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The Haunting of Whaley House

I came across this movie by watching someone review it on Youtube, so I decided to try it out. I do usually enjoy low-budget horror movies, but this was just a bore. The acting is horribly bad and painful to watch. It seems to be a near-knockoff of "The St. Francesville Experiment", which is a much better movie. The special effects are basically a collection of home-made effects you see 1000's of videos of on Youtube by people using Adobe After-Effects. The beginning segment featuring the three friends at the front of the house was painfully drawn out, and obviously extended to add a few minutes to the runtime. The big guy there has been in several low-budget movies, and always seems to be type-cast and always playing the same character. There are several attempts at humor in the movie, which fall flat. I do realize this is low-budget, but in some cases that is a good thing for the charm, but this was just an overall bad movie. If it appears on Netflix, give it a try for the laughs, but I don't recommend buying it.

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