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battery/alternator power basics - FAIL
The movie was doing so well (by todays low movie standards) and then they had to pull the stunt with the battery power. Really, how is the viewer supposed to forgive the fact that 3 semi intelligent astrophysicists risked everything because none of them understood that they could get power from the car battery. Every person in the world knows this, so why was this stupidity scripted into the movie. It completely destroyed the credibility of the characters. Also it was unnecessary to use a Linksys WIFI card to store data on, when they could of just used a real hard drive. I still gave it 5 stars because it was ok until the battery incident, which is near the end of the movie.

Captain Black

Surprisingly good
I was expecting the standard action hero garbage, and was watching this with pretty low expectations. This is way more mature, and even though there is a young kid and also a young girl in the movie, the story revolved around the adults, which was a nice change from the standard action movies. Although some of the characters really did not seem to serve much purpose, they were ok as background characters and made the main character more real. Older viewers would probably enjoy this movie more than teenagers, as it does deal with a rather complex situation that is not really seen in other superhero movies..

Our Cartoon President

Political propaganda
This show had quite a bit of potential and it could of been quite funny if a little bit of balance was shown. Audiences expect more than this unfunny and blatant propaganda.


Alien - My favourite movie of all time. BEST EVER
I watched this movie when I was 13 years old. It was a pg 14 movie in Canada but I managed to deceive my mom somehow. Holy crow - it was the best movie that I had ever seen and it remains unbeaten in my view. This movie is the benchmark of all other movies since then for me.

The Spaceship and the Alien designs are extremely well done. The scariness factor is just perfect. The cat was perfect. The acting was perfect. After you watch this you will need to watch the second movie Aliens.

If you have not already watched this (hard to imagine), then you may find some of the computer screens to be outdated by todays standards (uses a dos based interface instead of touchscreens).

If I had a teenage son I would force them to watch this movie before they could see any thing else.

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