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Will & Grace

Ran Too Long
The first few seasons of this breakthrough series were excellent, beautifully written and a boon to the LGBTQ community. It definitely changed the hearts and minds of millions toward accepting this important alternative lifestyle. Unfortunately, like most sitcoms, it went on way too long, losing its energy by season six. Though there were some hilarious episodes the last few years, they were few and far between. By season 8, it was a mess, not funny, poorly written and you could tell that even the cast was getting tired. The audience were wary of this show a couple of years before. They even 'Californiaized' the series in the last season. That was a big letdown for what had always been a quintessential NYC show.

Don't bother watching the three recent seasons (2017-2020). What a mistake that was. They should have let well enough alone which is true of most relaunched sitcoms.

Something New

Nothing New
Don't waste your time on this LA piece of garbage. It's an hour and 40 minutes that you'll never get back.

Poorly written and executed this supposed comedy goes nowhere. It contains some of the most unsympathetic Cali cuckoo birds assembled in one movie.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Watermelon
Episode 4, Season 11

Funny ala Larry David
I noticed that in the cast listing, there's no mention of Woody Harrelson, of the racist farmer and of the blonde eye doctor. Why were they deleted as they all had major roles in this episode?

Blue Night

Painfully Slow
Not sure what SJP was trying to accomplish here with her way too drawn out performance, but the end result is that this film was a total bore. It's the longest hour and a half I have ever spent. It had potential at the beginning but rapidly lost its mojo. Terrible writing and disappointing performances all around.

Dexter: New Blood

Dexter Saga Continues
I was big 'Dexter' fan and when the series ended some 8 years ago, I thought it concluded well. When I read they were doing a 'Dexter' sequel, I was very dubious, believing that it would be better just to leave well enough alone. Sequels generally are disappointing.

Having watched the first episode of 'Dexter:New Blood', I have to admit that they pulled it off beautifully. Though the venue is different, it was like seeing old friends again. (so glad Debra is back as Dexter's conscience, advisor, etc). I'm happy to report that 'Dexter' is officially back up and running like a fine tuned machine. Welcome back!


Magnolia For Three Hours
Despite a first rate cast and some very good performances, no movie should be 3 hours long. I realize that California has to be front and center in many of these sub par films, something I'll never understand, but these seasoned actors deserved better than what this movie delivered.


Bottom of the Barrel garbage along with a talentless host and his entourage of human meatballs, one of whom is particularly annoying with her inane cackle. This should be rated DWYT- Don't waste your time!!!

Gilmore Girls: Come Home
Episode 12, Season 5

Alex Borstein Steals the Show
This episode marks the at-long-last reconciliation of Richard and Emily. Lots of action-characters and confrontations-but the amazing Alex Borstein steals the show as Emily's eccentric fashion designer, Miss Celine. Her constant name dropping lines are hysterical. It's a-shame that the Palledinos didn't use Borstein's great comedic talents more often.

La Brea

La Crap
More LA garbage not worth anyone's time. Overpaid executives actually think this crap up while others green light it? No wonder network television is in the shape it's in.

My Dear Miss Aldrich

Even the great Edna May Oliver couldn't save this travesty. It's anti-feminist theme pits a seemingly tough Maureen O'Sullivan against a blustery Walter Pidgeon. A bad script, sub par performances and ridiculous scenarios pretty much describe this film. I was hoping Edna May would punch, and deservedly so, the bully Pidgeon. The only good thing about this cinematic nonsense is that it's only 75 minutes long.

Nuclear Family

Mediocre Custody Story
This three part disjointed series dealt with custody issues between a gay male donor and a lesbian couple who raised the child. The donor was selected by the lesbian couple as he was a good friend, nice looking and extremely bright. Once he decided to sue for partial custody all hell broke loose. I was initially sympathetic to the women, but grew to feel compassion for the father who, in my opinion, was treated shabbily. Whatever, this documentary, done by the child in question (now an adult) could have been done a whole lot better.

Scenes from a Marriage

Scenes Of Immaturity Personified
With all due respect to Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, two excellent actors, 'Scenes from a Marriage', in my opinion, chronicles the dissolution of the marriage of two highly dysfunctional adults behaving like high school sweethearts. The only sad thing is the two children who are the byproducts of these two mismatched narcissists. Stick with Ingmar Bergmann's far superior version.

Adventures of Superman

Superman Did Fine!
There's nothing deep or profound about this show, yet many of the episodes are entertaining. Toward the end of its 6 season run, there are lots of funny moments as Superman stopped taking itself so seriously as it had during the first couple of years. George Reeves, Phyllis Coates (later replaced by the excellent Noel Neill), Jack Larson and John Hamilton, along with a host of many eccentric characters, made the program work just fine. After all, we were witnessing a superhero who was 'fighting a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.'

The Holiday

Really Kate?????
There's no doubt in my mind that Kate Winslet did this for money and not art. What was she thinking? LaLa land at Christmas time? Yea, right. That's credible. Cameron Diaz, go away! Shame on you both!

The Dark Corner

Lucy Hits A Home Run
Rarely seen, but excellent noire film of the 40s featuring the great Lucille Ball, who delivers a dramatic performance, uncharacteristic for her. Also starring are the always reliable William Bendix and Clifton Webb, both welcome additions. 'The Dark Corner' should not be missed. I wish it were aired more often.

Family Affair: Christmas Came a Little Early
Episode 7, Season 3

Christmas Is For Everyone
This is probably the most poignant and sensitively handled episode of the entire show. It deals with a terminally ill child who Jody befriends. The very idea that a family program would take on the issue of sick children is astounding especially back in the repressed 60s. Bravo to the producers, writers and actors. They did a great job. As it turns out, children, though still innocent, are not as naive as we might think.

I Used to Go Here

I Used To Bore Here
Nice try, but could have been better had it not been for sloppy writing and mediocre acting. Did they really have to name one of the characters Bradley Cooper? That's just one of many issues with this yawn maker. Don't waste your time!

Gilmore Girls

Lily White
Welcome to the Lilly-white, 100% heterosexual town of Stars Hollow Connecticut. Other than the Kims, mother and daughter, there appears to be little if any diversity in this place. The Palladinos have created a kind of utopia free of anything white or straight. In fact, there are a few homophobic references scattered throughout the series' seven seasons. Big shock! Thanks Amy and Dan!

On the plus side, most of the characters are interesting and bring something to the Gilmore table. Glaring exceptions, among others, are Kirk, Taylor, Luke's sister and brother-in-law and his precocious daughter April, a character which GG needed like a hole in the head. I do credit the Palladinos with creating a show with a good blend of drama and comedy as well as some well developed characters. But the elephant in the Stars Hollow room is something the Palladinos failed to address--the lack of anybody not white or hetero inhabiting this majestic New England town.

Catfish: The TV Show

Geographically Biased
This is a well done, real time detective show that pursues people who lie about their identities on the internet to people with whom they correspond. I find it hard to believe that so many trust people, especially love interests, and take at face value what they're told by someone they never met. Perhaps there's an abundance of very lonely people who will literally do anything to find the right mate.

My problem with the show is it's strong bias toward California. The majority of them lately take place in LaLa land. This is unfair to their many viewers in the 49 other states. Come on guys, enough already.

The hosts are adorable and good at what they do. MTV needs more geographic diversity with respect to 'The Catfish Show'.

The White Lotus

The White So-So
This could and should have been so much better. The writing is barely mediocre as is the overall production. Jennifer Coolidge's comedic talent is wasted here. The characters weren't that interesting and the ending, in my opinion, was anti-climatic.

The Lucky Ones

Lucky Us
This a well written, directed and acted film with a cast headed by Tim Robbins. It centers around three soldiers returning home and finding difficulty fitting back in to the lives they left behind. The movie does start to lose it's momentum after awhile and the ending, in my opinion, was disappointing, but overall, it's a decent movie. The politics of war is an underlying theme and open to interpretation depending on your own perspective.


Contrived Nonsense
Given the talent in this film, 'Eyewitness' should be far better than it is. It starts off interesting but devolves into far fetched and contrived nonsense pretty quickly. Hurt and Weaver are the best they can be given the material they have to work with. Look for the amazing Irene Worth, Chris Plummer and Morgan Freeman whose talents, unfortunately, are largely wasted here. The film wins no awards from us animal lovers either.

The Bride Came C.O.D.

The Bride Made California Sickening
This is of the great Bette Davis' worst films by far. The fact that she and James Cagney starred in it makes it all that much worse. I'm only giving it four stars because of Davis and Cagney. The script is from hunger which pretty much defines the rest of this Lala land set clunker. Davis more than compensated for this error that year for making 'The Little Foxes'.

Six Feet Under

Sickeningly Californian
LaLa land zealots will love this drivel about a family's trials and tribulations operating a funeral home in the land of perpetual sun. It's a west coast yawn fest populated by Cali kooks. Way overrated.

Cause for Alarm!

Loretta Gives It Her All!
Excellent film, beautifully directed and acted, especially by the frantic character played by Loretta Young. The picture was also masterfully suspenseful. The surprise ending only adds to the high quality of the movie. This is a 'do not miss' experience.

I would like to add that one of the best lines of the movie came from Aunt Clara (Margoe Gillmore). She said to Ellen (Loretta) about her husband George (Barry Sullivan) 'And you can tell George that I said this..a man wrapped up in himself makes a very small package'!

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