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Lovely film no wonder it was nominated and praised so much
Lots of ambiance of sounds, beautiful scenery and astonishing acting in Korean and English! Steven Yuan is riveting I knew him best as Glenn in The Walking Dead, great to see him flourish quite well. Minari is focused on a family that moves towards the wilderness that grow, adapt together and build onward. I love the little boy he's excellent throughout especially with what he eats or says. I'm glad this was praised so much definitely deserves it!

The Last Castle

I love this movie!
Well deserving of the 7.0 rating on IMDb, not sure what the deal with top reviewers are Last Castle is better than a 6! The description the warden being sadistic is very accurate, James Gandofini is perfect for being a hard ass. Robert Redford is electrifying throughout as he usually is a lot of roles. The disciple done to the prisoners is quite cruel but well done in every aspect especially the sound design. Probably the most unrealistic prison film ever made besides maybe Human Centipede 3 that movie is effed up, Last Castle is great and more normal.

Sleepless in Seattle

How did this not win the 2 Oscars it was nominated for?!?!
One of the best rom-coms I've seen in awhile! Everything with the radio callers is brilliant and the main kid is masterful being. I can't believe I didn't see this sooner even if I did I don't remember anything. Tom Hanks humor is the greatest thing ever even though one girl that sees him laughs to much. Sleepless in Seattle is a pure gem in the romance department no wonder some gush over it.

Valley Girl

Just shut the f up sometimes
I don't understand why musicals have outbursts of singing whoever thought that's a good idea it's really not at least to me! The story would actually be so good if it wasn't for the constant singing in the bulk of it. Has some good bits and amazing characters that's one of the best aspects! I usually enjoy a lot of what I watch but this is just mediocre at best.

Monster Trucks

I don't understand the hate this got
This movie is a lot of fun for a creature feature family story! Lucas Till and Jane Levy are charming together they carry the movie well. Monster Trucks is easy to watch without much brain power needed it's just good fun for any age. I'm not sure what there is to hate but I think the film deserves better and I'd highly recommend it!

The Humans

Pretty good
I actually like Amy Shumer I want to put that out first she's cute and solid actress especially in this has good moments. I absolutely love the structure of the main apartment some really good cinematography was done and scenery probably my favorite aspect in the film. There's some really good acting and captivating bits it's a shame The Humans got more hate than enjoyment! Kinda odd how there's spooky stuff even though it's purely supposed to be a drama I don't how to feel about that. Overall solid hangout story that I do think deserves better!

That Thing You Do!

Excellent film by Tom Hanks
Such a great cast and beautiful all around; I can't believe I didn't know much this before! For a story that's mostly about music it's better than I would've thought. I like how Tom Everett Scott looks like a young Tom Hanks pretty sure that was on purpose too. That Thing You Do is so jolly, goofy, and well filmed! I'm surprised I haven't really heard anything about the film or recommended ever it should be more talked of. I must say it's weird that Tom Hanks is top billed cause he's not the main character.

How It Ends

Pretty decent for what it is
I agree that it's not really believable and kinda weird but How It Ends is delightful view of the end of the world without so much tragedy. Zoe Lister Jones and Cailee Spaeney are superb together! So many of the characters/ scenes are super weird and a little uncomfortable somehow really enjoyable though. Has some glow and charm that makes it more likable!

The Guilt Trip

Pretty enjoyable more so to me cause I love Seth Rogen and adventure stories
Mostly about to present a product that was invented to clean but not many are interested yet Seth Rogen's character makes more interesting. Guilt Trip might not be as likable as most movies but it's quite entertaining and comforting. Anne Fletcher directed a fun comedy/drama that is lovely especially with Barbara Strishand and her nurturing acting!

A House on the Bayou

Kinda brilliant despite cheesiness
I love the way this movie accelerates everything with Issac and the horror that trembles along with him! A House on the Bayou has some reality drama acting that was definitely the downfall otherwise the movie is dope. For a huge horror fanatic this was just right if you don't take it to seriously.

The Wire

One of the the best shows ever!
I watched a few years ago originally I don't know why I didn't review then although I haven't been doing for long. Anyway I can't believe The Wire was nominated for 2 Emmy's but didn't win the show is more worthy than most shows in the last couple decades! The peaceful acting is masterful, it stays that way throughout. Among the best cop stories ever created nothing else like it; it's continuously enticing and dark. I love the cast, flow of the pacing, and soundtrack is perfect. I might praise the show to much but it's worth it.

Succession: What It Takes
Episode 6, Season 3

I fell asleep the other day too just like someone else but I still love it
Would've even reviewed yesterday but had a rough day. Even if the show is sliding down steeply I love the writing the most it's so juicy! I like how mixed some of the reviews are most of my other reviews are I like a lot that most don't. Matthew Macfayden's character is probably my favorite he's delightful! Crazy how some controversial stuff was said in this one, still a pretty solid episode though.


I love it for what it is
I don't know what the haters were about this movie is a lot of fun, it's a pleasant surprise and delightful experience! Kind of a brilliant concept and hilarious even when it's not Queenpins is highly entertaining. I wanted to see awhile ago glad showtime put it on. I love the music so much and I absolutely love Paul Walter Hauser he's great in anything! I'm not sure what others expected but I think the movie hit the spot.

The Shrink Next Door

I don't understand the 6.7 rating this definitely better than that!
Paul Rudd and Will Ferrel are are exceptional together in this; it's interesting to see a more dramatic version of the characters. A perfect representation of mental breakdowns or any other underlining stress related experiences. I'm loving the series so far and I hope many more do too!

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

That hit the spot especially in RPX
I absolutely loved this Ghostbusters definitely better than 2016 mess! This has everything you'd want in the series with comedy, amazing cinematography, great story I even went with a friend and he noticed a few plot holes I didn't even realize it had some; I think everything was the way it should be. So much exciting bits that are feel good and has the perfect amount of surprises. I'm glad I got to see the advanced screening and I really hope the film gets the recognition it deserves!

Boss Level

Despite being a little repetitive Boss Level is epic
I love nearly anything by Joe Carnahan his films are so much fun! A wild 94 minute ride starring Frank Grillio crazy how he's in early 50's gaining popularity instead of a couple decades ago when he was a lot younger but he's still awesome! I don't know why I didn't watch even sooner it's definitely worth it though. Great how slick and badass the character is; loop movies are usually pretty solid.


Pretty enjoyable body horror
Atmospheric experience very nice scenery and bizarre imagery in many bits that are lovely! One of the characters definitely looks like Charles Manson which is kinda interesting. The music is quite edgy perfect for the genre. Gaia does remind me of Annihilation except not as masterful and high budgeted. I don't know what else to say except the movie is weirder than average horror!


A beautiful nightmarish film
Into the view of horror through lenses and editors our main lead Enid experiences some turmoil of great disturbance while watching some films that are damn near realistic. Censor is chilling and well worth seeing for horror fans! I don't know why people complained about the script it's not that bad. I absolutely love the sound design! There's some cinematic bits that are astounding; this movie deserves better.


Unsettling but fairly enjoyable
Definitely an uncomfortable movie I'd say worth it for Riley Keough and Coleman Domingo! The story is a mess and cinematography is quite cheesy; I'm being nice with my 6 rating. The acting is really good for something that is made in a cheesy way makes me think it could've been made 15 years ago. Weird seeing Nicolas Braun in this since he's been in Succession which is way more professional but I guess Zola is cool if you're into something that is from a drug dealers point of view. I really like the music and some aspects otherwise I'd just say that it's pretty good!

Succession: Retired Janitors of Idaho
Episode 5, Season 3

Superb one
An improvement on the previous episode, great deals made, and glorious business stuff! I love the music so much it's so exciting, it flows well with everything. I really like the line "I just do what my dad says". Karl Bueller is great especially in this episode and so is everyone else; I hope Brian Cox is ok he seems to be struggling quite a lot! I wonder what's gonna be decided about CEO eventually if need be.


Crave Yellowjackets from the start
Been anticipating this for a little while since I first saw a trailer and already intrigued. I'm a huge horror fan Yellowjackets hits along with the other genres mashed is perfect plus Karyn Kusama is a masterful director! I love the young cast they are perfect so is everyone else involved and the soundtrack is genius so far; I'll definitely watch every episode!

The Jackal

Captivating thrill ride!
I absolutely love this crime story about Richard Gere's character that hunts down mastermind Bruce Willis with the help of some government officials. The Jackal is so well made especially with the soundtrack and acting; it's so lovable! I'm not sure what the hate is about but the film deserves better. The bits with Jack Black are tense and goofy even for the genre. One of my favorite bits is with the Red Tape song I won't spoil even though it's a 24 year old movie; I'd still highly recommend it's free on showtime at the moment.


I have autism and I love this movie!
I have tried working at Cracker Barrel and Whole Foods both were quite stressful but this job at Shenanigans seems wonderful I wish I could be around the whole cast! This movie is raunchy, hilarious, disgusting, and good fun for a whacky comedy. Ryan Reynolds, John Francis Daly, David Kochner, and Justin Long are all superb. Has one of the best endings with the outburst that (Mitch) does is brilliant! Waiting... is great I love the whacky scenes some of which are perfectly written.

Identity Thief

Maybe I'm weird but I love this movie!
Such a fun film I kinda understand the hate but I could watch this so many times. I absolutely love the dialogue especially from Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy they're both delightful throughout! A bit ridiculous in some bits that shouldn't be so bad it's not an award worthy just glorious Seth Gordon greatness.


I absolutely love this movie!
Such a glorious thrill ride starring Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Kim Basinger and William H. Macy in well acted kidnapping story! Before Chris Evans became Captain America he was just a handsome hero protagonist in this fun adventure that can enjoyable for anyone. There's a bit where a car gets hit and the sound is exactly like the one in Final Destination 2 by the same director in that it's the massive car catastrophe just my own little trivia. Cellular might not get enough mentions but I appreciate it quite a bit.

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