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Good Omens

Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation Ever? Bravo!
Just want to say thank you to everyone involved in this production. Terrific book when I ready it, and spectacular adaptation. Could not believe the incredible cast they got for this. I enjoyed every second!

Hollywoood!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all the tens for this! These are REAL tens, not bots! You want real 10s again? Stop cutting the storywriters! You want to adapt a book? Put the writer in charge and make the director or whatever the assistant to the story writer! The reason you are making these movies in the first place is because they are WRITTEN WELL. Stick with that!

One Punch Man: Wanpanman

Season 1 was great. Watched it multiple times. Then we wait years, almost a decade it felt like, for season 2...

And it's total garbage. It is so boring, it's like the writer is trying to get out of a contract he's stuck in. I can not imagine why he would possible make it more boring. Writer has another show/manga he started in the meantime with a similar overpowered character, it's clear that other one is the one he want's to be working on.

As a fan, feels like a kick in the teeth.

Broad City

Probably the best Friendship Adventure TV Show Of All Time
After watching this for a while, I figured these two must have been friends before this show started. I assumed either they came from a webcast together, or were buddies and someone in hollywood was like 'hilarious, you two should be on tv.'

Sure enough, they were a webcast series first. During all the ridiculous shenanigans, there is a strong ring of sincerity to the entire production. Their friendship is real, their fun 'normal people thoughts' and reactions ring true, and that's what makes the whole thing so likeable and funny.

Just watched the finale, it was fitting, touching, and still pretty funny. These two have been fresh, funny, and sincere every season and it's been a fun ride.

The Punisher

Absolutely Terrific
Netflix Marvel shows are everything most of us every hoped to see on screen for comics we love. The Punisher, like the rest, is top notch from acting to story to ambiance.

Easily this will go down as the greatest punisher ever to bee seen on screen.

It is clear these shows are being cancelled because Disney not playing ball fairly after buying Marvel, literally nothing else makes sense, short of being totally fleeced Netflix would have to be insane not to continue each of these shows, but here we are.

A. I will NEVER give Disney a dollar again, I'm so tired of them ruining every single fun thing I grew up with. I don't understand how a company expects to make more money assassinating every thing we love one film at a time.

B. Won't have much faith in Netflix either in the future. If you can't find a way to make your best shows, hand down, stay on the air, you are simply to impotent to trust with my money. Cancelling a show with bad ratings, ok, but literally your best shows? Disney making fools of Netflix with this situation. Don't get me wrong, as stated earlier, DISNEY WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY, but I doubt Netflix will get it either.


Writers Not Good People
This is one of those shows where all plot lines are driven by the worst aspects of humanity. There are some funny moments, but shows like these make it clear where the writers really stand: they think we are all garbage.

I've actually gone all the way to season five because I had nothing else to do. Then these Aussie trash writers bashed my president because they think that's the hip thing to do.

News flash for Dumb Aussie Trash Writers: enjoying your popularity rating plummet? I see IMDB has a big red when arrow on your popularity better. I can't imagine how any actor with a brain wouldn't just outright refuse lines like these at this point. Zero class.

Black Lightning

Love this Show
All around good show true to basic CW story writing, but honestly without a lot of cringey stuff they normally do.

SO apparently someone complained about white peoples being bad guys. Totally not true, Gammby of course excellent exception, I have had zero problem with it as white viewer. There is of course govt conspiracy against the townsfolk, but anyone who got stuck on that never watched a CW show - everyone a conspiracy experiment victim, lol.

Now onto the good stuff. Jefferson Pierce is a great stand up high powered super hero without being a 'Mary Sue' if you will. The rest of cast is easily the most believable 'super powered' family scenario on screen yet possibly. Their exchanges feel very genuine.

The daughters are a great highlight of the show. One super powered and struggling with it, the other embracing it and going to town. Both feel like very real reactions and are played like real people.

Tiny Spoiler: There is a scene in latest episode where Anissa gets pulled over by a local sheriff and sees super fast humans start circling car. Does she get out n look around? Does she cooperate with sheriff in obviously bad situation? No! She literally says 'Hell no!' and starts driving down the road. That's real, these little things make the show for me, and I enjoy it each week.

The Equalizer 2

If you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a movie where the werewolf is the good guy, this was awfully close. All the kills justified, but savage, and out of nowhere for bad guys. He hunts down his prey one at a time, popping out, delivering, and fading back into the shadows. Makes me want to go play lol Warwick.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Wow, Harsh Reviews
I didn't see this in the theatre and wasn't expecting magic or anything, just a classic 'dumb spy movie.' It was very entertaining as a classic spy joke movie. I thought the action scenes were very well done, they were nice breaks to the comedy.

Reminded me a lot of 80's era stuff that I enjoyed quite a bit, when we didn't have to take everything so seriously.

No Tomorrow

Kind of Surprised Only One Season?
I'm not normally a rom-com fan, adult male. That being said, this is a pretty entertaining show. The main couple are cute as fudge and hilarious, the supporting characters are fun and unique.

Probably there have been a bunch of failed attempts at rom com tv series, this one is a PASS.


Just WOW! Still Great!
I am rewatching Farscape after probably over ten years, and it is still an amazing show! I rarely enjoy rewatching shows because I feel like most the surprises are spoiled, but Farscape still seems fresh and cracks me up!

Original plot lines, classic sci-fi plot lines with a little twist here and there, just great stuff. If you started a dungeons and dragons game set in a galaxy across the universe, and happened to have the best dungeon master of all time(Rockne S. O/bannon, clearly) this is what it would look like.

The best part rewatching is how effortlessly the writers, cast, and production crew seem to nail all the things modern tv is trying for and constantly swinging out on. The females are tough. Sometimes the crew displays compassion. Sometimes they whip out and fire the blasters in the blink of an eye. Everyone has some flaws, but still they do a great job of highlighting strengths. Everyone gets an equal share of drama and comedy. Adventures don't always end well for the crew, but they end well often enough!

Notes to Viewers and major networks: Farscape should be super high def remastered, bumped up to 60fps, and blasted over the internet/airwaves. Been watching it in 60fps, love it like that, starting to think at the least all scifi should go 60fps. This should be an iconic tv show that everyone has seen.


All Four Stars For Looks
The alien landscape scenery and effects were great. The ladies were great. Just as usual tired of a movie with no point/wrap up. It's more a fantasy than a sci fi I guess, and acceptable that way, but man, please add some science when going for sci fi.


The second star was for confirming how fast I can download and then delete an entire season of tv on my new pc.

I did laugh at how bad this was.

In it's defense, I didn't get past the ten minute mark I think.

Peace out.

Lodge 49

It is possible you need to be in the right place in your life to enjoy this show(or the wrong one perhaps). While it has funny moments, Lodge 49 isn't a comedy. Drama isn't quite right either. The show very differently touches on loneliness ahs that lost feeling life gives you sometimes.

I actually downloaded these episodes, and watched the entire first season in one night. Truly flawed but likeable characters, weird events, and touching moments.

Only reason I took away one star was for season 1 ending, the last maybe two minutes, bleh. The rest of the season, great fresh story !


Has to copy and paste this from another review:

"This is an AMAZING movie!!! The CRITICS DON'T KNOW what they are talking about. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dragons, Fairies, Centaurs, and whatever else you can imagine!!!

It's essentially Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, WarCraft, Harry Potter, et al., smashed into a single movie in contemporary times. BRILLIANT...CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL."

There were no dragons or centaurs on this film. Pretty much sums up both the movie and the state of imdb at this point. Lol.


From Hero to Zero
This series started out pretty excellent. For at least 2 - 3 seasons we got refreshing material, then something happened that seems to happen to almost every popular tv show, comicbook, or other media product in the last few years. It's almost like we got completely different writers that are just some kind of leftist zombies? It's so weird, but CONSTANT. If there were not so many other reviews on shows like this I would think it was just me and conspiracy theory, but thankfully others seem to see it.

Shame to see a great show I waited for every week go onto the dung heap.

2036 Origin Unknown

Low Score For Lack of Ending
I love Sci-fi, and I love Katie. That being said...

The first thing anyone who's going to fund a sci-fi movie should ask should be:

What is the ending and what will it bring to the table. The ending might as well not have existed. Is it a spoiler to say the movie ended with a sci-fi no resolution cliche? Shocker, the AI kills all the humans. Shocker, Katie is an algorithm. Shocker, they explain nothing about the cube, even at the end. This last part especially, So Tiresome in Sci Fi movies. Like when kids don't know something and say "I do know, do you?" Bro, you obviously had no concept but a big teleporting magnetic cube. Whoopity Dang Do. No concept for how or why, nothing.

Also, sorry if this seems like tangent, has the sci fi community accepted the concept that being cloned is acceptable in comparison with having consciousness transferred? Now don't get me wrong, I would be happy to have my own personal clone of Katie Sackhoff, but would it be Katie Sackhoff? Just being generated to be my personal Katie Sackhoff, she would probably be different right off the bat. If I walk through the stargate, and the stargate copies me into system, vaporizes me, and rebuilds me on the other side, is that still me, or a copy of me, and me is dead? I emphatically claim that is a copy, and 'rebuilding my consciousness' is not acceptable as immortality or teleportation. Maybe poor man's teleportation, at best, and still not acceptable for me.

Katie Sackhoff sim /= Katie Sackhoff

Luke Cage

A Good Superhero and an Appreciated Departure from Cliche Town
For me, it feels like Luke Cage tries to go old school and avoid a lot of modern cliches in a bunch of different ways. In some of these ways, it hits the mark spot on, and in others it does tend to miss a little bit, but not in a way that kills anything. Some examples:

Music - It seems like Luke Cage tries to showcase music from different parts of black history specifically. In chill moments, this is great, but in really big action sequences, they miss the mark sometimes. I appreciate that they didn't overdue it with rap/hip hop because that's not to my taste, but have to admit that might have been more appropriate at some points then music chosen.

Story - No one is really trying to take over the world. A lot of the characters' pursuits are personal, basic, often vain, sometimes even silly... much like real life people.

By the end of season one, I was less than impressed with the villains, DB was waaaay not impressive and just seemed silly. This was done better in season 2: the new guy, the BM, was a good bad ass, and MS comes out of nowhere to all of a sudden write the new book on being an evil bad ass Beech.

Some new super hero productions morally weaker than they have a right to be. Luke Cage, main character and story, are morally sound, and it's appreciated.

Final Note: Women that want to play tough characters have a good act to follow in this show, Mariah, Misty, Claire, etc... great characters, enjoyable on screen and tough in their own right, not tough-by-comparing-to-someone-weak tough.


I laughed to see the word 'fresh in the top review because I was just about to write it. The writers for this show are terrific and give the characters' backgrounds a very authentic feeling. The mains do a great job filling out their roles. The stories are funny and non-cliched one after the other.

10 out of 10 stars for doing a great job with a basic budget.


From Terrific To Abysmal in the Snap of the Fingers
This show started out terrific in season 1.

Then, like many other reviews have mentioned, pretty much flips a switch in the very beginning of season 2, turning into complete and utter drivel. Not just drivel you may not be able to agree with, but utter, nonsensical drivel that has no place in a professional tv program, or anything for that matter.

I felt like a fool for trying to stay awake for so many episodes in season 2, and I feel bad for the actors and other people making the show, they were probably told over and over how it would all make sense in the end, and were utterly lied to.

Also the plot to season 2 was just boring and unoriginal.

Death Wish

An Adverstisement for the NRA
And a pretty good one. Hilarious that anyone complained about gun glorification or masculine toxic anything, because everything was shot awfully straight and not overly macho. Bruce Willis operates like a doctor for the entire plot, doing his best to maintain his cool and objectivity(no succeeding of course, no humans are objective), and the story consistently supports this. I give it 8/10 and say 'Cheers Bruce.'

The Master

What a pointless story
None of the acting is bad, but man, what a pointless story. One of those things where it is in fact so pointless that you figure it out before the end, but sit there like a dummy waiting for it 'just in case' there is some kind of closure.



Mission Accomplished
Movies like this are supposed to be focused on the circumstances, a one-off, nothing deep, and this was well achieved with Gringo. I laughed at some appropriate moments, nothing felt unbelievable, and the lead was likeable. Basic stuff, but basic stuff not done poorly.

Worth the time.

Dear Dictator

I enjoyed it.
I think there is a special post-BS 2018 stage that some people have come to, that you may have to be in to enjoy this movie. That having been said, I enjoyed it. Was going in hoping for light fun B movie and was not disappointed. I saw they murdered this movie on tomatoes, which is silly, cause not terrible. Probably it's also notable on afterthought that it was not overly cliche anywhere I recall.

Maybe the first intro to dictator scene could have been done a tad better.

The two starring ladies were believable and fun, and Michael Cain did it just right as far as I'm concerned.

Not the blockbuster of the year or anything, but I laughed enough times for it to be worth it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Season 4 Just Too Blatant a Slap in The Face Finally
The writers would probably be surprised, but not every fan of this show has been a die-hard clintonite. Tina Fey has written lots of comedic moments, and I certainly didn't hate the cast, but season 4 just makes it super clear they don't want me around as a viewer unless I voted the right way.

So as a viewer who's clearly a GIANT GAY HATING BIGOT WHILE I WATCHED AND ENJOYED 3 PREVIOUS SEASONS OF REALLY THE ADVENTURES OF KIMMY AND TIDUS(which I clearly had no problem with in reality to watch 3 seasons), I have to say:

Goodbye Tina Fey, you will not be missed.

Cobra Kai

Fake Buckets of 10 Star Reviews?
Not this time! Cobra Kai was excellent. Like many others, binge watched the entire season. The writers and producers for Cobra Kai are onto the future, it was super nice to watch something written by intelligent people. Can't wait until season 2!

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