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Der Wixxer

Surprisingly funny
OK i didn't expected it but the movie was funny indeed and for a German comedy well done as well.

Some jokes were funny others not but that you have with nearly every comedy but i wasn't disappointed at all and "Der Wixxer" is definitely worth to watch. Only criticism is that it could have been a little longer.

And now i'm looking forward to the next big German comedy's this year "(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1" and "Sieben Zwerge - Männer allein I'm Wald", let's see which of those three is the funniest.

Anyway "Der Wixxer" deserves a 8 / 10 from me.


Excellent movie
The choreography of the fight scenes is just awesome. The movie altogether maybe isn't as good as gladiator but still very entertaining and more than worth to watch.

Let's see if Wolfgang Peterson can win against his blockbuster rival Roland Emmerich ("the day after tomorrow") again in the box-office like he did last time when both their movies were competing. But the funny thing is back then they made it the other way round: Roland Emmerich made an epic movie ("the patriot") and Wolfgang Peterson a movie about natural disaster ("the perfect storm").

Anyway thumbs up and 8/10 for Troy.

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