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I'm not sure why Arrow has an 8.1 rating, pretty high for an overly boring, almost laughable show.

First of all, why does Oliver always seem to feel the need to have sex with every woman he encounters? Second, why does everyone come back from the dead? And third, why does every villain they come across somehow related to the island Oliver was stranded in for five years?

Don't get me wrong. I do like the concept. I'm sure this would have been an amazing show if the script, or the plot, or the actors weren't so horrible. I find myself always laughing at the dumb things the characters say/do. The plot doesn't make sense at all, there's nothing remotely interesting or not ridiculous in it. And the characters are just as laughable. How did they cast these actors exactly? Was there even an audition or were they just going for the prettiest faces that came their way?

This used to be a good show, the first few episodes were good, that is. Somehow, it took a turn for the absolute worst.

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