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The Green Mile

Haunting & Heartbreaking
One of the most chilling "what if" tales I've ever seen. What if someone could feel and know all about you (and others)? What if that person can heal and yet can cause others (the bad people) to harm? What if such a person was accused of an awful crime against 2 young girls - the evidence is circumstantial against him - be he was only trying to help them and ended up on death row to walk The Green Mile?

A haunting tale with a heartbreaking ending. High recommended viewing for everyone - the film is a major surprise.



Would You Agree Remove Your Powers and Memories of The Sphere?
A spacecraft over 300 years old is found in the Pacific Ocean - it is presumed to be of alien origins at first but it's soon discovered that it is an American spacecraft. A team of experts are sent in to unlock it's secrets. The experts soon uncover the "unknown event" in the logs of the spacecraft and a mysterious Sphere. What is the unknown event? What is this Sphere? Who or what is Jerry?

A fascinating film. I was engrossed from start to finish - never a dull moment. Recommended!


Lost in Space

Nice Family Film
The year is 2058. Pollution and global warming is make planet earth uninhabitable. The Robinson family are in space heading to the planet Alpha Prime to prep the planet for colonization. They are trying to find many ways to help humanity but they find themselves trying to save their own lives.

Cute and fun family film. Worth watching.



Enjoyable Sci-Fi
Van Dame is Replicant / Edward Garrotte. Edward is a serial killer, while Repilicant is a clone of him. Repilicant's job is to help find Edward since he has some of the same memories. There are 2 cops helping him to find Edward before he strikes again.

Interesting film - I was surprised I liked it as well as I did. I obtained the flick in a film-pack.



Interesting Bit of Sci-Fi
An interstellar teleportation device has been found in Egypt. The "Stargate" leads to another planet where it's inhabitants are much like the ancient Egyptians and even worship the god Ra. Dr. Daniel Jackson is a linguist that helps to unlock the secrets of the Stargate and help to speak to the people beyond our earth. Colonel Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil and his men has orders to go though the Stargate and destroy it. Ra will try to stop Colonel Jack and Dr. Daniel from interfering with his plans.

Not a bad film - fun watch.



Entertaining Nonsense!
Connor MacLeod fought a large battle in 1536 on the Scottish Highlands. In 1986 he is in New York City and about to fight his biggest battle yet! The battle of the immortals - there can only be one!

Strangely entertaining nonsense - I enjoyed the watch.


Total Recall

Thrilling and Funny
Schwarzenegger is Douglas Quaid, a man that has been having dreams of Mars. Quaid decides to get some implanted memories from Mars from Rekall Inc. - a company that sells the implanted memories. Something goes wrong with Quaid's implant, he starts remembering that he once was a secret agent and hunting down the Mars administrator Cohaagen. When those implanted memories kick in, the film becomes a thrill ride.

Worth watching. The film has some incredibly funny moments and lots of super action.


Ender's Game

Cute Movie
The Formics, a race of aliens, have attacked the earth. 50 years later the International Military find themselves recruiting kids that are great at video games. Ender Wiggin is has been recruited and in training to fight the Formics in a Battle School that is in orbit around earth. The school has been keeping a close eye on Wiggin and feels he an empathetic killer - the one would lead the fight against the Formics.

It's a cute film - great for the whole family!


Universal Soldier

Not My Cup Of Tea
I got this movie in a film pack and I tried watching it and it just didn't interest me at all. I fast-forwarded and stopped to watch a bit several times - but the film never caught my attention. I'm not saying this is an awful film - just that it's not my cup of tea.


Soylent Green

Great Film Classic
One of the greatest sci-fi films of the 1970s. Set in a dystopian world of 2022, there is a major problem with over population, greenhouse effect, resources running dry, famine and crime. Detective Thorn is called in to investigate the murder of a major CEO that was a part of Soylent Industries - the company responsible for providing plankton from the ocean for food to the area's population. Thorn finds himself falling down a rabbit hole while investigating the murder.

An enjoyable watch! 2022 is not that far away - it doesn't look like this scenario is going to take place in our real world 2022 but who knows what may happen in a few more years after that.

Love the film - recommended!


The Wicker Man

Great Horror Classic
Police Sergeant Neil Howie is called in to investigate the disappearance of a young girl on the island Summerisle. When he arrives, no one on the island knows who she is when the sergeant shows them her photo. Puzzled, the sergeant starts a deeper investigation than originally planned. There are strange rituals, odd teachings to the school children and all of the island inhabitants completely bizarre. Why are they acting this way? Who is the girl in the photo and why doesn't anyone on the island know of her when that is where she was born and disappeared from? What is going on in Summerisle?

Great film classic - worth watching if you are into witches on film.


The Machinist

Incredible & Nightmarish
Trevor has not been able to sleep in months. He is a machinist and his lack of sleep is causing more accidents on his job. His health is failing, he is loosing much weight - so much so that he looks like a waking skeleton. His only friends are Stevie, a prostitute that is falling in-love with him, and Maria, a waitress that he is infatuated with, since his insomnia and hallucinations have driven off his other friends. Someone has been placing notes in his apartment. Trevor believes that one or more of his co-workers are out to get him using the name Ivan as a front. Trevor becomes obsessed with finding out more about Ivan but begins to learn more about his own past.

Excellent performance from Christian Bale - I don't think anyone could have played the part of Trevor better. The story is a great mystery-thriller - edge of your seat.

Highly recommended viewing!


Logan's Run

Super Good Sci-Fi Classic!
This film is highly dated without a doubt: The cheesy 1970s sci-fi clothing, the overall look, hair styles and make-up, the "disco" look of the Carrousel room - yet the film is so good it's easy to overlook these things.

The year is 2274, in the 23rd Century. There is has been a problem of overpopulation for a long time but the problem has been solved when you have to die on your 30th birthday under the guise of being "renewed". Logan is one of the Sandmen - a guard that stops the Runners (those trying to escape the domed city). Computers run everyone's lives - including the Sandmen. Logan is chosen by the Computer to run and find the Sanctuary the Runners are trying to escape to and destroy it. Will Logan succeed in running from the other Sandmen? Will he find the Sanctuary? Has Logan decided that the Runners are right in their beliefs?

Super good movie - why I don't know but it is! It's a cult classic for a good reason!


Dark City

Impressing Sci-Fi
This is an impressing sci-fi. I didn't realize just how good it would be until I finally sat down to watch it - glad I it! I get a comic book feeling watching this one... not sure if I'm the only one who get that impression.

It's unique - It's of beings with the powers of telekinesis who are after the souls humans. These beings understand everything about us - but the soul and that is what they want. The people are trapped inside a city where the sun literally never shines - it is always a Dark City.

Outstanding visual effects, good story and a great cast! Worth watching!


The Omega Man

I find this version of the film entertaining! It's as much fun as the other two versions: The Last Man on Earth (1964) & I Am Legend (2007). Charlton Heston is great - nothing new there - but he's a lot of enjoyment in this cult classic flick!

The film is extremely dated I do agree but the entertainment value is still high. Worth watching if you enjoyed the one or both of the other film versions of the story. If you like sci-fi horror stories and vampires/zombies then this is a film for you!


I Am Legend

Wonderful Will Smith
Who doesn't love a good Will Smith movie? This one no exception! Will gives another outstanding performance in this dystopian drama. It is a sci-fi horror - more horror really with quite a bit of action.

I have yet to read the book but I am a fan of the film adaptations: The Last Man on Earth (1964) & The Omega Man (1971) - Now I Am Legend is added to that. I need to read the book!!

No need to rehash this story -- if you haven't seen this film yet then you should!


Jacob's Ladder

Incredible and Frightening
What an extraordinary film! This is my favorite type of horror movie - intelligent, realistic and stunning! No blood and guts, no monsters coming out of woods or closets. This is a horror film that I wish others would take notice of and create more horror stories in this vein.

I haven't seen this one in years - I finally bought the film to watch again - so glad I did! Outstanding!

In the end there are two ideas I've heard: 1 Purgatory - that is where Jacob is the whole time. 2 Jacob died in Vietnam and what we see is his dreams as he is dying. I'm torn between the two ideas - we do know Jacob did die in Vietnam but was it his visions/dreams OR are we witnessing his time in purgatory? I'm still unsure.

Well worth watching - even if you don't like horror movies - this one is NOT a typical horror.


American Psycho

Hated It With A Passion
I'm usually a fan of comedy-horrors bu this film I couldn't stomach - hated it. It is nothing more than a lame sex film with bits of murder thrown in. I never laughed once - never heard a funny line. I'm sorry I like Christian Bale but this one is not my cup of tea.


Event Horizon

Great Sci-Fi Horror
Imagine a ship reappearing after years of being lost in space - you board the ship to find out what has happened to it and the crew only to find the ship without a crew and seems to have a life of it's own - it knows all about you including your deepest fears! That is what is happening with the Event Horizon - she has reappeared crewless and has the new crew facing their darkest fears.

A great thrill ride of a film - it kept me on-my-toes in suspense. I don't believe there is another sci-fi horror out there that can compare to this one - it is completely different than anything I've ever seen.



Enjoyable Sci-Fi
I bought this movie blindly - meaning I saw no previews, knew nothing of the story - the film just looked neat from the movie cover and I asked friends of it and they said it was worth watching. Long story short, I bought the film without knowing anything of it and I enjoyed it.

I read where some people are comparing this film to Alien (1979) - why? This film is nothing like Alien - has nothing to do with it. Life is a film all on it's own.

I agree that the characters needed better developing - they lacked depth. Some of the things they did were questionable but then again everyone is different in reality so that part is realistic - some people are questionable.

The effects are great! The atmosphere is claustrophobic and haunting. Acting is good. Scenes are well shot. Why do some people hate on this film? I'll never know - the movie is good sci-fi entertainment!



Fascinating Film
The earth is plagued with droughts, famines and other apocalyptic disasters. Mankind must find a way to leave planet earth once and for all. An earth-like planet has been discovered in another solar system. A spaceship can travel fast through a wormhole though interstellar space but can Cooper get there and return to earth in time to see his daughter before she grows too old?

The Aging of Murph vs her father Cooper the answer is relativity playing a factor in aging - how fast time runs depend on the relative position of the observer and the subject.

Incredible movie - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Ex Machina

My Mind Was Blown!
I was awestruck by this film. I cannot believe the special effects - Ava looks incredible! Her face appears on top of the robotic body as if it was a mask, yet so real! All of the special effects were very realistic.

The story is believable. I have a feeling this film gives us a sneak peak into our future - but do we really need AI? What happens when AI does not care about us when AI has no emotions/feelings? Will AI take over or can humans keep them under control?

From start to finish this film is aces! Well worth watching - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



A New Savior of Mankind?
Interesting idea for a film: God is tired of humanity's ways and send legions of his angels down to earth to bring about the apocalypse. Archangel Michael is among them - but he has a change of heart because he still has faith in humanity. Michael disobeys God's orders to kill - including Charlie's unborn child - and instead protects her and the baby. Charlie's child is to become a savoir to mankind.

What I didn't like about the film - was a new "savior" for humanity. That part just got on my nerves a bit because that goes against the Christian teachings. I also didn't like the angels acting and looking too much like demons - that part is just over the top.

I like the film to a degree - it's interesting to watch. A pretty good film to kick back, relax and be entertained but if you are a Christian be forewarned - the angels act and look demonic at times.



Poor Character Development
I was expecting to like this film better than I did but I did like it a bit. The idea of priests and vampires battling it out was interesting to me - but the film wasn't what I thought it would be. I was hoping for more battles between the two enemies.

My problem with the film: Poor character development. I felt nothing for any of the characters - except the main priest who's birth-name is unknown to the audience. If I could have known the priest's daughter and her boyfriend, priest's brother and sister-in-law better then I would have cared for them but as it is, I felt zero for any of them other than priest.

What I did like of the film was the story, sets and costumes - they are good. Bonus that Karl Urban is in it as the first human-vampire hybrid named Black Hat (the only name we are given for him).

A film worth watching if you are bored and looking for a film with some decent action!



Ending Ruined it for Me
The film has a great idea: 7 archangels and 7 fallen angels in purgatory fighting a war. 6 archangels have gone there and not returned to heaven - Gabriel is the last of the archangels to go. He is sent there to find the others and to help bring light back into purgatory. All the angels are in human form - hiding themselves from the humans.

I had some real issues with this film. Why have all the archangels become nothing? Uriel is a drunkard. Amatiel is a prostitute, druggy and lost her wings. Michael is pure evil - in fact you think he is Sammael until the very ending. Gabriel in the end kills himself? Since when are archangels so weak that they would succumb to the darkness?

Purgatory looks like some dark dystopian city on earth. Okay I get that, that is what Gabriel is sent in to do - clean it up but they never explain why he commits suicide in the end and light was never brought to purgatory. What this movie says is that the archangels could never defeat the fallen ones - and I don't necessarily agree with that.

What is good about the film - I can't think of anything. I agree with others that the film's cast/characters looks like they are extras in a Nine Inch Nails video. What a waste.

And that ending -- to find out Archangel Michael has become a fallen angel - then Gabriel commits suicide after killing Michael. A big NOPE for me.


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