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Violent Night

Brutal delight
Such a wonderful spin on a horror/comedy where Santa Claus is the hero! David Harbor is absolutely perfect for this role has the best voice and great thrill to see in anything he's in! To me this is one of the best Christmas movies out there along with Bad Santa. I would defiantly agree with anyone that loved Violent Night, it's a great mix of Home Alone, John Wick, and any horror Christmas movie. Tommy Wirkola directed a pure blast of entertainment! I sorta can see how it could get hate the family was a little obnoxious at times but I void that out cause everything else positive outweighs heaps.

She Said

Riveting throughout
I didn't think I'd enjoy as much as I did but damn Maria Schrader directed a ground breaking/heartbreaking story focused on the Weinstein allegations. Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan both deserve Oscar nods for their incredible performances! I barely knew much of the events before going in so this was intriguing and well made in every aspect. She Said is worthy of all praise for such an important subject, I wouldn't understand any hate towards the film cause there wasn't any complaints I would have. Maybe I was to positive but this deserves at least a 9! Plus it's great that Brad Pitt was a producer and knew about Harvey Weinstein since the mid 90's because of Gwyneth Paltrow.


I'm one of the oddballs that loves Neighbors
Nicolas Stoller's under appreciated comedy that is great for party fans. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron rival each other yet try be friends which is delightful, immature at times, and very entertaining! Delta psi is an awesome name for a college name and great party animals. Lol you shouldn't have Called the cops that begins some fun shenanigans and hilariousness galore. Rose Byrne is perfect in this I enjoy her in anything. I don't understand the hate it has solid acting, great dialogue, smooth scenes, and mainly mindless entertainment! For some reason I'm very tired today but it's all worth it I'd recommend to anyone.


"I'm gonna go enjoy my Wod" and I'm mixing some urbs are a couple of my favorite lines!
One of my favorite comedies a perfect buddy movie, brilliant that the bulk is improvised and great for Steve Pinks directorial debut! I love so much of this fun entertaining classic. Jason Long, Jonah Hill, Lewis Black and Blake Lively are wonderful among others. I might be crazy but thanks to hbo and a friend I've seen Accepted at least 70 times I don't really get sick of it. I wonder how they did the telekinesis stuff so goofy. As much as unrealistic it is the movie is pure fun for anyone. I wish Steve Pink did more great gems other than Hot Tub Time Machine that movie is wonderful dirty fun.

The Disaster Artist

So much better than The Room
Been meaning to watch this glad I saw The Room first even had to buy cause it's not available on anything. Anyway Disaster Artist is way better in every aspect of comedy, uncomfortableness, acting is tremendously better, and scenes are smoother! Unfortunate James Franco got cancelled a in the last few years he did incredible in this along with his brother Dave Franco. The Disaster Artist is brilliant fun I wish I watched sooner. I love how uncomfortable Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) was throughout and a lot of other great cast that are quite a surprise for such awkward scenes. I wonder if it wasn't as difficult to make The Room I mean I've seen the special features for it but they were different, I loved this though.


Excellent a little cheesy beginning I'm sure gets better
My cousin recommended this classic awesome series figured I'd give it a try, I needed a long series to be into for awhile. I can already tell Tom Welling was perfect as Clark Kent/ legendary Superman! Micheal Rosenbaum was a unique choice role for Lex Luther he's perfect as a villain. The directing feels oldish it's heartwarming I'm gonna love the whole series I have a feeling and I'm loving the series; only thing that bugs me is some parts feel like a soap opera reality otherwise spectacular! A perfectly insightful depth to Superman packed in a perfect treat that I'm already craving from the pilot.

The Fabelmans

Steven Spielberg still makes masterful cinema
The Fabelmans is very worthy of Oscar nominations the acting throughout was one of the best ever! The family dynamic was so sweet and I wish could be a filmmaker or work on movies in some aspect like Sam's character which I'm pretty sure was based on Steven Spielbergs life. I absolutely loved everything about the movie only hard thing is the length even that is worth it. Packed with great emotions, how to make movies, tender moments, perfect humor, cinematic scenery, and brilliant acted scenes that electrified me! I'm proud of Seth Rogen being involved in serious roles where as the bulk of his roles were raunchy or less serious. All around wonderful film for anyone to enjoy.

Bones and All

One of the most satisfying horror/romances I've seen!
Taylor Russel, Timothee Chalemet and Mark Rylance embody their roles remarkably! I was very engaged with the story and incredible scenery. It was odd to see Micheal Stulberg in a menacing role along with brilliant director David Gordon Green as Andy. Anyone creepy or friendly did so good throughout! Even if there was any slow moments I craved Bones and All so much! I loved the adventures and how independent the young characters were at holding their own as very different people; very charming story I'd highly recommend Bones and All! Not sure why my review wasn't appreciated but I fixed part of it for sure though I loved it!


Jenna Ortega is exceptional so is the directing
Perfectly morbid, superb acting throughout and smooth! I enjoy anything with Jenna Ortega is quite talented and she's great as Wednesday based on Adam's Family. Tim Burton is masterful at weird/intriguing characters that are excellent to watch. The bulk of the time I use other services, this is a perfect reason to use Netflix. I love that this is focused on young folks, anything bizarre and beautiful 4K quality colors. Quite surprise form Tim Burton a lot of his projects didn't have much horror, mostly Sci-Fi, adventure, and drama. Wednesday is a pleasant surprise after all the promotions I've seen I highly recommend it!


Thoroughly enjoyable espionage thriller!
A lot to do who not to trust, terrorists and Noomi Repace being a wild thrill to see her action! Several great cast members to keep things intriguing all of which is well directed by Micheal Apted. Unlocked is well paced thrill ride with a solid runtime that stays entertaining! John Malkovich is always masterful at being angry no matter what his character is in this case a dirty FBI agent or at least I see him as dirty in this. Kinda hard to say a lot about the movie while tired regardless it is excellent for action fans. 6.3 is a great rating for this I am generous enough to give it an solid rating the bulk of Unlocked is highly entertaining.

The Big Hit

Loads of fun entertainment not meant to be taken seriously
Mark Walberg plays a hitman with a kind heart and menacing side too. The Big Hit is bonkers excessive profanity, charm, and stylish action! I should've watched this years ago it's my kind of mindless cinema glad it came on Cinemax today. Lou Diamond Phillips is perfect at being a dedicated madmen but he messed with the wrong hitman. The comedy is genius especially everything to do with the video store and the main family. This movie is under appreciated yet has the perfect rating on here, 90's movies hit the spot to me probably cause I was born in 92 plus the style was just pure different than it is nowadays; would highly recommend.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

As spectacular as the first Ant-Man
So well made in every aspect especially the quantum mechanics involved, I never understood why this was bashed quite a bit Ant-Man and the Wasp is a blast! A sequel that is a worthy experience throughout with the action, comedy, science, and great vibes! Pretty sure I saw in IMAX when it released I must not have been doing reviews yet; I love writing them I wish I made money doing it. Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are wonderful throughout along with everyone else. Peyton Reed is such a great director for these marvel gems a rare thing to have the same visionary for all the films. I probably appreciate Ant-Man more than most maybe cause I'm an aspie.

A Bug's Life

A childhood gem that is still lovable at 30 years old
This came out when I was 6 and now enjoying on Disney plus. A Bug's Life is incredible while seems too scary for kids with Hopper's gang, mostly heartwarming and a special experience in wonderful cinema! I remember the toys back in the day along with all the other memorable aspects. There's not much family films as great as this anymore in my opinion but some come close like Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorites of the newer ones. Every character in A Bug's Life is wonderful in their own way even the villains are remarkable! When I was little I didn't realize Dave Foley did voice work I've seen him in a lot of other roles, he did perfect in this. An all around magnificent classic film that I would recommend for any agre.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

To me just as good as the original
An Oscar contender for best screenplay, glad I got to see with my mom! Bigger scale of expensive scenery and pricey items owned by Edward Norton's character (Miles) all of which is amazing to see. Rian Johnson continues his brilliant whodunnit story with crisp dialogue like Knives Out about a game a group of friends that get invited to a remote island to play a murder mystery game along with great surprises Glass Onion stays entertaining throughout. I can see how this will receive some hate some bits are a little ridiculous yet quite funny I loved Glass Onion! The entire cast did incredible, thought provoking greatness and just pure fun.


Re watching makes me realize Ant Man is among my favorite marvel characters!
Everything about the directing is phenomenal to me, I love the science, and just nerding out to the movie is heartwarming! Peyton Reed has gone a long way since directing The Break-Up it's unrelated but I love that movie too and I think it's great Peyton Reed has done all 3 Ant-Man's. The comedy is genius for a a marvel movie some of them the humor isn't as effective. I'm proud of Paul Rudd he's become huge since Halloween 4 and Clueless among many other lower budgeted films he's probably very happy in life and enjoyed playing Scott Lang. Ant-Man is loads of fun entertainment I even loved the sequel which isn't as appreciated for some reason.

Hocus Pocus 2

Huge disappointment compared to the original
The only good things is bringing back the 3 Sanderson sisters and the nostalgia most of it is bad. The acting is terrible throughout, so is the directing, and it's not funny mostly awkward! I don't know how people enjoyed this I usually do with most things I watch but this is unbearable I'll still finish but I wouldn't recommend it. Sam Richardson is awesome in most anything that's for sure just not in this. At least 80% of Hoscus Pocus 2 is bad every scene is annoying and I really hate the acting! I'm curious if others were frustrated with this mess of a sequel. Sad cause I wanted to like this and was expecting a better experience.

Hocus Pocus

Such a fun family witch tale
A little whacky gem that is a purified potion of great glory! Thora Birch is precious, Bette Middler is a perfect witch with a lip job, and everyone else is great throughout! Been so many years since I watched Hocus Pocus I bet the 2nd one is great too. Starts off cheesy a little in has all the vibes of a 90's film with the cinematography and focuses on Halloween; I probably should've watched in October just was into other stuff. I don't know if I've seen anything of Max Denison besides this he's awesome though. Such a delightful heartwarming classic even a little spooky yet always innocent throughout.


An impressive rare gem by master James Cameron's crew
I originally saw in the theater twice back in the day just wasn't reviewing till 2018, otherwise I would've seen in the theater again for re release in the last couple months. Anyways about the movie focused on Jake Scully whom spends time in a wheelchair till he gets to take part in alternate reality of which is pandora which is a stunning visionary world full of unique creations, floating mountains, tribes, and precious gems all of it is outstanding! I want to be prepared for Way of Water coming soon glad Avatar is on Disney plus as of recently. This movie is a mind blowing experience that legend of beginning special effects or at least was one of the first to make them known helms the project through enriching grand scales!

The Menu

A worthy gourmet treat by Mark Mylod
Very artsy fun dark comedy/thriller deserving of praise! I'm glad I got to see The Menu early, the cast is magnificent especially Ralph Feines and Anya Taylor Joy. Quite stylish like Succession with some dark elements which is masterful with an audience they make it better. Pleasant for comedy and horror fans had a lot of laughable moments mixed of madness. Loads of fun entertainment that is enticingly delicious throughout, I wish I could try some of the fancy food. The Menu was well written and flows well with professionals throughout 2022 has been superb for horror this year, I hope others appreciate this gem!

Prey for the Devil

It's at least above average
I would agree with someone else I was expecting more but it has a few great parts the rest is just ok. Jaqualine Byers and the supernatural are defiantly the best aspects! I'm lucky I have the regal subscription cause I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. I'm nice about my reviews I think Pray for the Devil was solid for what it is, has a great story and awesome horror moments! Nice that Virgina Madsen is still going strong in horror she was best in Candyman and Ben Cross passed away in the last couple years I don't know why there wasn't a rest in piece for him. Solid for horror fans that's for sure.


Been into Ryan Murphy projects figured I'd watch this
I kept delaying on this not sure why but it's riveting! Even though it didn't win any of the 4 nominations a a couple years ago it's thrilling and incredibly well made! Some of the same formula as other with the same cast, touches of madness, incredible clothes and always worthy performances. Focuses on bold nurse Ratched that does some extremes to the patients based around 70 years ago. I wonder where Ryan Murphy gets his ideas most of which are different stories with some similarities. Some seem to love Ratched others hate it I think it's excellent there seems to be more coming I'll be ready for that.

The Watcher

I love it! I don't understand the hate.
Doesn't make sense how it's meant to be a mini series but there's a season 2 in the works. I've been craving Ryan Murphy projects they are always worth it to me, not sure yet about the last episode but I tend to enjoy more things I watch. I love the unsettling vibe, the acting is excellent, the story about a great home that has a stalker, and I'm probably one of few that will love it all! The Watcher keeps you engaged that's for sure I see why it's in the top 10 on Netflix lately. Seems smooth the bulk of it the time I'm sure it stays that way, Seth Gabel is phenomenal with his story. Brilliantly haunting I'm glad I got into more Netflix lately.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Spectacular IMAX 3D experience I even cried a little
Just as great as original, plenty of emotions worthy of nominations and perfect amount of humor as usual for Marvel films! Kinda difficult to see everything in 3D but sill worth it. All the characters were great throughout especially Shuri and M'Baku. The action was very satisfying, cinematography/ amazing atmosphere was glorious throughout, acting was phenomenal; Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is one of the best Marvel movies out there! A perfect honoring of Chadwick Boseman in every aspect, I'm sure his family are happy with what Ryan Coogler has done. I loved this quite a bit I hope others do too.


Got to see this as Monday mystery movie even with a couple hours sleep it was a pleasantly joyful film!
Not sure why they didn't allow reviews till today but I'm delighted to be one of the first. I'll put it out though musicals are my least favorite genre and Spirited is one of the best ones I've seen; I usually can't stand the sudden singing in most cases yet this was so much fun and the story was spectacular fun! This was even better in RPX I was surprised how packed the audience I guess people like the mystery movies they are defiantly worth it. Sean Anders comedies are always great entertainment, the humor is spot on, cast is magnificent, and the special effects are impressive. Spirited was a great way to celebrate Christmas early I highly recommend it.

Bad Sisters

Masterful very worthy throughout
I absolutely love the credit song pretty sure it was on Yellow jackets as well! The cast and directing is heartwarmingly great to watch in every scene no wonder my mom was so into the series. Easy to enjoy even while tired glad I got back into Apple TV been into other services awhile. Always great the vulgar way British talk to each other. Bad Sisters outta come up in the next round of Emmy's that'd be worth it. Humorous, family drama, witty, fun in many aspects with conversations especially music and some crime all well done! Kinda hard to put 600 characters into this reviews were easier when there wasn't a requirement the gist of Bad Sisters is pure entertainment.

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