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The lead couple had no chemistry. Uma Thurman is too posh to be in this role. They dealt with this situation in the simplest way, Meryl Streep just tell's Uma Thurman she is Uma's bf's mother. The movie then goes on and on and I don't care anymore, I just want it to be over. There is nothing really unique about this movie. The trailer summarizes the movie well. The breakup is a poor ending, and there's no great conclusion. This was just a temporary relationship, now that it's over, we can move on. We never end up sympathizing for any characters. The premise of the movie was good, how they developed it was awful. Meryl's character was limited by what she could say. This is hardly a comedy.

Im Juli

a change from Hollywood
This film is an adventure in a more trusting time when one can hitchhike across Europe and unquestioningly follow a fate that is given to the lead character. Not intensely deep, but a fun ride and worthy ending. The scenery is different from Hollywood's glamorized Europe. How real the characters are I do not know because I have not been to Europe. The movie makes one wonder if he/she would do the same if one was told that one would fall in love the next day. It takes us out of our all too practical times of being rational, of planning our lives, and instead to just let us blow where the wind takes us. The dialogue is pretty real and believable. Repetition of certain lines pull the story together.

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