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Breathe: Into the Shadows

It was a good time pass, also instead of making a whole tv-series, they could've just made a movie. Unnecessarily long.

Luv Kush

Beautifully Done Ramanand Sagar Sir!!
After Discussion in the parliament and the HUGE demand from the people, for this seventh chapter. Ramanand ji Decided to made the sequel and It was the best decision, This shows how Lord Ram bears all the bad things and name and in turn made Sita the Symbol of Purity !! Lord Rama as a King was entitled to make such unacceptable but important demands to end the rumours. People who said Lord Ram did wrong please think again as a King's perspective who's first priority is the people.


Beautiful Movie!!
It's really a beautiful film, really nice songs and it made me nostalgic about my village in a good way as I am also from Kutchh. And yes these type of Problems are not there anymore even if it existed before ever.


PLEASE WATCH IT!! Best TV series on Rome !!
This is the best TV series made on Rome and Julius Caesar, the makers of this series has put tremendous efforts in making this and it turned out to be the best, The sets, The scenes, The costumes, it is all very well researched, this is the most under rated TV series. PLEASE WATCH IT


Flawlessly Made !! And it's our HISTORY NOT MYTHOLOGY!!
This is by far the best TV series created by Ramanand Sagar ji. You just can't get tired of watching it, No matter how many times you watch it, you will always get satisfaction, and new knowledge/wisdom every time. Our rich History is forgotten by people nowadays, every household used to watch this and people today should also watch this, show it to our new generation so that they don't forget our rich culture and history. And stay connected to the roots of our beautiful country. Bharat


Every Indian should watch this !!
A very well made and a must watch show for all. This is our history, it's sad that Genius like Chanakya is not known is today's world, every school should teach about him.

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