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Fahrenheit 9/11

A documentary that is "with the times"
I was in awe watching this film documentary. In awe with the cinematography, the information revealed and how "so true it is". Once again "Michael Moore" raises so many controversial questions "in your mind" and to the public eye about how we, as the "general public" are so programmed to think and believe what the media delivers. And also how and why we [as a society] have become so powerless to change it. If you like political and social Melodrama and cutting edge technology film-making, you need to see this film. It is films like this and "bowling for Columbine" and "the Big one" that make Cinema well worth going to.

Big Fish

One of the best coming of age dramas
There is enough Drama/Comedy/offbeat darkness in this film. It is director "Tim Burton" at his best. One minute you could be smiling in melancholy happiness and the next, eyes filling with tears. The characters in the film represent all the adolescent and adult emotional feelings one develops as they adapt within families and societal life. The dark undertones sort of represent the overall mood you "the viewer" experience within each progressive scene.

Actor Billy Crudup (Will Bloom)plays the son of (Ed Bloom)Albert Finney with such convincing manner:everything from the facial expressions down to the speech and vocal tones conversed between the two. Ewan McGregor plays the part of (Ed Bloom) coming of age. And does it so well. The struggle of son living up to father's expectations is very real.

Showing that a strong family structure is key to success in most nearly everything. And a weak family structure is somewhat a struggle. Director Tim Burton explores these issues with fine intelligent complexity.

The film is very well acted and beautifully choreographed.

A timeless piece of film.


A unique visionary film
Tarkovsky's direction for this film is nearly flawless.

The film mainly focuses on three characters and their basic goodness of each other. The photographic colors are brilliantly choreographed to the mood of character and viewer. The visionary landscapes are mesmerizing beautiful.

The survival techniques the characters in the film achieve is unlike anything I've seen in film. Much like Kubrick in terms of directive style and character study, Tarkovsky puts the viewer in a kaleidoscopic landscape of mood and emotion. No clichés here though. I have not read the story which the movie is based upon, but from what I understand the characters in the film all develop a healing understanding of each other.

That is when you know [as a viewer] that you will watch something unique and

exceptional. If you are into complex, psychological science fiction in the same vain of say {The Andromeda Strain, Solaris, 2001:a space odyssey} than you shall enjoy "Stalker".

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