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Divorce this show.
I won't start by comparing this show to sex and city because they are completely different. But I will let you know that this show has the most unlikable characters I've ever seen in a series. We all know you can't make a show if everyone hates the characters. They are basically a bunch of grumpy men and grumpy women thrown all together to make a show. The characters are all so cold you could not possibly relate to them: Sarah Jessica Parker's character is distant, her husband is an idiot, her friend is crazy to the point where it's not even funny anymore, and the french guy is a weirdo. Her kids were kind of irrelevant, her daughter calls her a bitch, then Sarah Jessica Parker's character apologizes to her? Seriously? Good parenting 'The affair' is supposed to be the surprise of the plot when really, it's just sad once you find out who she's having an affair with: a complete douche bag! Did I mention that it's a humorless show? How is it a comedy if there are no jokes or witty remarks or something to think about, honestly I didn't even laugh once, and I kept waiting for it to come but the humour never did. This is just a bad story about a distant unlikable couple who nobody can begin to care about enough to watch what unfolds.

Pretty Little Liars

This show BLOWS
This show was awesome when it first came out. The first two seasons made me give it an 8 but oh my god, it is becoming so ridiculous I not only had to change my rating to a 1 but felt the need to explain why. Nothing in 5 seasons has changed, not one thing. Well the only interesting thing did change actually, Alisson who was dead and supposedly murdered (which is what the show centers around) is now alive and is A, oh hold on, she's not A anymore, someone else is, surprise surprise. Like I said the show is getting ridiculous no one finds A, and when they do, they are wrong. No one tells the police about anything, and they still foolishly go alone to woods or to dark places and act all brave and then get trapped but somehow escape it, shocking! This show needs to be put to rest, it is getting childish and stupid. As soon as it starts to get interesting and you think the characters are finally getting somewhere (which is almost never because you know they are wrong about everything or else the show ends) they bring you back to square one where it gets boring all over again. This show needs to end. It needs to, for the sake of real television drama or it needs to step it up and actually stick to a plot and stop running up and down towards, well, nowhere. I dare you to skip 5 episodes and watch the 6th you'll find that things did not change (I seriously did that). Terrible. Wasted time.

Sex and the City

Real and entertaining
This show has obviously gotten mixed reviews, but in my opinion it's a really great one. It speaks to each and every one of us at one point, and you can often relate to so many of the situations. And honestly, to everyone out there saying this show is just about sex, well guess what? It is, hence the title!! and Yes they do go around sleeping with guys and guess what? There's nothing wrong with it cause it's all about sex, and it's not afraid to show it, it's about feminism and it's not afraid to show it. It's all about relationships the ups the downs, the sex the good and the bad, the fights, the cheating, the cancer, the child, the shoes, the money, the adoption, the abortion...and it's so much more...It introduces 4 characters each different, but we notice how they all blossom throughout the seasons. They each end up finding love in their own way because guess what? It's also a show about love, specially the great love the girls have for each other, showing us most importantly that women can be okay without men and that they should be. Their acting is so genuine, it's not forced it's mostly an easy flowing conversation going on, no cheesiness, everything they say is something you already thought about, every question you ask is answered and every touchy subject you wonder about is analyzed. I'm just glad there was a show like this one to put it all out there. No judgments, just sex, just love.

This Is 40

Bad comedy
I wouldn't say this was the worst movie I've seen, but I could say it's the worst comedy I've ever seen. this movie was a collage of scenes that had nothing to do with each other, events were literally unrelated. Basically, there was no story to tell or to follow and no characters you could relate to or maybe they didn't give us a chance to relate to them. I experienced zero emotion during the whole movie I kept on watching cause I owe it to cinema to better itself! Comedy is insane, I always enjoy it but here, in this movie, it was all about sticking scenes together trying to make it funny, the movie had a purpose, but it certainly did not fulfill it. The subject was interesting, see, a story about trouble with time, growing up, and aging should be told in a much more graceful meaningful way and since it's a comedy you would think at's funny! It was simply not. This movie is a waste of time, if you want to watch it make sure it's because you want to rate it, though I hope other raters agree.

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