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Very entertaining and made me cry
I found it really good, always love watching foreign movies, and it made me cry so much at the end!!


I was sooo bored
I love natural disaster movies, but in this one the disaster didn't start until after half of the movie, and it could've been better.


Ended up using movie as background while I used my phone
It came to a moment where I was so bored watching it, I tried to continue but ended up paying more attention to my phone. I love this kind of movies and this one had great actors, but it just wasn't enough.


I enjoyed it
Not the best acting, but for some reason I enjoyed the movie, it was very distracting

10 Cloverfield Lane

It was good until they effed up...
I was really digging it but then they really messed it up with that ending. It would've been perfect if they explained about the other girl that used to be locked up, and just not bring aliens into it!!! If they had left it with the reasoning of another country attacking it would have been a lot better, or even she coming out to realize it was all false and she had just been kidnapped... just anything but those aliens really.

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