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  • This was a very good story. It was gritty and provides something for everyone. My only complaint is the constant overuse of profanity which greatly distracted from the intelligence of the movie. But, I would still recommend it.
  • I am thinking, Stranger Things. Looks like they got some of their concepts from there, albeit in a very vague and simplistic way. The young actress is amazing and should have a bright future. Didn't care for the rest. I like Blumhouse movies, but feel this one must have been on their low budget end of things.
  • This was such a well played out and told story from start to finish. Very well done. It was mostly clean and shows how just a great story can be done. Highly recommended. My 9 instead of 10 is just the small things that I did not like, such as a couple of brief sex scenes and two possible LGBQ moments. But, I can tell you I have recommended this show to many people.
  • The acting and production were all well done. The story line was more historically accurate than the animation, which I would assume would be a good thing. We really enjoyed this live action story of Mulan. If no animation had ever been done, this should stand by itself anyway. I recommend it. Very entertaining.
  • The first couple of episodes had me wondering. Ralph M. has never been a great actor, but this is a good story. Where has William Zabka been? This guy is a good actor, in my opinion. Lots of flashbacks to the original movie, good story moving along. Almost done with season 1 and I am now hooked.... But even saying Ralph wasn't a good actor, he is Johnny from The Outsiders, he is the awesome guitarist from Crossroads, so I am a fan of his....
  • Slow, slowing, slower.... No point really to the movie, just a waste of time. Not even something to just have on in the background, very solemn, not recommended.
  • 28 August 2020
    I am trying to figure out how the other reviews are high on this film. It is slow, boring, and makes really no sense. Not recommended.
  • 26 August 2020
    I tried, I really tried. It got worse. Also, really didn't like the glorifying of 12 year olds with horrible language, profanity, raunchy, etc.
  • This kid Kevin is extremely annoying and makes the movie highly difficult to watch. This actor just needs to find a different career.
  • They actually made this. It wasn't really a b movie because production and acting was good, but a horrible, horrible story that gets you bored almost immediately.
  • I think this is a good watch. The story and acting were very good. I really like the 'finding yourself' aspect that this movie displayed. Also, the relationship between the mom, daughter, aunt, old friend, etc. that were really important to this story. I recommend it.
  • I can't believe any of the negative reviews, I feel they must have watched only one or two episodes. You must watch this complete series. It is a human story. About naturals to Australia, refugees, detainment workers and their families, case workers, protesters, cults, psychiatrics issues, etc.

    It did not sway me to think anything different about legal vs. non-legal. But, as I said it is about humans in general and their strife. I highly recommend it.
  • This is not Perry Mason. Not sure what this was supposed to be. Totally disgraced the original Perry Mason. Why do this????
  • It is a familiar formula. It is cute, entertaining, and well done. The acting is good for the most part. The story line and quirky moments are all good. It is a feel good movie, a simple movie, with a very good message. I recommend it. I marked it as 8 instead of 10 because it is rated TV-G and there are several aspects of it that are not G rated.
  • I agree with all of the good reviews on here. This is a very engaging show with good characters, very good acting (except Uma Thurman), and a good production. I really appreciated the writing. It kept you interested and on edge. A good mystery, a thriller, with alot of fun and comic moments. Season 1 was better than Season 2 for sure, but still a good story overall. I can't believe they cancelled it. I wish that Netflix would just pick it up and give us another 4 seasons!
  • Not really a good story. Maybe something to have on in the background while doing something else. A fairly cheesy movie with not good acting. Production is okay. For some reason they have Tasha standing around in her bra and panties for a long time for no reason. Not sure why they even made this movie.
  • Yes, a B movie, but entertaining. Sort of a Red Dawn meets Power Rangers in how unbelievable a lot of it is. I did like the characters and the sub-stories. Some acting was not too bad. What is cool to see is that since there are over 11,000 ratings on here already, at least 11,000 people have seen the movie.... I didn't waste my time on it, it was entertaining enough that I am glad I watched it. But do not expect much.
  • This was just a Jakob Dylan special. He is interviewing everyone from the era and redoing their songs. He sings the same in all of them and does not pay a good tribute to any of them, in my opinion. It is also a tribute to the movie Model Shop. This is not the special I was hoping it would be based on the description. Don't be fooled.
  • This would have been a B movie if Hemsworth wasn't in it. Alot of action scenes, actually way too many, and in my opinion a horrible ending. The story line is the generic fight your way out of a bad situation while multiple bad guys are after you scenario, which you see is hundreds of B movies each year. Not a fan.
  • Do parents seriously allow their kids to have such vulgar language to them? I couldn't believe the beginning of the second episode where the son is speaking to his parents and continuously using profanity. Weird.

    Still working on the rest of the series. So far, very good. Chris Evans is a great actor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Episode 6, they just pick up a pool table and carry it out? It would need to be disassembled. How were they going to get it through the door? Pool tables are extremely heavy due to the metal plates in them to keep them perfectly level. Huh?
  • I'm totally okay with reboots if done well. This so seems to be a fairly good drama with good characters and good actors. Of course, it has to deal with a current issue in the US. I do like that it shows the law and the legality of the issue. My only question is, if they were going to make this take on it, then why didn't the kids just move with their parents? They could all stay together that way, no matter what. So, this doesn't make sense and the reason for my rating.
  • Why wouldn't this movie receive an Academy award ? Wow, powerful, sad, and amazing movie. Must see...
  • Knowing the true story and listening to Jeremy's testimonies at concerts, and his documentary on his CD, I knew this would be tough....

    Britt Robertson gave the role of her career in my opinion. She is truly amazing throughout this movie. Highly insperational.
  • It seems like it could be good, but extremely annoying with laughter at all times, in the middle of sentences, louder than the characters, at not funny things. Please, let's go the way of better sitcoms that do not have fake canned laughter.
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