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The Boy Next Door

Such a good movie
I'm surprised this has such a low rating! It was good from beginning to end. Guys be crazy!

Robin Hood

Good movie
Why did so many people give a poor rating??? I love the story of Robin Hood. This was a good movie. My favorite of course is the one with Kevin Costner but this was a different way of telling the story. I really liked it. The special effects were great it was worth my time. I recommend it.

Survive the Night

Thank god it's over
I love Bruce Willis but he needs to retire or get another hobby. His movies are getting worse and worse. I think the last good one was LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD then that's it. He's done it's over. I wasted my time. I got up and cleaned while listening.


Hello!? Great movie! Omg
I was like I'll try this and see how it is. It's rated a 6.1 on IMBD so it can't be terrible. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Thank god no one was around me when I watched this. I was yelling and trying to guide the girl to "watch out!" "Yes run!" Omg it was so good. I haven't seen a good thriller in a while. Watch it!


It's a great movie!!!
I'm a very good movie critic and I'm shocked with the bad reviews! Are people expecting the exact same thing as the first one? It's a great redo and people have to understand that this is a kids movie as well. It's a wonderful family movie and I enjoyed it very much! I definitely recommend this movie for a family movie night!

The Rhythm Section

Pleasantly surprised!
I'm actually shocked at all the bad reviews. I really liked the movie. I watch all kinds of movies and I'm aware of sucky movies. This isn't one of them. It's worth watching I'm glad I did.

A Teacher

It's a really good show but very short episodes
The episodes are so short that it shocks me when they are done. They could go into the story at least for 20 more minutes. It's not even cliff hangers they cut the story short it's stupid. Also I am a girl and I have to say regardless if it's a women teacher or man the guy is like 18 right? He's in the law a legal age. She is definitely stupid how she went about it. She was very naïve thinking she could keep it a secret. They put warnings on the show like it would disturb some people. What a laugh! She's not sleeping with a minor so who cares. If he was under 18 ok I understand if he didn't consent ok. I understand she is an authority figure so yes she should have gone about it another way. BUT HELLO HES 18!!!! I'd definitely sleep with an 18 year old. Who cares?!


Holy moly a great series!
I honestly never heard this on Netflix. As far as I could tell nobody talked about this show or Netflix didn't advertise it. Anyways I watched the second season all the way through. It's been a LONG time since I binged watched anything. And I searched for the 1st season found it and now binge watching it! Must see love it!

True Detective

A really great show.....
I loved the first season and the third is fantastic so far too. The second season I'm not sure if they were trying something different or what. Maybe because they tried to pack big stars and change things up? Do not get me wrong the second season was good. Not great. The third season is more like the first. And to be completely honest I think it may be better than the first if that's possible?! It's totally worth watching it I'd definitely recommend this!

Generation Kill

Im surprised this has such a high rating
Maybe I'm spoiled with all the different military shows and movies I've seen. Don't get me wrong I love love love the military but seriously what the heck? Yes this follows the day and life was for a marine was then and now. So what? It wasn't intense it was amusing that's all. Funny yes because guys and what they like to talk about. Other than that nothing. I only gave the rating I did is because it was like a life like documentary boring but good. That's it. One more thing they felt bad when they accidentally shot a boy. Maybe I'm callus but who cares?!?! That boy would have grown a couple more years and would have killed many Americans.

Bad Samaritan

A really good movie!
It's a great movie. It kept you on your toes and it was quite funny in certain parts. I'd watch it again with someone they'd enjoy it.


I'm glad this documentary exposed this person
I'm so pissed that people with money and get away with breaking the law. How on earth can you get away with ruining people's lives?? I feel so bad for these people that have been effected by this one man!!! This man who needs to go to prison. He's been committing crimes left and right. How are you allowed to take out a credit card in a dead persons name??? I'm confused how he's getting away with this. I hope it catches up with him. There's a special place reserved for people like him. Same place my ex is going.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I wasted an hour of my time!
I tried to give this movie a chance because some movies are a little slow and then surprises you. After an hour I couldn't chance it being any better! I gave it two stars because of Toni Collette she made me laugh three times. No matter how great of an actor she is she couldn't save this movie.

Motherless Brooklyn

I love love love it!
I'm not very articulate when writing reviews but I am a movie buff! And what I have to say is this. Edward Norton is amazing. I'm such a big fan of his ever since Primal Fear. This movie has a great cast and storyline you kinda don't want it to end. I definitely recommend this movie.

I Think We're Alone Now

Odd but good movie
I'm not really sure about a couple of parts in this film I didn't quite understand. Overall I really like movies like this. Movies no one has made quite like it.

The Nice Guys

Very funny very good!
I was actually surprised with this cast talent in regards to comedy! And Ryan with his high pitched screams sealed the deal for me! Too funny! The story line was good and the stupid parts were even funnier. I'm super glad I finally decided to watch it!

Good People

Worth your time
I'm surprised this movie got so little stars! It kept you thinking who will die and I just want to put it out there if I found a bag of money I'd NEVER give it to the police. That'll be the stupidest thing a wallet yes a bag of money hell no! That being said it's a good movie and I'm glad I watched it.

The Devil All the Time

Pleasantly surprised!!
I wasn't quite sure about the actors in this movie especially Tom Holland. I saw him in a blockbuster but you can never tell with those. Bbbbbbut this movie caught my attention from beginning to end! And Rob made such a good bad guy. Definitely would recommend it.


Love it!
This show takes me back when my school days are exactly like it! Maya is hilarious! And I love how they bring back props from the 90's it's a great show.

Rig 45

Excellent show!
I finished the first season and my god it kept me on my toes!! Normally I'd figure out what happens next or who will betray who but not on this show! It kept me guessing and then the suspense of the killings! In unique ways was pretty great. I'd recommend the show to anyone. I'm actually surprised it didn't have more stars!

Escape Room

Great movie
It's really hard to find thrillers that are fun to watch anymore and this one was great! It has a couple of twists and turns so it did keep you on your toes. The ending wasn't too bad either. I would definitely recommend it!


Exciting great show!
If you like drama, sex, drugs and gangsta shows then this ones for you! I'm only on the second season and if the rest of them are like the first two I can't wait! It has so many twists and turns. The cast is perfect I love this show.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

One of my favorites of all time!
This is the perfect series I just wish it went on longer! The twists and turns keeps you on the edge of your seat. Also you love to hate the bad people and love even more the good! It's just a great show I could go on and on!


Pretty great
The first episode started out great and it ended the season pretty great as well. It has everything from dirty cops to addiction struggles. Just people trying to live life. It's good

Olive Kitteridge

It was good
It was good but towards the end it got super boring.

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