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Escape at Dannemora

The rawness
Just watching Tilly interact with Sweet is amazing; she's an overweight, middle aged 50 something married female who manipulates as well as being manipulated! It goes BOTH ways! This is a mesmerizing show which only gets you in deeper as it grows darker. Get ready to be entertained.

A Million Little Things

Can you say RIP OFF of " This is Us"? But bad?
I feel like I'm watching the worst soap opera ever made. I watched it only because I was bedridden for 4 months in the hospital and my iPad was my best friend. I TRIED to like/ love this series. I USED to love the actor who brilliantly portrayed Shawn Spencer on the tv show " Psych ". It's embarrassing watching these actors . Such over the top acting and it turns my stomach. I'm surprised they actually approved a second season! Anyway ( NOT anywayS). I'll be really surprised if there is a third season!

This Is Us

Loved this show but ......
Kevin needs to get off the Pity Pot. He is pathetic "Wo is me" HAS gotten old! And a lot of drama between Randall and his wife. So sad.


Too many critics
There are times when I was so shocked but I realized if a thin woman behaved the same way NO ONE would say so. Annie is strong and finally comfortable in her own skin. There are so many people who hate fat therefore they hate fat people. It's getting old. This show celebrates her body even tho it's unhealthy to be fat. Just enjoy the show try to get through it if you really want to stop go ahead and stop no one's making you watch it. But I'm enjoying it you go Annie!

Saving Grace

Absolute winner
I have re-watched the series at least 5 times. I love love love this show! Not only is Holly Hunter superb as Grace, ALL characters in Saving Grace are incredible. Each and everyone of them. Grace COULD not be more of an atheist, and to see her come around (. S L O W L Y) and understand our Lord Jesus Christ, is done so realistically . You will NOT be disappointed. I only wish it had more than 3 Seasons.

The Pirates of Penzance

Painful to watch AND hear
How did this get such high ratings? I could barely sit through thus fiasco. It was embarrassing to watch the actors on this hideous production.


Always good!
I'm So into this show! Watch from the beginning on HULU and just enjoy the relationships. I just adore Cal. Have fun!

Grand-Daddy Day Care

Fun and touching
It's a movie where you put your feet up and " vegetate " . It's not Oscar worthy but its entertaining and touching. I thought it was fun.


Very entertaining
I'm getting older so I'm not so picky. #1. The show kept my interest that was good #2 it was very entertaining #3 I kept wanting to watch it because it did not slow down in #4. I think you'll enjoy it sit back have some popcorn kick your feet up and just take a load off and enjoy

Gone Fishin'

Still have nightmares
I saw this 23 years ago. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I do NOT believe there was any script. I felt like they were just saying whatever the heck they wanted. It was truly a painful event sitting Thru this POS. I love Danny and Joe, but there was no wAy to save this show. None what's so ever.

Artificial Intelligence: AI

Worst movie ever made
I can not understand how anyone can think this is a deep movie! It's a total rip off of Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio , Sleeping Beauty. I begged my friend to take me home while watching this carp but she didn't want to waste her $. You'd have to put a gun to my head to watch this POS again. 0 stars!

Star Wars

Still hate it after 42 years!
I saw this awful Piece of junk when I was 13. I still can NOT believe the following this movie has! But I'm happy to say that there are others like me who think this is nonsense! But I do love Star Trek!

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Very entertaining
I went in thinking "oh, no!" But The show was full of action and I loved James Brolin's character. The characters were strong and I was never bored. I'm surprised I haven't heard more about this movie.


In Extremis

What? Where?
Ok.... not my kind of movie. Depressing and disturbing. I'd lose my mind too if my child died. I will NOT he watching this one again. But, some of the viewers liked this so to each his own. Guilt, pain.....,,

Field of Dreams

I still cry when I watch it
I read that this is the only movie that men are not uncomfortable crying at. It runs so deep. I am a female, and I had a close relationship with my dad. But a son and father and baseball is an American thing. This movie has so many undertones, but it's all so so good. Watch this with an open heart. I'm sure you will love it !


Dr Archeologist: it's called A MOVIE. Not a history lesson!
I read a review from a Dr of Archeology and he gave us a history lesson. I'm so happy you are so educated, but this is for entertainment purposes. " Alpha" was a very entertaining, made for anyone to watch movie. I'm not so thrilled at reading subtitles, but totally worth it in this movie. If you decide to watch this beautifully made movie, I do believe you will find it appealing and easy to get lost in. Enjoy. Take in the landscape. Watt has a relationship between wolf and man develop. I know I will be watching it again.

Good Will Hunting

One of the best movies ever
How anyone saw this as a 1/10 FLOORS me! They must be emotionally dead! This movie had so many nuances that I've seen this at least 10 times and I see something new each time!! Robin Williams , IMHO, IS what makes this movie so very special. He resonates love and care for human beings. He's NOT driven by his ego, tho he was god enough to be. Enjoy this beautiful film. I certainly did . 10/10


One of the BEST Christmas movies ever!
This movie is for everyone! Will Ferrell nails the innocence of a young boy in need of a male parental unit. It doesn't try to manipulate your feelings , it just entertains you through out the movie! My daughter loves this movie and is now 20 years old ( it's 2019) And she loves this film more each and every year! If you want a movie anyone will enjoy, this is it! Make your memories with loved ones and enjoy this beauty!

Transformers: The Last Knight

I only hold a "'1 ***** (for the worst movie ever, " "AI" 2001.). OMG....

This Transformer was truly awful! Why would mark W sign on for such cr*p! My gosh, it was painful to sit through! Do not v waste any of your precious time on this piece of doggy doo. Go walk your dog or your cat!

Land of the Lost

Just sit back and R E L A X
Do not take this so damn serious ! Grab a drink and some food and kick back and laugh. Do not disect this film! It's not Oscar worthy! Smoke a bkunt, drink a beer! Put your feet up and lose yourself! We need to take a break these days. The 1/10 rating goes to our " president ". I know I need to get away from that scary maniac. And this show took me away for 93 minutes.

Pit Bulls and Parolees

I love this show
God bless these beautiful people for giving a second chance to both misunderstood pit bulls and parodies. Both have such awful reputations, some completely unwarranted. As an owner of the most loving, charming pit bull, I love this show and how they show how gentle these dogs are. I love you guys for educating people. I hope you are around for years. These dogs need all the help they can get,

This Is Us

Loved this show but ......
Kevin needs to get off the Pity Pot. He is pathetic "Wo is me" HAS gotten old! And a lot of drama between Randall and his wife. So sad.

State of Emergency

It's worth watching
It's totally worth watching because Jay is so good looking I enjoyed watching it also because the premise was fun and it kept my interest. It wasn't like your normal soon be shown. It is definitely worth watching again

Rim of the World

I'm laid up in the hospital after surgery. I'm B O R E D beyond compare ! This movie is keeping my spirits up . But the black kid is mean and I don't like him, but the other characters are good! It's entertaining and I'm thankful for that!


My god, this was painful to sit through. It was so cheesy it wasn't at all funny. And so many big names in this awful movie.

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