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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Adventure on the high seas.
A fairly simple plot, but with memorable characters, a great director and full-blown, exciting attacks between the British and the French naval ships, this film manages to rise above the rest. One of the best relationships in this story is between Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Steven Maturin, seeing how they interact with each other, in a brother-like way. I am not a seafaring person, but I still found this movie enjoyable, with the history and sets (I am told) almost perfect. One of the truly touching scenes is when Lord Blakeney, a maimed boy, leads fully grown men into battle. Look out for the neat twist at the end. Real adventure movies like this are not made anymore. Enjoy it while you can!

Till Human Voices Wake Us

Sweet, sad movie that is surprisingly haunting.
This movie is an under rated film that blends the past and present. It focuses on what is and what might have been, and what life would be like if we had the chance to correct our mistakes. Dr Sam Franks is a man who returns to his home town to bury his somewhat estranged father. On the way he rescues Ruby, an unknown woman who cannot remember who she is or why she is here. He takes her in, and she makes him remember memories he had tried to forget. We are revealed through painful, and sad flashbacks of terrible memories, what it is he had tried to forget. In the end it seems as though she was brought here, just to make him remember, so he could forgive and move on. A sad film, but beautiful at the same time. A line that would sum this film up would be - "She never was."

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