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Top Chef

I Love Top Chef
This show is just so much fun! You can root for your favorites and rag on the ones you don't like. I have found that my favorites change as the show moves on, but there are some I simply did not like, right from the start. The first few episodes were kind of "getting to know the players" episodes. Then I chose Elan as the most likely to win. He just seemed to be the most professional of the bunch. Now, mid-season, I have changed my favorite three or four times. Now I'm torn between Elan, Cliff, and Sam. Then again, I think Marcel has real pizazz! He also has real potential as a celebrity chef. But who knows where it will go. Each week, I await the next episode eagerly. And not just incidentally, they cook some pretty amazing stuff. I really can't wait till this comes out on DVD.

A Girl Named Sooner

I cannot forget this movie!
I saw this movie back in the 70's, and like the other reviewer, I will never forget the scene where Sooner wants to be accepted by the other girls. For years I have thought of this movie, and particularly that scene, and even wished I never saw it, because the scene haunted me! Yet it was so beautifully done! It is a heartbreaking, yet terribly understandable, scene. I continually check the TV guide to see if it is on again. I'm surprised that it has not shown up in the video stores, or on IMDb. Cloris Leachman is amazing, as is the little girl. I read that the girl never made another movie. I wonder why..... I would love to find this movie on DVD. I will never forget this movie. I'd like to see it again. I hope others who have seen the movie will advocate for a DVD!

Murphy's Romance

A really good movie!
I love this movie. I have watched it numerous times, and I still love it! It is one of those "feel good" movies that we seldom see anymore. No violence, no sex, no "strong language", etc. Just a strong woman, and a strong man, gradually falling in love. No negatives at all. If you want to watch a pleasant movie, and go to bed feeling happy, watch this. James Garner and Sally Field both play very non-Hollywood types, and we love them all the more for it. (Watch for the scene where they are dancing - it is hysterical!)


I Loved It!
This movie may not be an example of great acting, or great writing, but it is great entertainment! I could watch it 50 times, and every time, I see a little bit more. The humor is often subtle, and sometimes it hits you in the face, but it is always FUNNY.... and what's so bad about that??? I recommend this movie to anyone who wants just to laugh, and be silly, and not think too hard. Simply enjoy! Ringo is a hoot! Dennis Quaid is perfect as the simple sidekick! Barbara Bach is sexy and sufficiently manipulative. And Shelley Long does the classic good girl perfectly! And the ending is oh-so-satisfying! What more could you want?

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