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Puro Mula

Pretty Good Movie
When i see Puro Mula i can't stop laughing, and think about my own future, maybe because i find something in Joel that is familiar too me, and i am sure, to many other young boys, the danger of be a vagabond without job and benefice.

This movie is really brilliant, not good as a Spielberg movie, but, put you into the shoes of independent new young directors and you see that is a really good movie with a bunch of laughing.

The only thing i think is bad is that this movie is more a kind of "Latinos" movie, many of this humor is more seen in central America and not in another countries, so if you aren't from this places maybe is difficult to see the humor

Terminator Salvation

Good movie, but this film ain't gonna save Terminator franchise.

I think sometimes Hollywood and the directors are so worried about make something than they never be worried if they most do it! Whoever Salvation is a good movie, good action, nice cast (not the better, not the worst), Chritian Bale make a good roll as Connor, And some parts than are really nice, like a taco, but still have many bad and illogical parts. Is a better movie than the third, but is far far away to be a classic like the first two. Anyway there something disturbing me, as i say the movie is not good enough for make we have the certainly that the the next part of terminator gonna be a really good movie because no nobody knows nothing about the way terminator gonna take.


Great Movie!!!
Ridley Scott is a genius, maybe this movie don't answerd all the question about Alien, but the movie give to us more and more mysterious about the fictitious universe from the movie, new kind of lifes, many action and thrill, some kind of acid blood in the mutant worms the gigant facehugger, uffff many great things!!! just a big fool or some kid than never watch Alien doesn't like this movie and is because they cant understanding the movie at all I was in love with the ending of movie, when the new kind of xenomporph came out and show his jaws, absolutely amazing!!! Thank you Ridely Scott for a great movie PD: I love how Scott just ignored AVP and AVPR XD

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