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Death of a Gentleman

Not a complete picture
2 leads here try to find the reason Test Cricket is dying but do not explore it to the depths, hence this documentary is a half hearted attempt.

As one of the review said here, initially they dont know what is their problem statement and who is the culprit and in the end they fix it on English,Aussie and India cricket board as well as IPL.

Muvi portrays that above 3 cricket boards try to control ICC and distribute most revenue among themselves as most of it is generated by their countries only,leaving the other test nations in bankrupt state. Also Indian board is shown as a autocratic entity which is only trying to mint money.

Now the first problem is, this movie was released in 2015 but by then, almost all countries have got their own Leagues and everyone is minting money by it, but nothing is mentioned of that sort here. If you try to put Ipl as main reason why test cricket is dying then u need to show that all countries have got their leagues also.

Also, it is shown that english/aussie and indian board take most percentage of revenue among themselves. But as a matter of fact, india do makes more than 70% of revenue alone for ICC and i dont see any reason why it should not strive for higher revenue percentage.

The case show of Srinivasan is true and later he was removed from his positions and his team suspended from IPl. I would agree on that point.

In the end, Test cricket is being savoured by organizing Test Championship where India and NZ will play its final in near future.

Also as a closing note, its the audience which decides what has to stay and what not, people are enjoying T2o format more and more and test quality is going down where teams are unable to compete for 5 days.

Ajeeb Daastaans

Maybe the best anthology movie of India after Masaan
Watch the movie for 3rd and 4th story. They are absolutely marvelous.

Konkana and aditi rao are very good in 3rd story. It was more like a commentary on friendship.

4th story broke my heart so badly , the ending, manav kaul , first in Nailpolish and now this, he has won my heart.

Please watch this story, it is straight from the heart.


Mid life scenes depicted beautifully
I am still not past 30 but somehow this muvi showed me that post 40, life gets even tougher. People may slowly start falling out of love with you, you may lose interest in your job, get boring with time, have kids who dont respect you much and many more. Movie tries to say something (atleast what i understood) and i didnt find it wrong. There were scenes which literally put in awe, whether they were buddy drinking ones or serious confrontation ones. Mads was great as usual and also was the rest of the cast. Director and other members did a perfect job and we need greet them by watching this movie more and more.

The White Tiger

Good start,shallow end
Movie was good in the beginning, in fact first half was really great, got me hooked up, the narrator, the main characters were quite good, story moved quickly with strong scenes here and there. But in the second half, movie didnt had any fire power left in it, the setup was massive but climax was a fizzle bomb. Dont want to spoil the ending but it was very lame and literally made me think in today times when we have seen a alot of crime films, how the hell did the lead got away with his doings. I will say give it a skip. Some movies need good ending and this didnt had one.

Feluda Pherot

It was a quality of Ray to represent a mystery with such a delicacy and simplicity that you will enjoy each n every moment of his book/movie and same is the case here. Srijit does a nice job here, direction,production is top quality. Lead actor was the best, rest were also fine. Overall, it was a nice watch for the weekend. Feluda story endings are not very trivial but the trio always keeps you uptight and happy. Want to see 2nd season of this asap. Thanks all who created this good season.

Only Lovers Left Alive

One of the best of Jim
This movie is about love for music and life. And if you get ample amount of time to enjoy that? Well thats what our 2 main characters do in the movie.They simply immerse themselves into their passions and are living that grand life, not famous or rich but actually being around things which matter to them the most, like books, guitar etc. Movie gave me ideas about how differently it dealt with vampire theme, here they are not blood thirsty monster, here there are enjoying their lives, even depressed with too much of it sometimes but the whole concept, and the way it is depicted is very awesome. Acting, soundtrack, editing direction everything is top notch. Also, the couple here will make u jealous because it seems a match made in heaven. Go for it if you are in love with a person and music and none of the other things matter to you, you will be in a gentle ride of joy and pleasure.


Decent series and better than many others with better rating
High is high on content,acting,editing,directing and almost every film making element. An MX player series doesnt give you much to hope or expect but this is not a regular series. It is a good one and should be watched more and more so that it gets enough good ratings to get second season i feel.

Story starts with lead character being admitted to a drug rehab where he discovers a drug which has good effects on addicts and can even cure the addiction. Then he and the creators of this drug start off their adventure to get some money from this drug in order to save their rehab facility but then other drug dealers, government hired assassins get embroiled into it and these all make the story even more interesting.

Direction, writing and editing are all top notch. Scenes when lead actor takes the drug for the first time are very very good.

Acting is good from all. Special mention for Ranveer shaurey, he has had the best 2020 so far i guess, he was good here also.

Please watch it now!!!!


Everything a muvi shud be
Beautiful movie. Captures the emotions perfectly. Acting was superb.

Muvi is about someone finding his elder brother in an unknown city and then the brother finding himself back. Malyalam movies propel breath of life into you when you watch them. This one was no different. Director is good and will follow him now.

Stories , if told beautifully , become even more beautiful.

Wong Gok ka moon

a start for greater follow up
Movie was debut feature of WKW. And it shows. It has few elements of 80s asian action movies. But still, it successfully captured the essence of important scenes. It is not great as WKW other flicks but it is not a bad flick. It kept me up although i had already seen Mean streets(and its one of my favrts).

Acting wise, all did a good job. Maggi C. was beautiful.

Neon lights, atmosphere, everything was enigmatic.

WKW - We love you, hope treat us of few more movies in your lifetime.


Could have been great
Could have been great. If the writer couldve gone to more depth,created some more layers,created some complexity,with the given acting and production, it could have been a great achivement but now it stands as a missed chance with rating 7/10. But this movie has to be watched, because still it is better then many other garbage of bollywood. Tripti dimri is star of future. Satya looked out of place. Rahul bose and parambrat were also good along with Pauli dam. Thanks to anushka for bringing some horror suspense tails to us. Production is also good. Still a missed chance but completely engrossing.


Tale of few friends
Axone is name of a food dish of north east but this story is not just about a food dish, its about a bunch of friends living in delhi and how their life unravels on a single day.

The chemistry of the bunch was genuine and original. There were some hard truths spoken here and there which made the movie way more authentic then many others.(Like the one where sayani gupta's boyfriend explains to her that she wont ever be close to her 2 pals as they are to each other)

Movie explores the relationship of few people in the gang and nothing was over done in this department. We all have crushes and exes, no big deal.

At last, value the people who are good to you and keep them close, thats all one can do.

Anjaam Pathiraa

Must watch for thriller fans
People here are complaining that movie was dragging and ending was funny but i beg to differ. For me the experience was quite good. Movie script was tight and always kept me on toes, i had to pause screen to read subtitles many times to understand what conclusion was drawn from certain crime scene.

Acting was good, all actors did justice to their roles.

Story was good, the back story of the killer was also good. Also to mention, movie was not predictable and always surprised us with some new incident.

Simply loved the views of Kochi and other nearby villages, lots of greenery. Would plan another trip to Munnar very soon(after covid19 ends maybe).

This movie is must watch for all suspense thriller fans and its top quality. It is not equal with Ratsasan(2018) but still its not very much behind. Its rating should be somewhere 8.5

Paatal Lok

Not an epic but a good one time watch,a journey into darkness
Pilot of the show was good but after that, show started going downhill until it revived from 6th episode and there on, it was a rollercoaster ride. Kudos to Jaideep ahlawat for brilliant acting. Also special mention for the muslim inspector who won the hearts with his brilliant acting.

Plot is bit tricky but sums up well in the end, provides a satisfactory ending.

Shooting and setting is good.

Though i expected more from abhishek bannerjee, but his role was small though satisfactory. Also i liked his partner in crime, tope singh.

Overall, good option to spend your weekend with, and definitely a better ending then The family man.

Zimna wojna

A tale of love amidst of cold war
I liked this movie and came here to review it. Firstly, the actress was very very beautiful. Lead actor, i guess was good in his part but maybe someone more charismatic may have been better. Muvi is about a romance between a music director and a singer/dancer who fall in love while the latter auditions in front of former. Now the problem here was, their love development was not shown properly, wasnt given much time. But, whenever they met, their screen presence, their gaze into each others eyes , their kisses made their love affair look intense, something they were unable to find in anyone else. Muvi covers some 10 years and shows that one of the lover is loyal but other is volatile and runs away frequently. Though with the flaws, muvi is worth watching, Hope everyone gets in a affair where they look at each other like these 2 lovers did.

A martfüi rém

Average one time watch
This hungarian movie started off well but lost its way after that and went on to become an average flick. Movie lacked the required necessary twist and turns to make it an edge of seat thriller. Yes it depicted that due to political pressure, someone gets to go to prison for 10 years without actually being the killer but overall it couldnt keep me interested. I expected more, look away murder mystery/thriller fans.

Few plot lines could have been focused to make it more interesting but that didnt happen and hence required attachment between characters and audience went missing. Maybe it can be liked by people of same country but tough for foreign people.

Ah Fei jing juen

A movie about life
This movie is simply dope,owing to the real life like characters,and the subsequent life like situations they are in, making it a muvi u can relate to very easily(barring the last 15 mints.) Characters here are falling in love, getting heart breaks, leaving cities, changing jobs and trying to find meaning/purpose in their life. Characters are very life like and original and you wud care for them even though they would not for themselves. I found this muvi better then Chungking express and Fallen angels. Muvi is filled with rainy nights with someone feeling lonely and completely lost, making u feel for them very badly and will make u remember ur own heartbreaks. Please watch it once atleast to have a beautiful experience.


Muvi for muvi fans
This is a muvi for all indian muvi fans, irrespective of language, this muvi needs to be watched. For intense scenes, for guddu and his lovers chemistry, for charlies bad ass look and his bad company but still having his heart at right place, for mumbai monsoon, for crooked policemen, for shady drug dealers, for people who dream and dont quit.

The Outsider: Must/Can't
Episode 10, Season 1

Complete waste of otherwise good premise
The ending here was so cheap and short that i felt cheated. They took 9 episodes for setting up for this finale and then they give us this bad ending where the villain just simply dies. If the novel had the same ending then this series shudnt have been made as this didnt even deserve to be made into tv series. Please dont make such crap series again.

The Outsider: The One About the Yiddish Vampire
Episode 6, Season 1

really boring
This episode is the worst of the season till now, there was absolutely no progress except the body marks left by the visitor in the detective house. This is really beginning to worry me now, maybe this series needed only 8 episodes and not 10. Disappointed.

The Outsider: Que Viene el Coco
Episode 4, Season 1

Ultimate joyrise
4th episode is very very intense. It gives up new details about two other possible similar cases and there is introduction of a satan aka grief eater aka El Cuco too. Ignore the ratings here (8.6) as they are probably are avengers fan. After every episode , it just becomes difficult to wait for another week for the next episode.

Moh Maya Money

Starts slow but gains momentum and creates tension as hell by the end
This is a good movie. Yes, i just watched it and letme tell u, somewhere while watching u will feel,budget was less for it but the acting and story somehow ket it going and by the end i got more than i bargained for.

Neha and ranvirs chemistry is too good here. Shorey is always an eye pleaser and neha had portrayed a frustrated wife 's role beautifuly.

I wud recommend this to anyone who simply wants to see good story.

The Outsider: Dark Uncle
Episode 3, Season 1

slow but awesome
This series is getting very intense. Ignore the reviews and rating here. This episode was simply treat. Episode gave us a feeling of presence of a monster in the depicted town and in later stages,an interesting character is introduced. Cant comment much as it wud be spoilers. Tone of this season really reminds of True detective season and i wouldve really liked if the main detective had a better story(maybe i simply want rust cohle here). I am glued to this season so wud any serios tv lover be.

Ghost Stories

5 stars only for dibakers story
3rd story from Dibaker banerjee was good, gripping and intense,rest 3 stories were total crap, didnt look like made from such big names. Mrunal was beautiful as always in karan johars story but it didnt quite scare or haunt me at all. Do fast forward and watch the 3rd story and leave. Its an indian version of werewolf(sort of).

Laal Kaptaan

Bad story
Movie starts out promisingly but somehow could not keep me engrossed throughout the run time. It missed the spark required for such genre. Saif and deepak dobriyal looked convincing in their roles but if the story is shallow then you cant do anything. This was promising but am really sorry, it just didnt work.

The Death of Dick Long

Definitely worth a shot
This movie plays with you. Throws u an awkward situation in the beginning and then from there on, u try to think for relatable likable characters that they wud do something smart and get out of a bad situation but they all do exactly opposite and things start going weird from there on. This was a very nervous ride for me, watched it while on my working hours so it was adventurous but not as great as that of dick long, who got it mentioned on its death certificate.

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