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Innocent and emotional
I hadn't planned on watching a film but I stumbled across this when channel surfing. Obviously this isn't a blockbuster but it's a movie I recommend watching if you get the chance. Why? well because it's something different. It has an unusual story and plenty of emotion. We follow Mei Mei (a sponsored orphan) and her search for her dream family but her dream and the reality are completely different. However, her good caring nature shines through as she tries to make the best of what she discovers. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and each main character has an interesting and unique story.

I couldn't decide between a 6 or 7 for this movie so a 6.5 it is. Obviously with this not being a mega funded blockbuster there are going to be one or two things wrong with it but I'm not going to point out faults as I feel the positives far more out weight the negatives. If you get a chance, watch this movie!

Welcome to the Rileys

An interesting and thought provoking movie.
With a night off, I decided to check out the latest offerings on Sky Anytime. There wasn't a great deal to choose from but as usual, I decided to select a movie I knew nothing about, maybe unearth a hidden gem so to speak.

I wouldn't class this as truly great movie but a hidden gem, yes, for sure. I haven't seen much of the 'Soprano's' or 'Twilight' but I'm familiar with James Gandolfini and Kristen Stewart who star in them. In this movie they both played very believable and convincing characters. You could feel the sadness that Doug (Gandolfini) was suffering through and his need to get out and rediscover himself. The same can be said for Mallory (Stewart). We get the sense of her feeling trapped in her own little world and she has trouble connecting with people. These two meeting was a great thing for the both of them but I liked the way the movie steered away from a "happy ending" and instead focused more on them becoming friends but also trying to work out their own problems.

We also follow the story of Doug's wife Lois (Melissa Leo), who again, is a person suffering through personal problems and sadness. When we see them all together, we get the feeling that they become close but there is still a long way to go in their quest of happiness and life meaning. The end of the movie shows this well. Things are looking up, but there is still a sense of awkwardness, fear and worry, but also happiness and positivity.

7/10 for me. A good moving full of real feeling.

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