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The Hills

Not reality (or entertainment) as we know it
Well, I tuned in, then tuned out again.

If this is real in any way, it is clearly not reality as it happens. It is fairly obvious that most of the scenes have been planned. The tracking shot as Lauren drives to Los Angeles, the "Vogue want me there in 20 minutes" scene and the scene where she goes to register at fashion school... actually, the last one was quite nicely shot (the camera crew might have a better future ahead). However, it lacked the verisimilitude of (say) an episode of The Osbournes or even The Simple Life. In fact, it lacked the believability of The OC or One Tree Hill!

It does come across as a cheap (bad) soap, but with acting appropriate to a porn movie.

And no-one watches a porn movie for the acting.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Rich, complex and provocative
I agree with other reviewers that this is one of the best cop shows on television. What particularly makes it for me is that the makers are rarely satisfied with simple black and white. Rather, everything is painted in shades of grey.

With most cop shows, at the end, you know that the bad guys have been caught, the good guys have done their job, and all is right with the status quo. Here, characters question what they are doing, they argue, and in many episodes the questions are not comfortably resolved.

This is a show that is not afraid to deal with controversies: the ability of a person with a learning disability to give consent, abuse and discrimination against people with mental health problems, what the limits are to responsibility for ones actions. It raises the questions, and trusts its audience not to need a pat solution.

It is not surprising that this gets far fewer viewers than the CSI franchise. Depressing, but not surprising. It is, though, of far more value.


Very good, but needlessly complicated by the sub-plot
This is an very good sci-fi suspense thriller, one of the best that I've seen. In particular, the scene where Capa and Kaneda go out to repair the shield had me on the edge of my seat (literally).

However, in trying to make the film something more, the director has managed to make it less. What is good in the film arises from the hard sci-fi elements. The horror sub-plot detracts from it.

The main plot of the movie has everything that is necessary to give rise to drama and tensions among the crew, to explain the disappearance of the first mission and the problems of the current one: A ship and crew placed in an extreme situation, a supremely hostile environment, and the struggle to survive and succeed in their "last best hope" mission.

Re-editing this film, to remove the sub plot, would tighten it up and make of it one of the best science fiction movies ever made.


One of the worst movies I have ever seen
I was astounded by how crass this film was. In addition to the criticisms that have already made, the scene that stood out to me was our hero's immediate reaction as the earth plunged into a new ice age. Instead of cold weather gear, emergency food, the items that you may think would be needed - he loads up with WEAPONS!!!

Yes, clearly when folks are freezing to death all around you, the best solution is to prepare to shoot people. When they are attacked shortly after this, there is no logic to it. This film is morally bankrupt, ludicrous and unrealistic. Go to see The Day After Tomorrow, and let it sink deservedly into oblivion.

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