.

    The story itself. Again not as good as Hazard of Hearts despite having some other great actors in it like Oliver Reed and Joanna Lumley but okay to watch if you like period pieces.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you want a movie that will have you screaming a day later (like myself) then watch this movie. This movie is so frustrating.

    It starts off being like movies showing the family Christmas scene that portray a perfect loving family how everyone is so loving and adorable. Though, a little fake, you are still feeling this will be a warm hearted movie. No way! Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her boyfriend Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney) are heading to his parents home for Christmas- you know to meet the family.

    Meredith is pretty nerved racked about it. It's a big thing after all. She's a little bit tight and could do with relaxing but the family after hearing from Everett's sister Amy (Rachel McAdams), that Meredith is stuck up and also after witnessing Meredith's preferring a handshake than a hug to Everett's father, in no way tried to get to know her but just judged her straight away that she was stuck up and not worth knowing. The two worst characters are Amy and the mother (Diane Keaton) who didn't even try to get to know her, and definitely didn't try and make her feel welcome, this was left to the father after Everett told his family to stop being so rude for the umpteenth time, and said he was most disappointed in his father.

    The sister Amy while playing charades gave Meredith one that was so mean "Brides wear black" and then accused her of pointing to the black boyfriend of one of the brothers. Not only this, Mrs Stone and Amy make Meredith feel like it is the biggest crime as she didn't want to sleep in Everett's room as she thought it would be awkward and wanted to respect the family. Sorry, but I can understand that.

    Next the little girls decide to draw over Meredith's really good white heels in pink right in front of the family who say nothing. Meredith grabs them doesn't say anything and goes to her room. Again, the family are shocked at her.

    And Mrs Stone, when Everett ask his mother for his grandmother's wedding ring as promised, blatantly refuses saying she couldn't give it to "that woman". Meredith does suffer from a confidence problem and trying to please people and maybe not having the social skills like her sister, she is not easygoing, does need to learn to hold her tongue, and speaks without thinking but the family in no way respect Everett's choice or give Meredith a chance. I would hate to have this family as my own. Meredith then decides to stay at a hotel

    Well, Meredith decides to bring her sister Julie (Claire Danes) for encouragement. Oh, my goodness, big mistake. Okay, another way you get the picture of Meredith is her tightly pulled back hair and being immaculately dressed, compared to the lovely blonde sister Julie with her hair out and looking stunning and her casual but stylish clothing, and guess what Everett falls for her! I should mention this is straight after the fact that he just bought an engagement ring for Meredith. In fact the whole family falls for her. She is easygoing, more their style of person. Julie in no way tries to support Meredith, so poor Meredith is left to feel more alone and feels more insecure. Meredith tries to be helpful by offering to make a lavish breakfast, rather than thanking her and saying that it is really good and sweet of her, it is straight into, Everett's brother Ben (Luke Wilson) can't eat mushrooms.

    Everett and Julie, after one night and one conversation, (while out looking for Meredith after she ran away after a horrible row with the family – okay Meredith in the wrong with that one) Everett puts the engagement ring on Julie's fingers (to see what it would look like on- yeah right) and pretty much proposes to Julie.

    In the meantime, we capture Meredith totally drunk with Ben Stone as he takes her to a pub to calm her down. Meredith says to him "I just wanted people to like me". Next morning she is found in Ben's bed, and guess what happens, the father walks in looking pretty peeved at her.

    Meredith does a really sweet thing on Christmas day by giving them each a special present, an enlarged picture of Mrs Stone with Amy as a baby and the family start to like her. About time! Well, it doesn't last long before Everett says he wants to talk to her privately, she thinks it's to propose, (after seeing the ring on Julie's finger who can't get the ring off!). Meredith doesn't want him to ask, whether because she doesn't love him or because she thinks she slept with Ben Stone, but Everett says he proposed to Julie. Meredith says she slept with Ben whom points out that nothing happened. Meredith then says "Why doesn't anyone love me?" and Everett fights with Ben.

    Meredith then apologizes to Everett for everything. Everett says no I apologize and says nothing else. Why did she apologize? No more footage given of the sisters to talk it through, you know hello, I am about to steal your boyfriend/fiancé, is it okay?? but Meredith doesn't seem to feel anything about that. Meredith then snuggles up to Ben and it seems as though everything is dandy with her. Too convenient I say, they don't even suit, but he does seem to loosen her up a bit (with a bit of alcohol). I am not saying that that Everett would've worked but they really painted Meredith to be the only problem in this movie. And yes, Julie and Everett get together and do we say this a feel good movie???
  • It has taken me a while to watch this version as unfortunately I don't seem to be able to rent it in the video store, only the other version but I fell in love with it. I was always borderline with the other Emma. Gwenneth and Toni Collette, as they are not British naturally have to put on the accent, and well to me it doesn't seem natural. It seems put on. Sorry but don't think Toni and Gwenneth did a brilliant job there. I could not warm to any of the characters, but this version is more heart warming and more the type of person I imagined Emma to be. It is definitely the version I will come back to from now on. I was disappointed that Mr Knightley was not better looking, but he is convincing. I also like Jane Fairfax better (played by Olivia Williams). I never warmed to her in the movie version, but she is better portrayed in this version. Come to think of it, (besides Mr Knightley) all characters are better played, and a lot less over the top. Unfortunately both came out around same time and the Paltrow version got more publicity. Pity...... I also love the new scene at the end. Well done to Kate Beckingsale! Therefore, if you are a Jane Austen fan, don't forget to watch this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sorry to say but was disappointed in the film. It was very very rushed, as I suppose you can understand a movie length version of Pride & Prejudice would be and I felt that a lot of the major scenes were glossed over just to get through the story. As the movie is so rushed, unfortunately you don't get to really know about and feel for each of the characters much at all.

    Not only that, this movie is Boring. I say that with a capital B. 1/3 of the way through I started yawning and couldn't wait for the movie to be over. As I have read the book and watch the BBC version, I knew how many scenes had to go, before I could finally leave the cinema. Mr Darcy whoever he is in this movie, definitely can't act. He looks also too young to play Mr Darcy. Every word that comes out of his mouth is rushed like he needs to get through the script or something. Where is the build up? At first, he seems confused with everything. He is just bizarre! It all looks put on.

    Was trying not to compare to the Colin Firth version but if you love that version, you will most likely be disappointed anyway.

    The costumes are absolutely shocking. Where are the corsets? I know Elizabeth is poor, but I think she still knows how to dress as some sort of ladylike fashion, and hasn't been brought up in a squaller. Her dresses indicates she might be the poorest peasant in all of England.

    I didn't agree with a couple of scenes in the movie in the fact, that I don't think it would be considered proper in that society for men to do such things, honestly Mr Bingley who has wealth should know better. There is some things that are said that sound too modern for the period this movie is set in, and not at all like Jane Austen. Bingley's character is shockingly donee, to me he behaves like a simpleton, not a character to like and respect. What about that laugh of his!!! I Wickham hardly has a presence and Mr & Mrs Hurst and a couple of other characters have no presence at all. Keira did okay, but it just ain't the same.