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Ordinary Joe

So glad Peacock is streaming this!
I had heard of this NBC show but never got around to watching it until it started airing episodes every Friday on Peacock. It's a really unique but engaging show. Which life is the right one for Joe? Each has its positives and negatives. I wish Peacock would renew it for a Season 2 but I don't know if they will. It deserves a chance. I care about all three lives and paths. I go back and forth with what he should do. There's no black and white. I want to know more and I am sure that I'm not alone. Ordinary Joe is no ordinary show. It is a hidden treasure.

The Cleaning Lady

Disturbing and Creepy in a Good Way
So few good scary movies these days...THIS ONE is not for the faint of heart but for true thriller/horror fans. It's pretty hardcore in the violence department but in the creepy film genre, it soars. It starts out freaky and keeps going throughout. Not a bit boring for sure! Horror fans, just give it a try. I was creeped out during every scene and I am an eye roller for most thrillers as of late.


Flat out Perfect & Heartbreaking
I watched this movie without reading the description of it so had no idea what to expect. It drew me in with the subtle details, a look, a cough a tear. Slowly it is revealed what the situation is between the two sets of parents. They have something in common-something very tragic. Seeing the aftermath of this event through two different sides is fascinating and heart tugging. Most of the film is the dialogue between the parents but it is NOT boring. It is insightful and you can't help but lean in and really listen. I believe Martha Plimpton & Maureen O'Dowd both deserve Academy Award nominations for their roles.

Dexter: New Blood

If you're among the MANY Dexter fans who loved the original show but were possibly disappointed with the finale, REJOICE! THIS reboot is BEYOND my wildest hopes for it! I can hardly STAND waiting for episode 10!!!!! This is flat out PERFECT and draws you in further with each new episode. I'm rarely creeped out but it's so disturbing in a GREAT, intriguing way. Michael C Hall is brilliant STILL in a role that is a real balancing act. He is better than ever. He's simply fascinating and the mostly new cast is great too. I was thrilled with one star from the original series returning in a unique way. It helps add another layer to the character of Dexter and the storyline. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Why are you reading this? Go watch it!


Addictive Reality TV Show
If you love Parking Wars and similar reality shows, you will love this. I love this type of show which is based on the frustrating situations that airline employees deal with during their shifts. Some of the travelers are ridiculous and others are sadly kinda right. Good clean fun!

House of Glass

Wow! Twisty Thriller! Loved it!
My expectations were minimal but I loved this twisty little thriller! Twists and turns abound! Give it a shot! If you like a good thriller, this might be your jam, too!


Flat out Perfect! Everyone should watch this!
This true life story is a master class in it's entirety. The opioid epidemic has swept our country like a giant tsunami. It's not just addicts who get hooked on these. I know several people with chronic pain who got put on these. One of them was considering using heroin instead because it was much cheaper. 10 years ago I was treated for a large swollen bruise. The doctor put me on Vicodin for 6 weeks. When I was done with my prescription, I had severe insomnia. That same doctor put me on Xanax for nearly 10 years. That did a number on my kidney and liver not to mention that it was SO hard to kick. If it seems like you're being given excessive meds, get a second opinion I never had an addiction problem in my life before that. Avoid Opioidfs if at all possible.

Flag Day

Very Dark but stellar performances
I grew up in a very dark environment so a lot of things in the scenes in the movie barely made me flinch. But as it went on, I felt a deep sadness for the kids and family of Dad. It was very interesting and well done by Sean & Dylan Penn. If you have lived through the darkness, you yearn for the light. Well done film.


Why the negative reviews?
This movie isn't perfect but it's a lot better than some of the reviews. I'm guessing a lot of the people do not live in the part of the US where Damon's character is from. I am from the Midwest and I felt like I knew him because he is SO similar to a lot of blue collar men in the Midwest. He is a man who loves his daughter and will fly across the world to defend her. I admire that. Damon literally disappeared to the character and nailed it. I also enjoyed the sweet relationship he developed with Maya and her mother. And unlike some others, I felt Abigail Breslin did a good job in her role. She's always excellent. Like I said, the movie is a bit slow in the middle but ultimately, I enjoyed it. Give it a shot.


Fabulous Film That really moved me
I accidentally streamed this confusing it with another similarly named film. I'm so glad that I did! This was a very dark but brutally honest story that broke my heart but moved me greatly. It's about a free spirited single mother and her 15 year old son who is very troubled. If you want to watch a VERY GOOD drama and can stay focused on the subtitles as it is mostly spoken in French, you will be in for a real treat.


Oh no! How can a Serial Killer Thriller be so BAD???
A FIVE was mainly because Love Lucy Hale so much. If it would have been REMOTELY OK, I would have been kinder. The premise of a super sadistic serial killer is a good start. But then it falls FLAT! I mean PANCAKE FLAT! It's like the writers wrote a premise for a story but not the actual STORY. Huge waste of time. Don't bother. I'm done.


Kristen Stewart SHINES brightly in her BEST ROLE YET!
Up until this point, Kristen Stewart was barely on my radar except a few decent roles here and there like Joan Jett in The Runaways. But her turn as Princess Diana is extraordinary. She plays it carefully and her voice and mannerisms occasionally made me forget it was her playing the part. It's a very interesting tale called a fable of a true tragedy at the beginning. However we who loved and respected the tragic Princess are glad to see her represented in a film in a positive way. I really enjoyed this movie and I would recommend it. I hope the Academy gives Kristen Stewart a chance with a nomination for Best Actress next Spring.

The Empty Man

The leading man is fabulous!
I didn't plan on liking this but I found myself getting more anymore invested each minute. The leading man is terrific and I love his voice and expressions. He says so much even in silence. Very interesting. The only real gripe is the long beginning sequence. It seems excessive and disjointed. The movie could be 20-25 minutes shorter if that had been a shorter prologue,

True Story

Wow! Kevin Hart just KILLS IT!
Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes are fabulous! They have an excellent chemistry. Billy Zane is terrific in a small but pivotal supporting role! I was HOOKED watching this from beginning to end. This show is intriguing, filled with twists and turns. Kevin Hart is playing a serious role here and just nails it! Binge watching will be how most watch this I bet!


Those who GET THIS will get this!
Many people suffer from severe anxiety disorders and schizophrenia as well. Many of the scenes were like memories in my own life, feeling insecure and having continuous self talk in your brain. It can be debilitating. Even with medication. I'm a Vice President of a company but I still struggle sometimes. This character that Olivia Munn played FABULOUSLY is a groundbreaking one in a small limited release film. If you DON'T understand this movie, try to imagine what this must be like for someone. It's a real challenge. Cheers to Olivia Munn for her brave and authentic performance. Violet is a character that I will remember.


Off to a great start! Love the premiere episode!
I'm watching the first episode now and it's very exciting so far. Humor, intrigue, excitement! I can't wait to see what will happen next! The acting is great and everyone seems well cast.

American Rust

Why all the low ratings? Very promising show
I think a lot of reviewers must not know the lighting on this show is mood lighting to emphasize the darkness, dreary area and somber mood of the town's residents. The events would be much less effective if it was bright, sunny, cheery lighting. I can't believe I feel the need to make a case for different types of lighting on a film project. And the cast is top-notch. The reviewers must not watch tv or film to not know who these stars are. It's a very well written adaptation from a book.

The Sinner: Part II
Episode 2, Season 4

Season 4 is off to a Great start!!
I love this show but some seasons are better than others. THIS current season 4 is starting off with a lot of promise! My husband and I watch on the edge of our seats and discuss the clues and try to figure out the mystery but always have more questions than answers! We can't wait til Wednesday for the next episode! Each season is a new mystery. Even if you haven't seen 1-3, it won't matter because they are different mysteries each season. If you like a great mystery, this show will draw you in! Great acting too!


It's all in your own perspective...I was moved
I am a fan of our director but I will admit this wasn't a perfect film. I could be picky and point out things that I didn't like but then it wasn't really a horror film. There was mystery though. I kept trying to figure it out while I was watching it. It kept my attention throughout and the last 15-20 minutes really moved me emotionally. Maybe it's all in your own perspective whether you will like this movie or not. I liked it.

Digging to Death

Never boring but quite disturbing later
I can't say much without giving too much away. It starts out somewhat plausible but goes WAY dark in the last 30 minutes. Interesting but SO dark later...

The Curse of La Llorona

Weakest Installment to Conjuring/Annabelle Series
Yeah.... I'm sorry but this is by far the weakest of the Conjuring/Annabelle series. I have enjoyed the others, some more than others but this one is pretty boring and almost a stand alone story except for the haunting. Just got worse and worse and worse...It had a great cast who did their best but had a very poor script to work with perhaps? Just watch this if you're watching the entire series so far, otherwise AVOID.

Quincy M.E.

Way Ahead of its Time! If you like CSI, check it out
This show was SO FAR ahead of its time on many of today's issues. I bet it was VERY groundbreaking in the 70s and 80s. It covers topics liked botched plastic surgery, racism, elder abuse, domestic abuse and so many more. There are many fabulous mysteries medical and criminal. The show is exciting but has a lighthearted spirit too with humor and camaraderie between the medical staff and police. Sure there are some episodes which miss the mark but the majority are brilliant and intriguing. Jack Klugman is a lovable and brilliant medical examiner who really cares about each case and won't stop until each one is concluded no matter what the consequences. His assistant Sam Fujiyama is loyal and super charming. Give this show a watch! It's phenomenal!


Pretty darn decent horror mashup
I can't exactly describe this odd, horror mashup but I quite enjoyed watching it. Scary, odd, occasionally humorous moments... but thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you HBO max for letting us watch it for free on your channel. Would recommend to horror and or sci-fi fans. Or people who just like unique films.

Quincy M.E.: Slow Boat to Madness: Part 1
Episode 3, Season 7

I love this exciting two-part mystery at sea!
Poor Quincy! Every time he tries to go on vacation, major problems follow! This tim is no exception! He and his lady friend decide to take a relaxing cruise. Sounds great doesn't it? Ummm...not so much! People on board start getting very Ill! They also have hallucinations and terrible symptoms.


Oh no they DIDNT! Disappointing!
I love Jordan Peele! He is amazing and a superstar but this was very disappointing and different than his usual fare. It was nearly all political and nearly zero horror! I realize racial tensions are at a near all-time high but this this doesn't help at all. Since they basically made a completely different movie. They should have named this one something else. The original Candy Man was frightening and fascinating. The lead actor was dynamic. I will not watch again.

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