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Dark Waters

An important Movie - and one Oscar-contender !
The movie is among the best of tense thrillers (think: John Grisham The Firm), only that it is actually a real life story about the unbelievable crimes Dupont did to the American People & how they tried to cover for decades the fact that 99% of people nowadays have at least traces of their toxic Teflon-chemicals in their body. This is how entertainment should be: engaging, entertaining & telling an important story in a time of civic society uprise against corporate coruption. The atmosphere is tight, the film never slows down and Mark Ruffalo & Tim Robbins bring us honest & wonderful portrayals of their characters! 10/10 Must see & worthy of (at least one) Oscar !

DuckTales: Jaw$!
Episode 14, Season 1

One of the worst episodes.
Besides the fact, that this is yet another Jaws copy (how many more of those does pop culture need ??) which also amplifies unreasonable fear of sharks again, it also features plenty character decisions that are unmotivated and just seemingly happen to get the "plot going". (ex: how does the Quack Pack get into the highly secured money bin just like that for a swim? Why does Launchpad just enters the room screaming Dewey is missing without explanation?).

Worst, this episodes shows the highly unpopular character of "Lena". This episodes is really one of the worst episodes of the season, maybe only second to the one where "Lena" was introduced.

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