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I've just read it has been renewed for a third series! THREE series of this rubbish?! WHY?! There was a brilliant series called Wildcats that for some unknown reason only lasted one series. It generally got great reviews and great ratings from everywhere yet it was cancelled after one series. This crap has now got a third series!!!! HOW!!!! I have just struggled through three episodes and am left wondering where the heart, the soul, the love, the feel of fun and enjoyment has gone to! The original MacGyver had all of that in massive doses this version has the exact opposites (in even bigger doses if it is at all possible)!

There is not one likeable character, the storylines are ludicrous, and the dialogue feel very much like it is contrived! The only good parts of each episode are the closing credits!! If they are wanting viewing figures then they should re-run the original series!


It is boring, tedious, dreary, dreadful, unbelievable and has so many things factually wrong with it it is ludicrous! Oh, and the acting, especially between Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke, is really wooden! Even the location is not where it is claimed to be! It is supposed to be set in and around London, it clearly is not! Sky really well and truly overhyped this turd!

The Cabin in the Woods

A film so dull, so ridiculous I kept dozing off through it!
It is supposed to be a horror-comedy but there is no comedy in it whatsoever! What there is in it is one very long list of unanswered questions and here are just a few of them:

If the jock's (Curt's) Uncle owns the cabin then how did the scientists and the organisation they work for get in there to put cameras everywhere inside and out around the cabin? If the Uncle works for the organisation then why would he have allowed them to stay How would he have not known about what was going to happen when they go there? What is the organisation? How did the organisation know that the ones going were just what they needed? How did they get the undead family to kill them in the correct order? If it weren't down to them then how did the undead know the correct order to kill them in? How is it that the students don't bleed like a person would? How is it that the students appear to be immune to serious injury? Why does the film not make it obvious who is which character? the only one that was was the stoner. Why later in the film are the characters of the jock and the nerd swap with each other? How could the virgin possibly be a virgin when she was seeing a collage professor for some extra curricular activities? Seeing as how she's not actually a virgin, how would sacrificing her last to save the world make any difference? I could keep going with even more questions that this stupid film leaves unanswered but I think that's enough for now!

Honestly, if you want proper, brilliant horror-comedy, watch the three Scream film or for decent horror-comedy the three I Know What You Did Last Summer films. Ok so the three I Know What You Did Last Summer films aren't quite as good as Scream, the second and third films inexplicably got very poor ratings on here and on Rotten Tomatoes. The poor ratings are ludicrous as they are actually rather good meaning/making all six film so massively better than this rubbish!

Girls Trip

How can anyone like this crap?
Four women, each really annoying in her own way and even more so when together, get together for a reunion having been best friends in school but since lost touch with each other. It's a bit like a female The Hangover only without anything funny in it! The scenes are choppy as the directing is dreadful. The story line is the first sentence in this review, that is it. you don't get any sort of feel or feeling for the characters as there is no connection or connecting with them and the whole film is a tedious series of cliches. The ending, the last fifteen of twenty minutes almost made the rest of the film worthwhile. Actually, naah it didn't. That was a bit of a lie because although it was better than the rest of the film put together, it still wasn't THAT good that it almost made the rest of the film worthwhile! It is/was still pointless!

Beauty and the Beast

Even though this film is sh I still want it in my Disney collection! Emma Watson still can not act just like so many others but she'll keep getting main parts because of who she is just like so many others! Thankfully there are enough people in the film who can and that alone would make the film worth watching but with the film being so dreadful with wonderful iconic scenes being taken out and others replaced with ones that are not as good and the pace has been greatly slowed down in comparison to the original cartoon. It's a great film to help you fall asleep. Oh, hey, I've just realised something good about this film.... it's a great film to help you fall asleep! The film has been extended to a very unnecessary ridiculous two hours four minutes, which means there is thirty-two minutes of unnecessary ridiculous dialogue. OH, AND THE ENDING IS REALLY, REALLY STUPID AS WHAT HAPPENS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN DUE TO THE STORY PARAMETERS!





Doctor Strange

Yet Another Marvel Mess
Even though Disney bought Marvel you should not attribute this rubbish to them! I can not remember when the last decent Marvel film was out in the cinemas but this should definitely be on the 'do not watch' list along with Avengers Age Of Ultron, and Guardians Of The Galaxy. There are at least one or two more but I can't think of the names of them right now! The characters are all exceedingly bland, I felt nothing for any of them. Not one is really all that memorable. The all-powerful The Ancient One wasn't powerful enough to stop pages from a spell book being stolen at the start of the film so not quite so all-powerful. Strange, after a car accident/crash joins a mystical retreat to learn how to use his hands again because he supposedly can't use them. Before going and finding the retreat he tries shaving but can't do that yet he can use his hands for everything else! The other characters are all secondary and lesser to Doctor strange and because the character, like the plot and the story(line) has so little to it, the film is padded out with stupidly long interdimensional fight scenes that make the film really confusing as there is no reason and no explanation for them. They just happen.

Bridget Jones's Baby

What A Dreadful Film!
The first was good, thoroughly enjoyable, even with her dreadful English accent! the second was OK, her dreadful English accent never improved and this the third film? This the third film is really bad on a par with how awful her English accent is! I will say this for it though, for all of the foreigners (mainly Americans) that have attempted an English accent it is better than a lot of others. Better than a lot of others does not mean good and it is not good! the film is about as boring and unfunny as it can possibly get. It is so bad that I am typing this while it is playing on my TV! The whole as-thin-as-it-can-be who's-the-father storyline is preposterous and guess who she ends up marrying?! oh, and you never do find out who the baby's father is but then as she ends up marrying the obvious I guess you are supposed to think he is the father but you never know!

Black Swan

This film died way before the white swan did!
Why do one star reviews or at least reviews that give less than five and sometimes even four stars get buried? Even more so when it is a one-star review! that is what this review is so it will get buried! Natalie Portman is boring thanks to her character being boring as are the rest of the cast and as she is the best of a bad bunch (she must be, she won an Academy Award for the role after all which doesn't mean much as awards are only glorified adverts)! It's an artsy fartsy film that borrows (or should that be steels) from other films I have seen before. Many clichés are strewn throughout the film and the cinematography and directing doing nothing to improve the overall lack of enjoyment in what turns out to be a very confusing film as Nina succumbs more and more to her hallucinations. Nina being a meek, insipid, mild character would never have been given the starring role in a real ballet company and as for her searching for her bad side so that she could get and therefore play the bad swan well the way they went about it was, quite frankly, absolutely ridiculous! The hallucinations become really ridiculous to the point where you don't know if she is still hallucinating at the end or not! And why is she hallucinating anyway? She is not on some type of hallucinogenic drug so why is she hallucinating? If you are exploring your dark side and trying to find it you wouldn't hallucinate while doing! Just yet another stupid thing in the film! so Now some films such as Existenze can end with lots of unanswered questions, personally, I don't think this is one of those films! If you want to waste 108 minutes of your life watch grass grow or paint dry for that long as even that would be more enjoyable than this rubbish!


Not Good!
As this latest review is going to be buried when it shouldn't be (the reviews should appear in order from the very latest typed which would therefore be the very first one seen to the very first one typed which would therefore be the very last one seen on the last 'page' of reviews (but unfortunately what should be done isn't!)) you probably won't read this! Just in case you do I am a MASSIVE lover of all things Disney including this but ONLY because it is a Disney film.

The film is actually long, drawn-out, bland and tedious with characters to match! Oh and there are constant flashbacks that make no sense whatsoever! The only reason they are there as far as I can tell is to stretch the film's length to one hour and forty-two minutes (including all of the end credits)! There are holes (no pun intended) throughout that give the film even less sense and make the film even more boring. the only good part of the film is the ending, the last five to ten minutes, alright fifteen minutes!



Exceedingly over-hyped crap
I seem to be typing that summary an awful lot recently about lots of different films recently. This is yet another one to add to that list! It is far too long, far too tedious, far too boring, far too dreary, far too dreadful, far too........ In fact there is NOTHING good to type about this load of absolute rubbish! The only reason to see the film is so that you too can then come onto I. m. d. b. and type your own honest review. An honest review being one such as this is letting people know just how bad the film is! The plot line is incredibly confusing. There are sub-plots that have absolutely no reason to be in the film at all. The characters are all exceedingly bland and extremely boring, so bland and boring that I have tried numerous times to watch the film and every time I have fallen asleep! The script is completely dreadful and the acting is almost as bad! The film is a very long, very drawn out. At two hours and forty-two minutes long at least one hour could be cut and the plot line still wouldn't make any sense but it would mean an hour less of your life wasted watching this turd! Better still, as I have been there and done it already take heed of what I and all of the other reviewers that have given it a 1 star rating have typed about this film.

I'm not in the slightest bit surprised it made a loss big loss in takings at the box office after it's time on release was over!

(why do reviews such as this one ALWAYS get buried (come after) behind loads of amazing ones that all have high-stars (6-10 stars) ratings just because it is a low-starred review? This happens with (almost) every film! At least it is honest and so because of it being a low-starred (5-1 stars) review, as in only 1 star, review it will probably/ more than likely get buried!)

The Maiden Heist

One To Avoid At All Costs!
I have given it 2 for the three main leads as in who they are not how well they acted! The acting was horrendous their overacting was very good! They must have been out of their minds to sign up to it and if they weren't then what the flip were they thinking?!?! More to the point what were any of the cast thinking including the extras?!?! OK, so the extras were probably thinking something along the lines of 'I could do with the extra money' but the rest of them?!?! This film is predictable, tedious, unfunny, predictable, boring....

THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS DREADFUL STRAIGHT-TO-VIDEO RUBBISH! From the blatantly obvious beginning, to the blatantly obvious middle, from the blatantly obvious middle to the end of the film, IT WAS ALL BLATANTLY OBVIOUS!

Scream Queens

This Is The Worst First Series I Have ever Seen!
How anyone who is not connected to the series in any way could rate this rubbish highly is to put it mildly and in as nice a way as I possibly can out of his/her mind! There is absolutely NOTHING funny in the programme and there is absolutely NOTHING scary in it too! It is SO boring SO overrated SO ridiculous SO stupid........ Everyone keeps coming up with THE MOST RIDICULOUS AND MOST PREPOSTEROUS suggestions and reasons as to who is the killer and every part is way beyond overacted and not in a good way! Every character is, in their own way, vacuous and totally stupid!

If I could give this load of complete and utter rubbish a massive minus number I would! I really hope a second series is not given the green light but then seeing as how crap is more often than not commissioned and given the go ahead and decent programmes are dropped after one series or not given the green light I am sure that unfortunately there will be a second series of this crap!

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Do not waste your time with this!
I have seen so many dreadful films recently, this is yet another one to add to the list! It is veeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyyy loooooonnnnnngggggggg annnnnnnd veeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyyyy boooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggg! I cant help wondering if this film isn't (auto)biographical in some way as like his character hadn't really been seen since playing Birdman Michael Keaton hasn't been seen since he played Batman and now he like his character are struggling to become known again. Thanks to this turd winning an Academy award Keaton has succeeded.

I am not surprised this turd won Academy awards as they are basically adverts. How many times have we seen a film that no-one has really heard of or really seen won one of the major awards such as best director and then been re-released because the studio knows people will, as they do, now go and watch it saying things like ' oh it's just won the best director award, lest go and see why. After all, it must be good if it got the award for best director....' Even just being nominated is enough of an advert! In this case they obviously wanted to give Michael Keaton's career a boost. I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Costner is in a film where he is nominated for and the film wins something next! There is no explanation as to why Keaton's character, (Riggan), can do things such as turn the television off just by pointing at it with his finger or cause books to fly across the room by waving his arms. it is ridiculous! Not one person gave a performance of any note. Zack Galifianakis might as well have not been in the film as he doesn't appear until right near the end for maybe as long as two or three minutes when Riggan is lying in a hospital bed. now I come to think of it, almost the entire film was Michael Keaton the rest of the cast were in it so little that never mind them being called co-stars, they should really be called bit-part stars! I wouldn't be at all surprised if they all did have larger parts but the director and his dreadful directing cut them right back as far as he possibly could in order to reduce the length of the film which thanks to the rubbish he left in is still almost two hours long, it's just not two hours long in an anything good way! This is very much a MUST-NOT-SEE under every circumstance and in every way shape and form film!


What is it with Hollywood and churning out one s*** film after another?!?!
This is the second dreadful film I have seen today, the first being The Other Woman. The script is virtually non-existent, the plot line makes no real sense, and the ending is absolutely terrible yet this drivel was given the green light! WHY?!?! The only way it could have been improved would have been to have lots more gratuitous shots of Halle Berry in lots of different underwear and lots of gratuitous shots of Halley Berry topless as seeing her breasts for the first time on film/in a film and in underwear (even though she was unfortunately wearing a thong) were easily the two best parts of this rubbish! Now for me to type the previous sentence just proves how bad this film is! Don't get me wrong here as lots of gratuitous shots of the delectable Halle Berry in any film she is in would always be lovely but in this film they really were the two best parts of the film! That has to tell you just how bad this film is as there are absolutely no other good parts! The ending leaves unanswered questions in your head that should not be there making a dreadful film even worse! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Sex Tape

This is bad, extremely and exceedingly bad!
I cannot give this rubbish any more than just the one star as I cannot go lower and I wish I could, I really wish I could! It is a very long film that just drags on and on and on and on and.... There is nothing good about this film apart from the end credits because they mean that you can get up and get out of the cinema (movie theatre for all you Americans out there!)or delete the film if, like me, you were watching a recording! Every single cliché and almost every stale joke is in this film, there was absolutely NOTHING fresh! The parts were played well enough but there was no real connection between Jason Segal's character and Cameron Diaz's, everyone else seemed to be there just to take up time and lengthen the film.

As I'm trying to type this review without any spoilers then if you are that desperate to find out just how bad, how truly awful this film is then please do but if I were you I would take heed of bad reviews such as this one and not bother because if you do more than an hour and a half of your time will be well and truly wasted!

How to Train Your Dragon 2

There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOOD about this film!
I implore you to OK read the good reviews if you really feel the need to but I implore you to ignore them or at the very worst do not believe them! think the (exact) opposite of what the people have typed in the good reviews and you will have some idea as to just how truly awful this film is! The storyline is virtually non-existent, there are strange things that happen through the film that wouldn't happen at all if the writers and animators had looked it through thoroughly before they started making the film, while making the film and just before finishing making the film they would have seen these problems and removed them so that their work wouldn't look sloppy unless of course they wanted their work to look sloppy in which case they did a truly brilliant job! For example, Hiccup comes across an area that after this part we learn is an area protected by the Alpha dragon who keeps the area safe and helps keep all of the dragons there happy. Well in this area when Hiccup first comes across it with his girlfriend (whose character has changed and is now completely the opposite to what it was in the first film, but then everyone's character has changed and so have the way some look!) there are dragon trappers there who surprise surprise blame Hiccup for the damaged caused to their fort/home/living area. Now as the area is protected by the Alpha dragon why is it that the trappers are (allowed to be) in the same area as the Alpha dragon while they are dragon trapping all of the dragons? Surely the Alpha dragon, the king of all dragons (as Hiccup was told he is by his Mother) would have seen them off? but he happily allows them to stay in the area trapping dragons for Drago! It was never explained why they were trapping dragons for him which was another strange thing about the film! Oh and then there's the strange thing where we find out Hiccup is now 20 years and his dragon, Toothless, is as old as him even though four years ago it was a baby! then there is the strange thing where his mother..... Nope I'm not going to go through every single anomaly in the film as there are lots of them, far too many in fact as there shouldn't be any at all! All of the anomalies, the characters' characters changing, some of their looks changing, a plot line that is thinner than a single ply tissue and is extremely and exceedingly boring, characters that if they were not in the film would not make the slightest bit of difference to anything, the fact that it tries to cater for everyone and in doing so ends up not really catering for anyone (ok so it does cater for everyone but only slightly/a little bit in each case, not enough to see the it through to the end) are only a few of MANY problems in this dreadful, dreadful, dreadful sequel! Save yourself the disappointment! DO NOT WATCH THIS GIGANTIC PILE OF ****!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Witty?!?!?!?! Witty?!?!?!?! Witty?!?!?!?! What the flip was witty in that film?!?!?!?!
There is absolutely NOTHING witty in this film! Witty is NOT a word I would use to describe this film! Boring, tedious, dreadful, Very overly long, these are all the sorts of words that describe the film, not witty!!!!!!!!

The cameos from all of those people were far from necessary! The makers, the writer and director etc. obviously thought 'Hmmm how can we get this crap to sell? How can we bring the viewers in? Cameos! And over-hyping! That's what we need! We need lots of cameos by lots of different actors and actresses and lots and lots and lots and....of over-hyping! If we offer enough money and they have room in their diaries.... and if we hype this rubbish as much as we possibly can....' and lo viewers came in their hundreds and thousands and spent a huge heap of money on a truly dire film! And as awards ceremonies such as the Academy Awards are just advertising and promotion(al) vehicles no wonder this crap film won awards in various places, it needed them! Oh, and if any proof was needed that we humans are all sheep then the fact that so many people flocked to see this rubbish and then actually watched it and then rated it so highly and gave it such good/great reviews proves it!

There was such a long gap between plot points causing the film to feel very slow and very lumbered! Every time I have tried to see the film I have fallen asleep!

Ralph Fiennes was good and carried the film. Thanks to all of the sheep flocking to the cinemas I bet Ralph, and the rest of the cast, is now pleased this crap is on his, and her, C. V.!

Babes in Toyland

How can people not like this?!?!?!?!
I have just seen a wonderful film for the first time! It is the first wonderful film in ages having seen a load of dreadful ones including two by the usually wonderful Disney Corporation Maleficent and, yes, Frozen which was, admittedly, better than Maleficent but neither of those are as good as this seriously underrated classic! Now I have no doubt the Laurel and Hardy version will be better than this one as it is very rare that a remake is better than the original but as I've not seen that one yet I can only go by this one for what it is. This a fun enjoyable musical with some wonderful songs wonderful over-the-top hammy acting a wonderful storyline wonderful bright colours and wonderful dancing! Oh, and I am a middle-aged man thus proving this is not just a film for children! This is a film that can be watched and enjoyed by one and all!

Last Vegas

There are too many poor reviews! THIS FILM IS A MUST-SEE!
There should not be so many poor reviews, especially not ones rated less than four stars! What were those people thinking to rate such a wonderful, warm film about eternal, enduring friendship so low?! The must have very little idea if any at all as to what makes a great film! All five lead actors were superb! I type five lead actors because Mary Steenburgen was a more than just a supporting star! Having just watched Guardians Of The Galaxy which is yet another piece of rubbish, a truly dreadful piece of film making with lightweight characters, characterisation, a really confusing plot/storyline, and actors not suited in anyway shape or form to any of the parts they play, this is the complete opposite in comparison to that! This is a film everyone can relate to, but the older you are the more you can relate to it! When a person is aged twenty to forty you can relate to the film because you are used to your grandparents or someone else's grandparents taking about the same illnesses as they do. When aged forty to sixty the film is relatable because you start to get the same illnesses as they mention and when a person is as aged as the characters are then the film is relatable because by that time of life you will likely be going through some or all of the illnesses the four main leads mention! So sit back, enjoy this wonderful, superb film for what it is, four older friends happily and quite rightly ignoring their ages and their ageing bodies having a stag do in Vegas!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I Can Not Believe How Many People Have Rated This Drivel So Highly!
I can not remember the last time I saw a Disney film that was as bad as this is. Why do people who have had no acting lessons and are not fully trained actors continually get acting work at the expense of those that have been fully trained and therefore can act? Johnny Depp is proof of point of someone who has absolutely no ability to act whatsoever due to having had no lessons in how to act and is the complete opposite of fully trained and yet he keeps getting work in front of someone who is fully trained! The rest of the cast did rather well with the dreadful script, the storyline was almost non-existent, and didn't do anything remotely new. If half of The scenes where buckles were swashed and cut the rest shorter there still would have been far more than enough swash buckling to suit everyone that went to see the film. At over two hours long half an hour could have been taken out and it still would have been far too long! Johnny Depp's English accent was....well....let's just say it was obvious that it was an American trying to speak in and with an English accent, unlike Kevin Costner when he did Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves!

There was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING good about this generic pirate film. It had two story lines in it both of them having been told and shown countless times in far better ways numerous times before I wouldn't be at all surprised. OK so I Told a lie when I said there was absolutely nothing good about the film, as there was on thing good about it, the closing/end credits! Once they come on it means, thankfully, this extremely boring, exceedingly tedious film that has been stre-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-tched to as long as it can be can now be switched off!

The To Do List

If You Like Teen Films This Is A Musst See!
Now when I say teen film I don't mean a film aimed at teens. Oh no! This is a film very much aimed at adults and the older teens. Over here it has a rating of 15 meaning the minimum age a person has to be to see it is 15.

Aubrey Plaza plays a teenager that has not had anything to do with sex or letting her hair down at wild parties so her friends take her to one after the class of '93 graduation party. After what happens there she tears out her original 'To Do' list and writes a new one which involves just about everything normal that a teen would know about but is yet to find out about, especially a teen as sexually unknowing as the character is and ends the list with her having sex with the hot hunk she saw at the party. From there on in she goes through various situations from her very open family to not messing things up in her own way and then sorting it all out ....almost! There really should be more comedies like this because seeing the leads played by women and the men in the supporting roles, a reverse from the usual, put a whole new spin and take on things/it! A great comedy that really should be seen!

The Call

Appaulling! There is NOTHING good about this film!
The Call is a dreadful film from start to finish! the only redeeming part is the closing credits as when they appear it means you can finally stop watching this over-long over-clichéd drivel! It has holes in it that are bigger than the Grand Canyon and so many plot inconsistencies you wonder not just how did the rubbish get given the green light to be made but also that having been made why it wasn't put straight into the bargain bin everywhere! A caller calls 911 and tells Jordan Taylor (played by Halle Berry) there is a prowler outside who then breaks into the house. He then breaks in causing her to run to her bedroom and hide under her bed. The call is accidentally cut. Unable to find her, he is downstairs and on the way out when Jordan loses focus and rings her back. Here is the first inconsistency; in a dark house and from downstairs heading out the prowler is able to pin-point where the ringing is coming from and grab her! Six months later Jordan is now a 911 calls teacher and takes over a call from a teen (Casey Welson played by Abigail Breslin) that has been kidnapped. From here on in a police force thicker and more stupid than the Keystone cops cannot find her! After getting Casey to break a rear light and look through the hole so that she has an idea as to where she is being taken. While stuck in the boot with no room to turn round she was able to search the whole boot, find a tin of paint, open it with a screwdriver that just happened to be in there as well, and then pour the white paint through the hole where the light used to be without anyone noticing for ages until eventually just one person did. HOW CAN ONLY ONE PERSON HAVE EVENTUALLY SEEN THE PAINT POURING OUT OF THE BACK OF THE CAR?!?! There was a police helicopter flying overhead that had no thermal imaging because of course if it had the body in the boot would have been seen and then the rest of the ridiculous film would not have been made! There are so many gigantic holes and inconsistencies all of the way through the film and it has such a dreadful ending that for me to type them all and all about them here would take ME far too long as I don't type at all quickly! And as for some moronic reason I always have to type a minimum of ten lines in each review else it will not be accepted and there are more than ten in this one........

Judge Rinder

No Result Is Legal!
This is a truly horrendous programme that has no redeeming feature! The only way I would watch it again is if I was so bored I had absolutely nothing else to watch and absolutely nothing else to do and even then the thought of watching grass grow and paint dry seems a lot more appealing! It is done in exactly the same way as Judge Judy which is completely wrong for the courts in England and that is just as horrendous!

If I could give it less than one star, I would!


Why do I have to type a minimum of ten lines when I have seen others leave recent reviews that are less than ten? It is often a struggle to come up with that many lines, such as in this case , the review above on Judge Rinder!


Do Not Waste Your Time On This!
There are very few films/television programmes I give a one star rating to, but this one? Well if I could give it less I would do! It is unbelievably unfunny, unimaginative, uninspiring, unenjoyable, in fact, to me, there is not one single redeeming thing about this film! it is a rip-off of many films Ghostbusters, Men In Black, The Matrix to name three, only absolutely nowhere near as good as any of them! The directing is just as bad, as is the acting. Having said that it is better than Will Smith's continuous attempts to act but then as he has absolutely no ability to act whatsoever whereas the two leads and the two main supporting cast can! it's just in this one that they aren't doing so! Actually, they may well be trying to do so, but due to the script writing being so bad it kills any acting that can be done! Oh, and then there are gigantic holes in the plot that leave the viewer confused and that is down to the horrendous directing! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID WATCHING THIS RUBBISH, WHATEVER YOU DO!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Ignore the poor reviews! This is a great film!
I HIGHLY recommend you to see this film no matter what age you are! It has humour and jokes in it by the bucket load that are aimed at children, aimed at adults and aimed at both such as Flint screaming and pointing when in the boat "Aaaaaggggghhhhh there's a leek" and yes there is a leek in the boat but of the food kind!

The storyline at the main page, the page where the list of credits is, is not correct. The way it has been typed makes it sound like Flint's machine has created a whole load of horrific, vile beasts but in actual fact the foodimals it has created are extremely friendly! here is also no mention in the storyline of the eco-system the machine has created, the eco-system in which the foodimals live perfectly happily with each other! The way it has been typed also makes it sound/seem like the world has to be saved from these foodimals, it doesn't! Their eco-system has to be saved from the company Flint goes to work for and it's boss, a man Flint has looked up to his whole life and idolised!

The art work is superb, wonderfully bright and cheerful especially in the eco-system where the creators and artists really went to town! How they thought of the animals is beyond me but oh so very clever!

Please bring on Cloudy With A Taste Of Meatballs 3! I am really looking forward to seeing it!

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