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The Dark Knight Rises

True Batman Fan's Worst Nightmare
I have no Idea what to even start with about what was wrong with this movie. Apart from the obvious Richard Nixon voice Batman has had in every movie of this trilogy, now we also have a villain we can barely understand .

They sit there and expect us to believe that with all the time Bruce Wayne spent training and all the time he spent with Ra's Al Ghul he doesn't even know who his daughter is who is very high up in the League?

Then they use the classic bomb going to blow up the city. The bomb that was built to be a fusion reactor. So why does it have a clear LED display of the time on it? And why after flying it in reality about 2 miles off the coast no one is hurt. There is no radiation. No title wave from the ocean. Just a cloud.

Then lets look at the spare Batmobiles that the enemies have. I find it really hard to believe that I could blow up a batmobile with only one missile yet his is pretty much indestructible.

Then when Bruce escapes prison he magically shows up in a town with only one bridge that is guarded by the military. There were so many aspects of the movie where things just happened. And we have no choice but to accept them.

The biggest problem of all though, Robin. Why the people in the movie I was in cheered when she said his name was Robin I'll never know. Let's see what the main parts they got wrong were. Obviously the name. His parents dying's back-story was nowhere near right. Robin was a trapeze artist not a detective. I don't know why people like this movie. Maybe because they are supposed to who knows. But if you are a true fan out there then you will most likely hate this film for the crap it is.

This movie didn't feel like a Batman movie to me. There was no gadgets, no detective work, no anything. Only thing that this movie taught me is that now I know for a fact. DC cannot do special effects and in the movie industry will always fall short to fans.

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