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The Curse of la Llorona

Meh it's alright
If you're a fan of lots of screaming, jump scares, supernatural, and a little bit of suspense you might enjoy The Curse of La Llornona otherwise no! I prefer a more sadistic horror with the most effed up stuff happening but this is mediocre at best; definitely recommend watching free like me on HBO! Not much else to be said Linda Cardenelli is great.

Fast Five

Definitely one of the best ones!
Amazing action, cars, solid story, comedic, and very entertaining! What more could you ask for except for epicness! I love all the badness in it and Tyrees Gibson is always a delight so is everyone else. Great Fast and furious for any fan of the series or not. Exhilarating as well too!

Bruce Almighty

So much fun
Jim Carrey awesomeness throughout! I remember being little and seeing Bruce Almighty with my family in the theater that was precious! Quite enjoyable entertainment that is always a delightful with great effects and comedy that's memorable. I will say though I'm not a fan of the religious stuff but if anything this is my favorite one with aspects of Christianity.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Pure gem
Lovely family comedy that is still talked about damn well should be! Beyond cute and heartwarming; watching Mrs. Doubtfire soothes me! The music is great goes very well with everything throughout. I'm so happy with the way things play out too.

Nocturnal Animals

A beautiful thrilling masterpiece
Incredibly well filmed, colorful, menacing, and captivating! I originally saw in the theater, now own on Blu-Ray happily. Jake Gyllenhaal and Aaron Taylor Johnson's performance are so glorious so is everyone else's. Love cinema like this very artsy with madness; well deserving of the nominations and Aaron's win for his electrifying role as Ray Marcus! Many amazing camera shots that make me wish I was a cinematographer, if not I'd want to co write, or edit either way I get inspired often.

Moonrise Kingdom

Probably my favorite Wes Anderson film or at least top 3
The way the colors, sound, and camera shots are so dreamy! In terms of immersive style and endurance involved is so incredible! Absolutely love the follow shots one of my favorite things in cinema along with editing among other things. So much awesomeness that it's soothing. Quite a pleasant thing to own every Wes Anderson film as of recently. Highly recommend this precious art in film, it's not boring like some said.

The Gentlemen

Enthralling experience
Loved this movie so much! Guy Ritchie is so back with a delightful crime caper that is so much fun! Charlie Hunam, Hugh Grant, Matthew Mcconaughey and Collin Ferrel are all awesome throughout. Such a blast I'm definitely gonna buy The Gentlemen when I can.


Love it so much!
Katja Herbers is great and the way Evil is filmed is captivating! I'm late to watching the series but I'll definitely watch the rest. I love anything with psychological horror, supernatural, and creatures I'm so in plus it's very well written! Also in my opinion there's not enough horror shows out there, I need them.

Hail, Caesar!

"Would that it were so simple?" Lol
Spectacular Coen brother film, glad I own on iTunes! Incredible production design definitely should've won the award nominations! Ralph Fiennes is masterful, love him in so many films. I must say I'm not a musical fan but Hail, Caesar! Is awesome! Loads of fun to watch the variety of things that occur.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Masterful Wes Anderson film
So charming, beautiful, unique, and fun to watch! An incredible pastille of well crafted glorious art throughout! I love how there's videos showing how cool Wes's movies are and the camera shots. Very special experience that isn't talked about enough.

The Turning

Love the soundtrack and how deeply unsettling it is
Very satisfying experience! Love the cinematography with the dark tone; The Turning deserves higher ratings! The cast is great, the movie has a lot of suspense and unnerving vibe which to me is great. Might not be appreciated by many but I enjoyed it quite a bit and it seems like I'm the first one to review the film.

What Men Want

This movie makes me uncomfortable
I'm being generous with this review ofWhat Men What Want. a It's overly crude, vulgar, and awkward but it's not as bad as people say! Not much to be said mostly a mindless entertainment type even though it's racist and extremely sexist! Taraj. P Henson has definitely done better like Smokin Aces that movie is gold.

Instant Family

Blissful experience
Absolutely loved Instant Family quite heartwarming story and well written! Very adorable caring story about a foster parents that are new to it and become fond with 3 lovely kids. Great soundtrack, many sweet scenes, delightful parent moments, so much fun I'm glad it's got high ratings. Solid movie, nice that it's available on Amazon.

The Fanatic

I have autism and I enjoyed it
Definitely awkward, quirky, and unsettling! I love John Travolta's performance especially that he stims; many parts I felt bad for him either way I'm happy with the result! I understand the hate The Fanatic got it has some cruel parts and the voice over annoyed people but I think the film deserves better. I also really enjoy the drawing pop ups.

Avenue 5

Well I love it
The pilot is wild and offbeat which isn't for everyone but perfect for me! I love unorthodox things, Avenue 5 is a delight! I loved Veep which started off meh at first and got so much better give this a chance everyone; if not there's so many other excellent shows out available to delve into. Hugh Laurie is legendary in anything, I'm intrigued regardless of the negativity.

True Lies

Spectacular action flick
A pure gem with enthralling stylized action, one of Arnies best and same for Tom Arnold he's awesome! The kind of movie that makes you feel happy and wanting to see more of the story/characters! Jamie Lee Curtis is a total badass which is endlessly entertaining. Popcorn films at they're peak with many surprises and comedy.


Very enjoyable thriller
Incredible acting, Freaks is way better then I ever expected! I love the way it was filmed! Unique experience seems like there's so many possibilities and theories you can have. Fun ride so glad I rented on iTunes recently, well worth it.

Scary Movie 3

So damn good for it's type
A ridiculous amount of spoofs of other movies which is great! To me this is great fun throughout, so damn funny, well written in a few aspects, and heartwarming mindless entertainment! David Zucker is legendary for the spoof type even though these whacky movies aren't always appreciated. I love how hilarious some parts are quite satisfying.

The Big Lebowski

Love this movie so much!
Delightfully enjoyable experience every time! One of my all time favorites, glad I finally own in 4K. So many great scenes, love the amount of profanity, many awesome lines that I mention often, incredible soothing soundtrack and hilarious. I'm a big Coen brothers fan they're so masterful! A purified gem that warms my soul, I really wanna be apart of the film industry and work on cool movies like this!

Bad Boys for Life

My soul is so happy
So damn good I'd say this is the best one in the series! Hilarious, great action, cinematography is beautiful, and bigger budget; glad I saw in IMAX day one. Bad Boys for Life had everything I'd want it to, I think it's good Micheal Bay wasn't involved in any aspect. Loved the movie so much I'll definitely wanna own when available, highly recommended!

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The most peculiar Star Wars and under appreciated
Totally should've won at least some of the awards it was nominated for! A very different adventure story with lots of adorable characters, more truths and the epic Emperor Palpatine! I love all the majestic forest aspects. Still crazy to me that they filmed so many parts especially the chases. The bulk of this art in cinema is done so well and always entertaining. Quite lovable many years later and not many movies have that kind of force!

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

I enjoy this one more than A New Hope
So much amazing action and beautiful cinematography makes for such an enlightening experience! In The Empire Strikes Back you know who everyone is which is great plus Yoda is introduced! I love this movie the music is soothing, there's romance, more of Darth Vader, and introduces Emperor Palpatine what more can you ask for? A lot to relish and get excited about; it's such a classic gem.

Star Wars

Legendary piece of cinema
Only seen the original Star Wars films a few times, I tend to forget how great of a magical experience it is! A New Hope is so awesome in so many aspects especially the music and sounds of everything! It's amazing how it was made for it's time I still I don't understand how they did many things. I will admit it has a few bits that are boring but still glorious. Up until a few years ago I didn't see most of the films and I didn't understand the hype now I do in which I'm happy with them all even seen the new ones.

The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie's calmest and most bizarre film!
So nice to own every directed by Rob Zombie, I'm a huge fan of his! A very odd witch film with a peculiar demonic vibe and sounds that are twisted. I love this film for what it is, I appreciate how different it is; I know others don't which is unfortunate. I have ASD/Autism I oddly love all of Rob's movies, I hope he does more work in any form!

Tenki no ko

Masterful anime film
One of the best experiences I ever had! So glad I got to see in the theater today. The soundtrack is incredible, the sounds are ambient, story is spectacularly immersive and beautiful! A truly heartwarming film about unorthodox weather, romance and a bit of suspense. I love everything about Weathering with you, I was captivated throughout although I barely watch anime now I wanna see more. I wanna own the movie when available; well worth the 17 dollars. Also my 750th review!

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