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Besides the eye candy not much going here. Movie just hustled me the price of admission. At least I wasn't drugged and had my credit card rung up.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Title says it all
Predictable plot. Watched it for free on amazon prime and glad I didn't have to pay for this.

The Mandalorian

For the casual fan it's good
As a casual fan I enjoyed the first episode but wasn't as riveted as a lot of the other reviewers. That said it's a highly quality show and has a great production team and cast.

The end had a nice surprise so I will continue watching to see how the series develops


Don't get offended
Don't get offended ... but gives us a second season you bloody .

Thanks mate, I mean babe 😚

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

No Parts Unknown
BLD serves a lighter fare for a traveling food show and it's certainly not at the level of Parts unknown. It's hit or miss depending on the guest. The morocco episode with Crissy teigen was very cringeworthy. The show wastes a bit of time with too much rambling and prepared opening scenes. I enjoyed the Cambodia with Kate McKinnon episode the most. Kate McKinnon could carry her own travel show and hopefully she comes back for another episode.


Worse than my Uber rating
Takes a wrong turn early and never finds its way. Really corny Uber and twitter jokes makes you want to cancel this ride before it ends.

Happy Death Day 2U

Please stop at 2
Sequel felt like when she wakes up in pain... it's so bad you just want it to end.

Please do not make a part tree, let it end now.

Part 1 is great but part 2 was completely forced and unnecessary.

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