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Child's Play

If you like this or any of the Chucky movies you have bad taste in movies. Its a doll. They're not scary in the slightest. I can't take them seriously.


Its woke trash
Its derivative garbage. Empty, shallow, a cheap imitation of better movies.


It was only a matter of time.
Hamlet is a classic. This is obvious pandering to the woke crowd who will be dumb enough to fall for it.

Enterprise: Precious Cargo
Episode 11, Season 2

Just ok
Its not nearly as bad, or good, as most of these reviews are saying. Its just a uninspiring, by the book TV episode. it doesn't do anything new or fresh with the plot or characters. Its just a dumb filler episode. 5/10

Black Summer

Not bad.
This show does something that the Walking Dead hasn't been able to do since season 4, make zombies scary. Sure there is room for improvement, no show is perfect, but there is a good foundation to build around here.


6 times.
Thats how many times "toxic masculinity" was said in the first 5 episodes. I didn't count all the other regressive, woke BS in each episode. There is a lot.

The Twilight Zone

Too many people are too willing to settle for mediocrity as long as the show is "woke" enough and CBS is exploiting that with shows like TZ and STD. Just watch the originals they were better.

The Punisher

Season 1 is Great. Season 2 is trash.
You can see the sudden and dramatic shift from creating a quality show in season one to using the show to push a Leftist narrative in season two amd the show seriously suffers from it. While the over the top violence and action is still really good, the woke feminist influence in season 2 really hurt the writing quality. They seemed more concerned with making the Russians, the alt-right, and Christian fundamentalists the bad guys even though then with crafting a story that actually made sense.

Star Trek: Discovery: The Vulcan Hello
Episode 1, Season 1

Makes no sense.
Not only wouldn't the Vulcans fire first, them being PACIFISTS and all, the Klingons aren't cowards they wouldn't run they would attack. This show got the Vulcans wrong, Sarek all wrong, the Klingons, and the Federation wrong. That's impressive, to show just how much they do not understand the Star Trek universe. Its sci-fi dream for people that don't like sci-fi. It's cheesy space drama with a cheap star trek paint job.

The Vampire Diaries

If not for her character this show would be much more enjoyable. One of the most annoying characters ever created. Which is weird cause she started off Fine and Kathrine is awesome, so it's not the actress. Some of these reviews though crack me up, smh. It's typical, unoriginal CW young adult drama, not Shakespeare people. Lets cool it with the 10 star reviews, lol.

The Orville: Old Wounds
Episode 1, Season 1

More like Star Trek than Discovery is.
It's a "love letter" to Star Trek by a mega fan. The series just gets better and better as it moves forward. Love the cast, the way the show looks and the humor.

Star Trek: Voyager: Nightingale
Episode 8, Season 7

It's a Harry episode.
Unless for some insane reason you like that little mama's boy, you're going to hate this episode.

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