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Godzilla 2014.. a marvel of technology
I'll start this by telling you what I have told many others. This movie and the effects are stunning. The visual intensity that you experience is stunning. I find it amazing how all of the visuals and action can fit into one movie and screen!

The Bad:

For the sheer beauty of the visual and graphics in the movie, the story line suffers. To me, it showed that after a while, humanity stopped trying to rid itself of Godzilla and just accept it for what it was. Until, a radiation absorbing/ingesting bug comes along to breed itself into the food chain. Here comes Godzilla to restore that dominance and delicate balance. Now comes a 3 front war. The war between Godzilla and this new foe and its mate.(WWE Triple Threat Handicap Match!!), and humanity trying to do what it does best, and kill all the big things that are ruining everything. Long story short, Godzilla is the man and retreats back into the abyss to be left alone. While people stand into a devastated and destroyed city. I would be wondering why this massive dinosaur just left like it was another day, and we did nothing but drive a nuke off the coast to detonate(don't get me started with that..)

As I said, for as visually and graphically stunning this movie is, its story line suffers. I would not go to the extent to say that it decreased its value. But, anyone with a brain stem can see these holes.. ENJOY!

Devil Seed

Could be better
The problem that I find with titles like this one are that they have a lot to live up too. You will never find a movie as raw and horrifying as the original Exorcist in the 70's. People are trying to make movies that are like it with the same acting and story, and it is too iconic to be retold. The movie itself was OK. I gave it a 6 because on its own the movie was good, acting was OK, however it does in fact seem like a tacky run off of the Exorcist. It has the same battle between the demon and priest, as well as the "walking backwards" thing. Not a bad movie to see with your girlfriend if you are looking for a good scare. Not the greatest either.

The Haunting of Whaley House

Not So bad
This movie was OK. What i liked about it, as well as what i have read from other reviews is that it wasn't one of those home-video style movies. Those movies are quickly becoming old news and are growing tiresome. The acting was not the best in the world, however it was not terrible. I gave this a 7/10 based on the fact the the story behind the Whaley house is actually fairly interesting to read, and this movie added a great twist to it. The ending was fairly good, played out the storyline well. I would recommend this movie to people if they are looking for a scary movie that is not the typical Hollywood CGI fest of computer crap. This movie has its scenes but also has a pretty good story. Enjoy!!

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