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The Terror

Starts slow and continues to be slow
Great actors and a good plot but the progress is so boring to watch, surprised with the rating.

Character are absolutely un - engaging, seen 5 episodes and yet we are no where into the show, what is known to us is that they are stuck in a frozen sea with a creature antagonizing them for killing a Eskimo ????.

  • The thing is they are trying to map a way across the arctic circle to benefit their empire, but a polo bear like creature is killing them off 1 by 1.

  • Sea is frozen and surprisingly this alpha polo bear is intelligent almost like a human, they even address this in one of the episodes. I could understand the creature was from the ocean depths but polo bear look ????.

  • Such a great cast but every main dialogue that should have some gravity while delivering it, seem even more boring. "shall be punished as a boy" and "I looked into to its eyes" made it seem intense but the actual line was delivered with such low intent.

They should have used the novel as a concept and re-imagined it in modern times with a Alien creature sent on earth thousands of years ago to capture and subjugate the populace but due to some unforeseen event the Alien pod did not open and the creature remained in hibernation till we (humans) found the pod and to open it.

Sin-gwa ham-kke: Jwi-wa beol

Was not expecting to like this movie at all.
The CGI is pretty decent and the acting is quite good, watched the movie is Korean and as the story progressed it gets too emotional.

All characters placed are well done and there is no need to understand any religion to soak up the plot. As this is based on reincarnation and many don't believe or accept it, the way the plot moves with that theme makes it good.

If you are a movie going person this will be very predictable and still its entertaining. I like they went with the emotional route instead of the action and continuous comedy, do not get me wrong there is action and comedy but distributed evenly across the movie.

All in all its quite a decent movie to watch with family and close ones.

Stargate Origins

Please do not let this set the mood for the Stargate franchise
Disappointment, horrible acting, bogus CGI and of-course politically correct garbage. Why did they just not continue with Stargate Universe or make a new group discovering another part of space.

First off its British controlled Egypt, so why everyone is equally treated from the very 1st episode, my guess politically correct input to not get any unwanted attention.

Second the Nazi's speak English with a heavy accent, which is totally not required. And why Nazi ? were there no other way to show the gate open for the 1st time.

Third the CGI is like amateur students doing it for a project they just want pass in, is the studio losing the rights or something ?

Fourth why is it like 10 minute episodes are these supposed to be advertisements ? to see if there is still and audience for the franchise, Yes there is an audience.

Last are there no writers or fan fiction that could be adopted for a new series and even if this is the origins why not just start from ancient Egypt and show how it started. This more like Stargate: We don't know what origins means ?

Sad to see such a franchise treated badly. No disrespect to the studio or the cast. Thanks for considering Stargate for a new series.

Thor: Ragnarok

Could have been much better
First off the CGI in this movie looks to dull, being a huge film, they could have worked on it for a better output. The sound track "Led Zeppelin's - Immigrant Song" is over used. The story is down right trash, everyone living from Hella's time is dead or left Asgard ?. Its like no one knows Thor has an older sister who is all powerful and that she can over come Odin with her power because sometime in the past Odin betrayed her by locking her up. Hulk/Banner how does he reach the planet in Quin Jet its like an actual jet plane that can cross the universe by entering a worm-hole which no scientist bothered to monitor and most importantly a jet in space where no air exist to allow the jet engines to function. Thor can discharge Lightning and turn you to ash but you can electrocute him while he has his powers and call him sparkles. 1st movie where his powers were stripped and he got zapped it made sense but with his powers he still gets zapped ???

There is way to much unwanted comedy in this movie, forcing joke after joke and its repeated the way it put in the dialogue too for eg: Spider-man (2002) when he gets his abilities and goes to fight in the ring which turns into a cage match, the announcer ask Peter what are you called he says "the Human Spider". Thor Ragnarok same is done by saying "Lord of Thunder" recycled/re-hashed. Literally the funny parts are mostly in the trailers and TV Spots.

This movie is for hardcore movie Marvel and Thor fans, the Stanlee's Appearance can stop now its no longer fun. Hella is so easily defeated at the end of the movie its ridiculous, most of the action in the movie is during the immigrant song that the beginning and during the final fight scene at the end. Thor is not a playful character Loki is, he is the God of Mischief. This appeal to teens girls more than boys for sure.

Pretty sure if this movie was made by anyone else it would be called a disaster. The branding is done well to make flops very successful. Lastly Hella is amazing they could have fleshed her out more with 2 maybe 3 films.

November Criminals

Novembers Crime
One of the worst movie to release this year, underdeveloped characters, hopeless story-line, at first I taught the main character was gay and wanted to come out of the closet, That would have been some plot twist.

Why is main character stuck with late 80's technology ?

Why does he have a hot friend ? (how did that develop)

Why is he focused on knowing what happened to his friend ?

God this movie is boring A.F, Class cast but poor story-line and characters. The movie has no enjoyable part at all.

Plot drags till the end, Who killed Kevin, well Fk knows I mean literally even the main character does not know.

How such plots get approved to get a budget and make a movie for all to regret entering the theater.


Used to be Great
This was one of the best TV shows you watch for comic book genre, It started of great well lit up scenes with loads of action, suspense and a good story-line, suddenly all of that was thrown out and made a weak series in which the main character reveals himself all the time and the action is terrible to watch, no suspense, no general direction of the character, in almost every episode its the same dialogue "Oliver if you want them to trust you, you should let them know who you are, and Oliver takes of his eye piece and says "I am the Green Arrow" L.O.L What Dafuq.

The show is just going down hill, specially that now the main character is now Felicity (sleeps with all the Billionaires and take their fortune and keeps them under her payroll) worst character, Thea Queen 2nd billionaire famous line "I am out".

Just keep the group small and the action hardcore like 1st season, identity reveal yeah stop that, let the character start killing again, and please don't bring dead people back to make their own show.

Season 1 - Great.

Season 2 - Just OK.

Season 3 - What is happening.

Season 4 - Why are you killing the show.

Season 5 - I give up, cant watch anymore.

Season 6 - Stopped watching.

Jeepers Creepers

Boring Feast
The main 2 characters seemed like a couple taking a break from city life until they use the word MOM, yes they turn out to be brother and sister on their way home on a back end road.

The creature has a driving licence and honks before over taking on the road, really polite. But if you catch the creature dumping bodies in a you have had the creature will just bump you of the road and will go away so you can check his lair and realize what is going on.

Some people have appreciated this movie as the best horror movie ever good for them, to the others glad to know the IQ level has not fallen for all people.

Baby Driver

No actual plot
The entire movie you will be lost as to why the main character is doing this stuff for an old man who just using him for his skills, second of all why would they not just focus on one story-line instead of jumping from one plot to the next, the end is so vague with the old man suddenly cares about the main character to defend him LOL, total carp, would not recommend to anyone.

Absolute bore, will feel like taking breaks in between to just let it end. If you like this movie good for you.

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