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House of Darkness

Grand Guignol
2022 movie by Neil LaBute.

The movie is actually a kind of remake of the famous 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'.

While making this adaptation, the director used his stage as a theater stage, and even the entrances and exits of the actors were prepared accordingly. Which is actually a brilliant idea.

It is also a nice detail that the American Neil N. LaBute has such a command of the European Grand Guignol style.

Although it's been a long time since the movie Jeepers Creepers, Justin Long is still an equally influential actor when it comes to horror movies.

Cinematographer Daniel Katz, who worked on the films Sidney Hall and Come to Daddy, which is one of my favorite films, did a great job that after the director's choices, the entire burden of the film belongs to him.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Disney Plus Kills The Christmas Spirit Cinematic Universe
''Disney Plus Kills The Christmas Spirit Cinematic Universe''

How can Kevin Bacon be more handsome, younger and sexier than he was 30 years ago?

I give one star for Kevin Bacon.

It is unbelievable how they did such a mediocre job with this staff.

By the way; I learned that Dave Bautista's fantasy of squeezing money into his pants wasn't just mine.

Isn't Kevin Bacon so amazing?

I hope there aren't any worse productions until Christmas time.

Disney was one of the companies that built the spirit of Christmas in the past, and now it's more than just a Christmas killer.

It's Christmas again and we're on our way to Netflix again.

The Wonder

Great narrative language.
2022 Netflix film directed by Sebastián Lelio, based on the 2016 novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue.

The production of the film, which received 12 nominations at the British Independent Film Awards on December 4, 2022, began on April 28, 2021.

Sebastián Lelio, a director who has proven himself with many works including Gloria Bell, is one of the directors who best tell women's stories.

It is still a reality today that a disgusting incident that happened to a young girl is legitimized/masked by the villager using religion and even the victim considers himself guilty because of religion.

Even if you don't read about historical events such as the Irish Potato Famine / Black 47, the film, which is more impressive with its texture, reflects the troubles of my period in the background.

The soundtrack of the film, which has a cinematographer like Ari Wegner who created his own fan base, was actually composed by an independent electronic musician, Matthew Herbert.


Aciktan's Netflix Trilogy
2022 model Ozan Açiktan movie.

'Kal', the last link of Açiktan's Netflix trilogy, returns to the frames and colors we remember from Açiktan 'Silsile'.

Burak Deniz's natural acting is magnificent in scenes that flow one after another for 100 minutes, connected by sharp cuts and soft dialogues.

For the last 30 years, especially for people who want to get rid of the rural stories that come one after the other in our 'Art-house' / 'festival' cinema and watch the stories of the people they meet every day in the cinema, Açiktan is like a space whose cinema has been saved.

Although he clearly describes all the characters and event cycles in the story he tells, he has also made his mark in this movie, Açiktan, who loves question marks with his brilliance from Hitchcock's admiration.

The end of the movie will be criticized by those who are not familiar with the movie Açiktan. Fortunately, Açiktan is one of our sane filmmakers who do not listen to such empty types/criticisms.

Just like in Silsile, the art team included every place where the movie takes place, every area that is in the background in the frames, into the story.

The music choices of the movie are also great.

It is a very good choice that there is no garish like HDR/Dolby Vision in the 4K movie, so they didn't overshadow the natural light choices in the movie.

The sound problem that Turkish cinema could not solve has never been a minus for Açiktan cinema. The film, which was mixed with Dolby Digital 7.1, was released as Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 on Netflix.

He was openly a name that I was always curious about his next project, and with KAL I learned that this will be the case in the future.


Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson film from 2022.

Many artists and writers present to us the pain of adolescence, the effects of which they still cannot get rid of in their works. This is one of the most important sources that literature and art have been fed since their existence.

Guðmundsson, born in 1982, I think, has conveyed the pain of adolescence to the audience in a unique and disturbing reality, like a fist in the stomach, as in the films Ártún (2014) / Hjartasteinn (2016).

Guðmundsson's 'storytelling' skill that goes beyond scriptwriting, and the ability to deliver the resulting work to adolescent actors whom no one has given / known before, and always getting good results as a result of this risk, I think, stems from his ability to explain himself to his actors.

Berdreymi, who made its second screening in the world at the Istanbul Film Festival, is once again a Guðmundsson classic and easily stands out from the 2022 films with the closed nature of Iceland and its character reflecting it.

Our character Baldur (Hjartasteinn's young actor's name is a nice detail) was a father figure to all of his friends when he was a wounded child, but he never left his childhood, all the child actors hurt the audience's hearts with their characters, Kristian Eidnes Andersen's great compositions and with camera moves that take the movie to another dimension Thanks to Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, Guðmundsson has outdone herself in her art.

Just as he discovered Baldur Einarsson in the movie Hjartasteinn, he brought Birgir Dagur Bjarkason to the cinema in this movie as well, who will be a great actor with the right direction.

Long story short, Berdreymi is a masterpiece that should be watched not only for those who love northern cinema or 'Coming-Age' movies, but also for anyone who defines himself as a cinephile.


Some movies make you feel deeper emotions when they have a counterpart in your life, and you can never tell your troubles to those who criticize that movie aimlessly.

Muzaffer Özdemir, in his documentary Yurt, which he shot with a documentary style, and which is forgotten, conveyed to his audience the anti-HEPP actions taken years later by the villagers, who reproached us for the actions against HEPP I participated in with Kazim Koyuncu in my teenage years in the Black Sea region...

Besides having many surprise names in the cast, Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan played very well, I wish we could see this man in movies like this more.

Cinematographer Ilker Berke is the unsung hero of the movie.

I've been a follower since the movie "Making Ships out of Watermelon Shell"...

Don't Worry Darling

Maybe Next Time Olivia
An Olivia Wilde movie that lags far behind 'Booksmart' despite all its budget and technical possibilities.

I think it's a kind of Hollywood disease that directors who do good work with low budgets get into a dead end as their budgets increase.

In this movie, too, Wilde occasionally bores the audience for the sake of gathering the subject he told.

I guess that's why so many actors turned down the offer, and critics ruefully criticize the film during the Venice Film Festival.

Harry Styles played so straight, I still don't understand why and how this kid became an actor.

Although the music selection and cinematography are good, the film cannot catch the audience to make it watch.

The worst part is; After this movie, my expectations for the Sony/Marvel movie directed by Wilde and the movie Perfect, which is about the 1996 Olympics, have dropped.

By the way; The only reason why the movie is rated higher than it should be on sites like Imdb and Letterboxd is because Harry Styles fans gave the movie 5-10 stars.

See How They Run


Hollywood references of the period, 50's London, Political subtexts...

These are the details that I'm already attracted to, besides all that, impressive art, sound, cinematography...

Considering that it was the first big work of the screenwriter and writer, they made impressive terc...

But... While watching this movie, I realized "again"; It is impossible for me to remain indifferent and objectively look at a project with Sam Rockwell on its staff.

Sam Rockwell is locking me up and I can't think of anything else anyway, he's an outstanding actor...

I need to watch a few more Sam Rockwell works over the weekend...

Ticket to Paradise

cliché but good
2022 adoration rom-com directed by Ol Parker starring and producing George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The movie is so full of clichés that most of them belong to the films of Ol Parker, Clooney and Roberts.

Even the coming together of the film's cast is a cliché in itself.

So is this important?

Of course not, because you're watching a rom-com, there are stories to tell, and since the invention of cinema, 100 movies have been made every year in Hollywood alone on this subject.

Colleague and business partner Clooney and Roberts' compatibility is amazing, which has already been proven time and again.

Apart from this, the film does not promise anything new to its audience, except to spend time with pleasure, but it delivers what it promises.

Im Westen nichts Neues

This epic novel, which has been adapted to cinema, TV and theater many times from erich maria remarque's 1929 novel of the same name, has been among my bedside books since high school.

The blu-ray editions of the movie adaptation versions are in my collection.

Before the covid-19 pandemic, I was very sad to hear that it was going to be adapted into a movie again because the world of cinema has become a remake garbage. Especially in the last 20 years.

But later on I learned that the 'Jack' movie was directed by my favorite edward berger and that daniel brühl will be in the lead role. Daniel brühl is a name that I respect immensely.

Critics' comments from the 47th Toronto International Film Festival and the Paris Theater in New York raised my expectations...

but this war movie, produced by daniel brühl and clive barker, which lasted for nearly 3 hours, didn't have much luck in the cinemas... moreover, the movie was not completed in English despite all the warnings of Clive Barker. Daniel Brühlb thought it would be better and they decided on German.

And then netflix came to the rescue and bought the whole project.

The casting choice of the movie is magnificent, each actor, especially Daniel Brühl, has fulfilled their duties in a way that has mastered the spirit of the book.

Volker Bertelmann, on the other hand, composed unique compositions that hit the audience when they least expected it, as he did in the music of patrick melrose and lion (2016).

James friend took advantage of all the blessings of alexa 65, arri alexa mini lf, prime 65s cameras by producing a magnificent cinematography, 2:35:1 aspect radio selection suits the spirit of the film and the era.

The movie is probably the best sound mix of any war movie ever made.

The sound design based on the dolby atmos 5.1.2 channel coded for netflix has succeeded in making the audience feel the effect of the image in every single frame of the movie.

If you like war movies, ''im westen nichts neues'' is a boon for you.

Ps: the movie was officially made by the team of patrick melrose and this team will continue on their way with benedict cumberbatch, and they will make a series of 1935 alfred hitchcock movie the 39 steps. Even the shooting has started.

Kar ve Ayi

Kar ve Ayi
A 2022 drama film starring Merve Dizdar and Saygin Soysal, whose script was written by Yesim Aslan and Selcen Ergun...

With her first feature film, after his short films "Gunesli Bir Gun" and "Karsilasma" Ergun takes a busy and big job, but he manages it successfully.

She does not take refuge in the unwritten rule of 'the first film has no sin' and presents his screenplay to the audience in the desired consistency, with both sound design and cinematography.

Yes, if you want to force it critically, you can find the deficiencies, but at the end of the day, when the last credits start to flow, Ergun tells you his problem...

The production, which will meet with the festival audience in Ankara after Antalya and Istanbul, will hopefully be the first of many films that Ergun will shoot.

The professionalism she showed during the Bosphorus Film Festival and the fact that he did not remain silent in the face of fascists is an indication that we will see Ergun's name among names such as Pelin Esmer and Yesim Ustaoglu in the future.

The Good Nurse

The 'drama' film that opened at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2022 and was released in select theaters on October 19, 2022, before being released by Netflix on October 26, 2022.

The movie is based on the 2013 true crime book of the same name written by Charles Graeber about serial killer Charles Cullen.

Darren Aronofsky is the producer of the film, which began shooting on April 12, 2021 in Stamford, Connecticut.

Although the film does not have a casting and technical problem, it seems like there was a lot of intervention in the production process.

The producer of the film, Aronofsky, probably put pressure on director Tobias Lindholm, or Tobias Lindholm felt pressured by the producer of the film, Darren Aronofsky.

Because the movie is full of unpredictable transitions whether it is a lindholm movie or aronofsky movie and this starts to get annoying after a while.

It is clear that jessica chastain and eddie redmayne are aware of how inadequate some scenes in the movie are, their individual efforts are admirable.

The reason why people are so harsh on the film is that the work on which the film is adapted is a novel that has been a bestseller for months.

At the end of the day, buying a project with so many names for $ 24 million was a profitable investment for netflix, but I was expecting a job with much more depth for myself.


Detroit: Become 'Thing'
A horror / thriller production that we both said we wanted to see more of in the cinema, during the horror movies conversation we had with Ayhan Salar at the closing party of the Bosphorus Film Festival yesterday...

The film, which is director Zach Cregger's solo debut, was inspired by the book The Gift of Fear.

The use of clichés never bothers me, the important thing is not to use clichés in a work, but how the clichés are used.

Starting with a cliché that has been used many times recently in the opening scene, the film contains clichés of many genres, including Southern Gothic, and as a result of the clever use of these clichés, the film manages to lock the audience on the screen until the end.

Every name chosen for the cast does their job very well. (actually he will be in Zac Efraon in the cast)

The sound design helped the cinematographer a lot in the dark scenes, and this collaboration is missed in many films.

It is not the production's fault that streaming services have not satisfied the audience who consume too much content with the spread of streaming services, movies are not TV series, and instead of trying to make the instant audience happy, they should also make those who watch it happy 100 years later, this should be the point of view.

The film, which was completed for 4.5 million dollars at the end of the day, was shown for a limited time in America, Canada and abroad, making 45 million dollars in cinemas and making its producers smile.

Which means we'll be watching more of Zach Cregger.


Berkun Oya Rules
A film signed by Berkin Oya, who deserves the title of 'Auteur' director even before he is 45 years old.

The movie wasn't actually made for Netflix. Netflix later joined the project and bought all the rights of the film without being a passenger of the Antalya Film Festival.

Berkun Oya, who has worked at every stage of a set and gained experience, presents us with the master framing, actor/actress management and script language that we are used to in this film.

The advantage of having full control in the series, theater plays, films and even in writing is a plus.

If we talk about this movie; The fact that he used the experienced actors and actresses for the cast and inexperienced actors in the same frame and the equal distribution of roles in each frame is proof of how much he trusts himself.

Having started his career as a cameraman, Yagiz Yavru's cinematography is magnificent.

Ali Aga, on the other hand, made the film even more watchable with an edit worthy of him.

Eli Haligua and Fatih Ragbet did a great job in sound engineering.

It would take pages to praise the names in the cast of the movie one by one, everyone in the cast believed in the work, many of whom had already worked with Berkun Oya...

But a round of applause is needed for Okan Yalabik and Nur Sürer...

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons

The production by Matt Peter's, who directed a few mediocre dc animations before, cannot go beyond being a production that is a collection of clichés of both dc animation studios and classic American Teen age series.

The animation, which started with the opening credits of old-school batman and superman drawings, cannot maintain the same quality.

Jack Dylan Grazer, who entered the DC world with Shazam, is playing the role of superboy this time.

Even Troy baker/batman and nolan North / jor-el, who have produced very successful projects in the works they work together, could not add excitement to the animation.

DC is always ahead of Marvel when it comes to animation, but they've had a stagnant period for a long time.


A very watchable dystopian movie from Bruno Samper and Kristina Buozyte.

The most interesting aspect of the film is that either the two directors who also wrote the script of the film or the production designer Henrijs Deicmanis and Raimondas Dicius were heavily influenced by Miyazaki.

The characters in the movie look like they came straight out of the obvious Miyazaki anime.

This is not a bad criticism, it is a choice that fits the texture of the film.

The duo, who had previously filmed Vanishing Waves (2012) together, spent six years on this project and decided at the last minute to shoot the movie in English in order to attract more viewers.

Cinematographer Feliksas Abrukauskas drew on paintings by Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt for inspiration.

Most of the movie was completed without using the green/blue screen, but the drone used in some scenes was helped by cgi... Because the drone used on the set made a lot of noise and the actors and actresses could not focus on their roles.


I'm in love this movie

Charlotte Wells film, produced in 2022, with signatures such as Sundance, BBC, BFI.

The film, which literally burns my heart, is the best production I've watched in 2022, in my personal opinion.

I could not have guessed that Charlotte Wells, whom I knew before with her short films and screenplay, was such a successful and literally 'auter' director.

Oliver Coates' compositions, Guzin Erkaymaz and Billur Turan's fine-tuning work are magnificent. (It was very nice to have worked on details that would not normally be noticed by an audience, from the beer bottles found to fit the period to the glasses used)

Telling such a personal story at such a 'clear' pace shows the power of Wells' pen.

It bothered me that many social media platforms and even active columnists/cinema critics use terms like 'art-house' 'experimental' 'video essay' for the movie.

Because the film neither fits these definitions nor does Wells put itself in such a separate category as the language of cinema.

It's a great 'drama' movie. What comes to mind when these people think of Drama?

I fell in love with Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio, I wanted to hug them many times. They played their roles with an incredible naturalness.

The movie will hopefully be released as a Blu-ray edition. Or at least it's on sale on itunes, because I open and watch this movie once a month...

PS: If it had gone viral in Turkey, if Turks had shot the movie, they probably wouldn't have made such a good advertisement... anyway, almost all of the behind the scenes are Turks.


Another amazing Taylan / Gunaydin collaboration
It is the third collaboration between the scriptwriter Engin Gunaydin and the directors Yagmur/Durul Taylan brothers.

The series, which presents a very good script to the audience with a very good tempo, also comes to the fore with its acting.

The only reason people give low ratings and write negative comments is their anger towards Tamer karadagli, which causes the series to be unfairly lynched.

Tamer Karadagli does his duty in this series. He is already a very successful theater actor and voice actor. What he is like in his personal life is beyond our subject.

The children's cast of the series is very successful.

The use of camera and color is quite good in the 4K HDR series.

Sound design is very successful in Dolby Atmos preferred production.

I hope we will watch more TV series and movies with Gunaydin/Taylan partnership.

Mr. Harrigan's Phone

Amazing Adaptation
Based on a short story from Stephen King's 2020 If It Bleeds novella, the 2022 production by Blumhouse Productions / Ryan Murphy Productions / Stephen King movie.

Netflix is the global distributor of the movie.

The film stars Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell, whom we have seen on the big screen with adaptations of the King novel.

I learned a few months ago that the novel was going to be made into a movie while I was snacking on Jaeden Martell's imdb page.

I loved the short story and was very happy to find the tone of the story a little bit Apt Pupil and Hearts in Atlantis.

Although many of the King adaptations we have watched in recent years have been disappointing, the cast was reassuring and my expectation as a Stephen King collector was not in vain.

Donald Sutherland was the character of Mr. Harrigan that came to my mind even as I was reading the book.

Jaeden Martell, who took sixty percent of the movie by himself, almost recreated the character of Craig in the story with his natural acting, to which he owes his fame.

The set design used for the movie in the first period of the 2000s and the cinematographer John Schwartzman's choices, who had been through very high productions before, were quite good.

John Lee Hancock, who not only directed the story but also wrote the screenplay, made it easier for us to empathize with Craig with his calm narration, which we are used to, and managed to make the audience watch such a drama without getting tired.

The secret weapon of the film is Javier Navarrete, who composed great compositions for the film. Navarrete kept the rhythm and emotion of the film with his compositions, as he had done in the film 'El Laberinto del Fauno' before.

5.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos sound system was chosen for the movie, whose sound engineering is magnificent, and each channel fulfills its duty while watching the movie.

PS: Jaden I know you're reading this... Please don't cry. It's sad to see you cry, even if it's just for the sake of acting.

Der Parfumeur

Incredible Bad
This epic novel has already been perfectly adapted to the cinema by a German director, Tom Tykwer. I will never understand why the Germans made a disgraceful adaptation of a movie that left its mark on cinema. The acting is bad, the cinematography is mediocre, the adaptation made to the present is incredibly bad, it has failed in terms of scenario. If I were Nils Willbrandt, I would try to prevent this movie from being released. The only good thing about this movie is that it makes you want to watch the Tom Tykwer version again. I'm sure the budget spent on this movie is more than the budget in Tom Tykwer's movie. The worst movie is Netflix Germany.

Goodnight Mommy

Sorry Mommy
I can't stand the bad re-makes of movies. You are not making anything from scratch. A movie that has already been made needs to be reinterpreted and you can't do it either.

With two child actors who have proven their talents like the Crovetti sisters and a legendary actress like Naomi Watts.

First of all, Matt Sobel is the wrong choice for this movie. Even the careers of the child actors in the movie are better than him.

Due to the rules that American films must follow, two talented child actors could not push the script as much as the Schwarz brothers in the first film.

So there's an excuse for that, what about the rest of the movie?

It's a complete incompetence not to create the atmosphere of a movie that was made in 2014 with a budget of one-third of that.

Also, 2022 was not a good year for Naomi Watts, she kept coming up with bad movies.

Long story short, don't waste your time and watch the original movie that was translated in 2014... If you watched it, watch it again.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

English writer a. S. fantasy film based on byatt's short story "the djinn in the nightingale's eye".

The man shot in Istanbul during the covid-19 process and my biggest regret was not seeing Tilda Swenson, who was shooting 2 streets above my house.

The story, which oscillates between today and the period of Murat the fourth, has a fluency that makes you watch it.

Many people who didn't like the movie for some reason compared it to Mad Max and watched it in their minds, but Miller's cinema is full of unrelated films.

The film, which is currently shown at fantastic film festivals, will be released in the coming days.


Del Toro, Please Save Our Soul
Even if a movie was made by Disney 20 years ago, it would have meant +1 point for many people.

Then Disney grew up and lost his soul.

The Pinocchio movie is not a successful production, despite all the successful actors and actresses in its cast, despite a lot of effort. Because there is no soul in the movie.

The only thing that comes to my mind after watching this movie is; was to watch the Blu-ray of the 1940 version, again made by Disney.

I hope the Netflix/Del Toro version is better.

I'm tired of big companies destroying my childhood memories.

Still, I can't pass without bowing, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth is also very talented in dubbing.


Charlie Reid and Amazing Scotland...
Emer Reynolds has produced a very successful director.

Olivia Coleman and Charlie Reid make a great duo team. Although it was Reid's first major project, he performed successfully in front of a great actress like Coleman. Ray Harman's compositions and Aibhe Keogan's scripts are very good. I love candid films that tell little stories like this. Everyone watches blockbuster movies now... Cinema has lost sincere films...

If there is a blu-ray edition, I will definitely buy it.

I hope movies like this continue to be made and the cinema doesn't give in to movies that make millions of dollars but don't have a soul.


A mid-range superhero movie for a mid-range streaming service...

I wish they'd done it with mediocre actors. I don't understand how he did such a mediocre job despite so many talented actors. Amazon Prime is not at all surprised when it comes to movies.

Even Netflix USA could have produced a much better project with these actors. (Still like a stone in Stallone.)

Maybe next time...I hope... (I don't think so)

Also, the movie is unnecessarily dark. It's like we're watching John Constantine...

I keep the young actor separate. Of all the actors and actresses, she is the only one who believed in the project.

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