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Daydream Nation

Absolute rubbish
At the risk of coming across as a patronizing adult who "doesn't understand!!!", do not bother watching this if you are older than 15. This is truly one of the worst films I have seen all year, in fact possibly ever. Perhaps it's just that, at the ripe old age of 40, I'm too old for "coming of age" movies - I didn't think so, which is why I gave this one a chance, but by the time the credits rolled it was definitely a case of wishing I had dedicated 2 hours to doing something else. Don't let the trailer fool you, it will deceive you into thinking it's an interesting, exciting, smart, sexy story when it's a collection of groan-inducing, contrived clichés, "set against a backdrop of an industrial fire". Did I miss something deeply symbolic with the fire or is it really just completely pointless?

The acting itself is good (and nice to see Andie MacDowell again, where has she been hiding all this time?) but good acting can't save a story that sucks. Its one redeeming feature is the soundtrack, which is great.

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