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The Long and Short of It

Great film :)
I've always admired someone who wants to try something new and that's exactly what Sean Astin, a brilliant actor, was doing with this film. He has a passion and incredible talent for acting, but thought he would try making a film while in New Zealand, which turned out to be a wonderful, sweet, warm-hearted film. True, it is only 5 minutes long, but for a first-time director, the film was awesome. :) I don't think many of us realize how difficult it is to write and direct even a sequence as short as this film. There's a lot more to it than you think, so film critics, go try it yourself before criticizing. For this fact, I admire Peter Jackson more than almost all people in the film business. He has captured the art of film, through writing, directing, cinematography, and practically all that film is. For all we know, Sean Astin could follow in his footsteps. So again, great film, Sean Astin, it's one of those "feel-good" short films and definitely worth watching.

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