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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Incredibly stupid
Not a real story, things are just justify for 1 line of script. everything happens just like whatever. A shame in this saga.

Game of Thrones: The Long Night
Episode 3, Season 8

So much story cut
I feel disappointed by the role of Bran to just gathering and exploring of some crows, what the hell? we were expecting someone as powerful as the Night King and if Jon Snow wasn´t going to combat him Bran should have. Arya´s character has only grow during 7 seasons but you killed her awesomeness by killing the Night King that way an the previous chapter by losing her virginity in such a stupid way. Show is not over and apparently battling Cersei deserves 3 chapters and the whole Night King just 1. What's really Bran power just watch the future and get caught and flying through crows, it looks like Breaking Bad fans are gonna be right having the best show

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